Samsung A20s Durability Review- Did Sammy take A20 BEND FAIL Seriously? WATER|SCRATCH|DROP|PUBG

Samsung A20s Durability Review- Did Sammy take A20 BEND FAIL Seriously?  WATER|SCRATCH|DROP|PUBG

Letz have a quick Re-Look at the Build Quality
of the Samsung Galaxy A20 which most probably had the weakest Build Quality and Plastic
Design made by Samsung and tested on the Channel. As you could see the Samsung A20 had not done
particularly well due to itz weak Design and Build Quality, so in this Video letz Test
out the hardware performance and Structural Integrity of the Galaxy A20s. Is Samsung taking
these Tests seriously and have they improved the Build Quality for its loyal consumers,
like the improvements seen on latest Xiaomi and Redmi devices?
Samsung was back with the Galaxy A20s, 6 months after the debacle of the Galaxy A20. So it
will be interesting to see if they have actually worked on improving the newer A20s with a
Stronger Build or have they just kept the same weak design of the Galaxy A20? The Galaxy
A20s has slight improvements over the A20 mainly with a better Qualcomm Processor in
the budget range and the presence of a Triple Camera Setup as compared to Dual Camera’s
on the A20, though this time the A20s has an LCD Screen. Apart from that, the rest pretty
much remains the same with the 4000mAh Battery, dedicated 1TB Memory Card Slot, Rear fingerprint
scanner and USB Type-C Charging Port Another important difference to take note
of, is the weight of the Samsung A20s this time is 183gms which is comparatively a bit
lighter than some 190 to 200gm devices but is a full 14gmz heavier than the 169gmz Galaxy
A20. and thankfully it seemz to at least not feel weak in my usual Trial Bend
Now before the Drop Test, letz have a quick look at the General and Gaming Performance
of the Samsung A20s for you guyz who want to know if this LOWER than Midrange device
can game or for those who want a secondary phone. The A20s is equipped with the Qualcomm
Snapdragon 450 Processor in combination with Adreno 506 GPU which is just about ok for
a less than moderate user 0r light user. It is certainly not the fastest device at this
Price Range with noticeable lags and slowness in the UI, specially noticeable if you gotten
used to processors like the Snapdragon 665, 712 or above. But if you can overlook the
lack of smoothness and lag during Heavy Gameplay then the A20s is just about Playable at the
lowest Graphic Settings, certainly not recommended for Heavy gamers though
The Last Samsung device to completely fail the Drop Test was the Galaxy A70s where the
AMOLED Display had suffered total damage. So letz find out if the LCD display on the
A20s does better than that Performing the Drop Test on the A20s with
an ordinary case and tempered glass from different angles, first from Pocket Height
After 5 Hard Dropz from Pocket Height the Samsung A20s seemz to have handled the
Abuse well. Now for the 6th Drop from 6-Feet Head Height from different Angles
It is good news that the Galaxy A20s did pretty well in the Drop Test. Apart from just minor
cracks at the edge of the Glass Protection, the A20s passes the Test without suffering
any internal or external damages like to the Camera Unit or Display
Next in the Scratch Test, to know the Scratch Resistant Capabilities of this unnamed Tempered
Glass Protection provided by the Brand, by rubbing it with common itemz found in Pocketz
and the Blade of a Heavy Duty Box Cutter. Samsung have mostly had a Good Track Record
in my Scratch Tests with High Quality Scratch Resistant Corning Glass with Oleophobic Coating
and the same can be said of cheaper budget Redmi Devices with Corning Glass Protection.
On the other hand most devices tested on the Channel, in the budget range of Oppo, Vivo
and Realme with Pre-applied Plastic Screen Protector are highly Scratch Prone and are
not able to handle the Blade. So, will the provided Glass Protection on the Samsung Galaxy
A20s be able to keep up this tradition? As suspected earlier, apart from a few hairline
scratches, the Glass Protection on the Galaxy A20s is similar to the Quality of Corning
Glass Protection and passes my Scratch Test Next up in the Sound Test, to know the Audio
Quality of the bottom firing external speakers The Audio Quality is well balanced with good
amounts of sharpness and Clarity. It is in fact the Loudest speakers I have heard in
a Samsung Budget device Points to remember is that the A20s is NOT
Water Resistant or doesn’t have any Official IP-Rating. Another thing is that the SIM Tray
does not have a Rubber Seal on it, something which some budget devices from other Brands
do provide for some degree of Water Resistance Testing as usual for the presence of an Oleophobic
Coating on this unnamed Tempered Glass Protection. As of now, it is not yet Officially listed
on the Corning Website and usually it takes some time for it to show up on the site
Coming back to the Oleophobic Coating, this layer is mostly absent on devices with Pre-applied
Screen Protectors but other than that it is generally present even on lowest-priced budget
devices like Redmi! It helps to lessen fingerprint smudges and as you can see, its presence is
proved when water rolls off the Glass surface in the form of droplets instead of lying flat
on Glasses without an Oleophobic layer Most commonly, the 1st thing to get effected
on non-water resistant devices is the Volume and Distortion of Sound. The Distorted Low
Audio can last for a few seconds on some devices but can also prolong for several hours which
can permanently damage the Sound or the Display Unit! And Samsung devices tested on the Channel
have not particularly done well in this regard Other than that, devices can suffer from screen
flickering issues 0r the Display may go Blank for several hours 0r it may suffer Total and
Permanent Display Damage like in the Asus Zenfone 5Z or the Recently Tested Redmi Note
8 where the Display had permanently gone Blank in the Light Splashing Round!
It is kind of surprising that the Galaxy A20s, keeping Samsung’s Track Record in mind, has
performed this well in the last Heavy Drenching Round. It passes my Water Test with ease and
suffers no Water damage of any kind Now moving onto fun Stuff with Value, the
Bend Test, which gives you a clear idea about the Build Quality of devices, has Samsung
made any Structural changes to the Galaxy A20s specially after the massive Structural
failure of the A20? As some of you might be aware that the A20 had broken down with moderate
amounts of pressure, from the 1st bend itself. But unlike the A20, the A20s has managed to
handle high amounts of force from the Display side with no visible signs of damage, cracking
noises or screen separation, though it did suffer from a slight amount of permanent bend!
And it is the same thing also when pressure was applied from the Backside
The 3rd Bend though did manage to create a bit of gap in-between the screen and the Volume
Buttons but ultimately it Lockz Out suffering no further damage. Samsung seemz to have taken
the Bend Test Fails of SOFT Plastic devices seriously, like the A50 and A70, and specially
improved upon the Weakest Build of the A20! This ultimately should benefit us in the long
run and ensure that the consumers continue to get better Quality Builds
The Samsung Galaxy A20s passes my bend Test pretty convincingly due to itz improved Design
and Build Quality!!!

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