-Scored Some Sweaters for Fall, (Online)Thrifting-

-Scored Some Sweaters for Fall, (Online)Thrifting-

hey it’s Annabelle. welcome to this haul. it’s gonna be casual, chitchat style. I don’t want to do every single thrift
haul the exact same way because I’m gonna die of boredom.. -but I still wanted to show you all the really cute stuff I got so let’s start! I got this in the summer, this was on my Instagram a while ago. one thing I hate though is this.. arts and crafts ribbon style front tie.. it just makes it so.. costume like ? and I was gonna cut it off and replace it with a trim of my own. but I haven’t gotten to that yet. but nonetheless, I really liked the detail and the sequins on this cardigan, see here? I see a lot of potential in this, this has to go- but I feel like what IS here, what could be, it’s very cute you see? and also it’s at a perfect crop length, and the sleeves I dont mind, but yeah! second sweater- this is the first time I’ve shopped online for thrift, and this is from thredUP. honestly… over shopped because they had a free shipping minimum.. so I spent $70 on on a lot of clothing. maybe like, eight nine things? I I don’t really spend money on clothes anymore, I was that sort of Shopaholic through my teens after studying textiles more and more and just learning more about the global
supply chain as well, I kind of just lost my appetite for all of that and I don’t support fast fashion as you know. I am seeking after better quality things, buying things that I can see myself wearing for at least 10 years. this is a pretty cute sweater I like how its color blocked width different with stripes and they’re overlapping and everything we actually learned this technique in class. this is acrylic, I can feel it it’s very uncomfortable. I do layer in the winter- thermals under everything I wear, so that’s not a big deal, but in general I’m trying to consume less new polyesters and acrylic fibers. and now that I’ve
been studying this for over two years I’ve just learned a lot of things that
influence my design decisions, my consumption decisions.. the pollution from our washing machine.. the breakage of microfibers in the very
water that comes from washing our clothes is in proportion far more
polluting than plastic straws and single-use plastic items that are that are thrown and littered. one thing- it’s not a solution but one thing that that is better than doing nothing is to just wash my clothes less. when you do, wash on cold. and the warmer your water is, the the more your fibers will break. continuing to show you, this one I was so excited about…. I’m trying everything on for the very first time. very cute ! also a synthetic. it looks nice I think that there can be a lot of color combinations- I love checkers, and vibrant colors and this is definitely very cute especially with the mock neck down here. !!! by the way, these pants are from Frank and oak. got these while I was in Toronto on sale- so you can’t get them in this color anymore, unfortunately. a little bit tight on here, personally.. not too comfortable, I feel like this is cotton mixed with polyester or something? because it does feel itchy, but again I always wear thermals under my sweaters when I go out. this is definitely aged- you can tell at least in person, that this sweater used to be more vibrant. you know those nineties stripe sweaters, a lot of them are turtleneck? yeah.. good times . I was very little, of course… in the 90s.. maybe the 2000s, I should say. because… good times? I was only like 2 by the time the 90s were over kind of imagined myself on the porch of a cabin, on a rocking chair asking when we gonna go kayaking ? next one, pink!!! whoo! yes. what attracted me initially… was seeing the bell sleeves, and also the mock neck. I had some sweater similar to this. I love big sleeve sweaters! my mom gave me this scarf.. in the summer now THIS is overkill just give me some hot pink lipstick and I’m ready to go. color-blocking red and pink is very cute. !!! this one still has tags in it aw I love it! anything with stripes and so many
bold vibrant colors gives me a lot of ways to layer this. Wow ! a true cliche hiya kids! Beret is not for me, unless I’m trying to be sponsored by Crayola or something truly a nice find. I like the ribbed fabric. next one, is definitely my favorite ! this is more expensive than anything else, I think most of the sweaters I got was during a sale which is what convinced me to use thredUP I think. everything was like under $10, this was maybe 15 or 20 out of the 70 that I spent. they don’t always list the fibers like the material of the clothes, but sometimes they do maybe just because the care label is right there
for the person to enter it and this one said it was wool like a blend with wool, so very warm and good quality. wow. my hair’s gonna get crazy it’s probably from the 90s just looking at the way the ribs look I like that you can fold it up to a crop almost, look and then also just wear it longer and straight but yeah. I think it’s so cute because this very warm vibrant green looks like fresh grass and I want to make flowers and just like stick it on to this to wear occasionally. this next one was really a toss-up for me because I wanted to try something that I can layer with I don’t really have a lot of sheer sheer sweaters.. look at this- it’s like falling off it was made in the USA because I read that it was 100% polyester so, I didn’t really want it in case it would be extremely itchy or anything and when you wear sheer stuff you can’t always have a thermal under right ? you want to have a tank top or something of the sort. great haha I wanted to give it a shot, and it’s actually not so bad I think it’s because the yarn used and it’s such a gauzy fabric no, it’s not that uncomfortable I’m excited to see what kinds of outfits I can pair with this. it says dryclean only but honestly, as I said unless you diarrhea on it like you don’t really need to wash your clothes that much -yeah, I’m sorry that was so gross to bring diarrhea into things. we’re getting to the end, just a few things left… including an ugly sweater I was really drawn to it at first and then I was questioning it because I realized I probably won’t wear this for years and years, unless I really deck it out with like bells and tinsel and just wear it the holidays or something and also I got gloves. gloves are really an essential for me as soon as it gets cold because I have freezing hands and feet. these are Barney colored. that’s what I like to call them like Barney the Dinosaur they are suede, maybe faux suede? I’m not sure but it’s lined with fleece, which is really nice. I just wanted gloves that weren’t knit because in the snow especially, it just doesn’t feel good and also when you just have a tiny bit of snot and you go like this on a knit.. *bleh* and I feel more agile *laughs* especially now that I bike a lot, almost everyday to school I need warm hands. now this is the very last thing. and this was sort of going out of my comfort zone but I wanted to give it a shot because I just thought that this pattern looks so unique. the flowers I thought was cute and I also thought I can layer this over a red sweater because I’m not crazy about this vest-like tank top.. maybe it’s cuz too
big on me? normally this sort of stuff is what… more mature… silhouettes don. *laughs* I think that it can layer really nicely on top of this red sweater I have that’s what I planned. so I can show you in a lookbook. alright so that was the last of it. I’m gonna go out later and run errands. I’ve been wearing my thermals and I’m gonna throw on something or that’s because it’s quite cold. let me know why you enjoy watching thrift hauls, just because you’re curious as to what people can discover while drifting? or not? this was my first time online thrifting so I think it was a good success. I did over purchase a lot, by the way I understand that.. maybe it’s almost normal to see people buy 10 or 11 things but this is definitely so much stuff with that said, I feel like I’m done shopping for a long time until I come across some… beautiful like…vintage piece I consider, part of my collection or something but also, as a youtuber I also make fashion content and I need the clothes to have so many outfits or whatever right? um.. either way, I am buying stuff less and less and I think that it’s helped me manage my money better because when I want to invest in something like , a more expensive vintage dress, I have to work up to it and it’s not just about buying things on trend and buying heaps and heaps of clothing that I’ll be tired of after one or two wears. if anything I hope that this haul inspires you to thrift or opens up the idea of shopping secondhand. I’m still sort of figuring things out and I don’t want to tell anybody else how to live how they should live but if anything, I hope that this opens up a broad conversation for us to discuss and exchange ideas. I can go on and on about that but, I think I should get on to the rest of my day, I’m getting hungry so I’m gonna have dinner. and I’m sorry that I just like talked endlessly.. I shouldn’t say that because I’m not sorry! I just go on and on.. and you know who suffers the most? ME, when I edit through all of this footage and I make it into an appropriate amount for you ! but anyway I’m grateful to be here, thank you so much for listening and I will see you when I see you next. until then take care, and rest well. bye!

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  1. you seriously inspire me to break out of my comfort zone (black, 90s, punk) and look for more eccentric/artsy/colorful/bold pieces

  2. I like watching thrift videos bc it's nice inspiration to get away from fast fashion! although shops like thredup don't ship to europe…. so I just envy my favorite US youtubers from afar

  3. I like watching thrift hauls because I love when someone finds something SUPER name brandyyyyy or designer for $1, or whatever. Its exciting, more so, to watch peoples YARD SALE WITH ME videos. it's fun.

  4. it scares me a lot that your hair getting shorther and shorther but at the same time i love that how it looks really cute on you(≧∇≦)

  5. I like to see why the person went Thrifting and their ideas of sustainability. Also it's peak inspiration content, helping me find ways to thrift and be a sustainable fashion consumer.

  6. thank you for being someone who i can look up to and learn from in terms of not consuming fast fashion anymore. hoping to study textiles at university next year!! and one day i hope to be a voice in the fashion community that encourages people to be mindful of how they buy and treat clothes 🙂 also thanks for the nice vid once again

  7. A lot of youtubers seem to be constantly buying stuff for hauls or whatever but I think it’s much more interesting to see you make new outfits from old clothes!

  8. I Love watching thrift hauls because 1. it’s amazing to see what people discover and how unique clothing from even just a few decades ago can be and 2. because it forms my thought on fashion more and more. Of course it is very important on what you buy to be sustainable and ideally you would wear all of it for years and years. The minimalist capsule wardrobe approach might be the most sustainable overall but for people that use fashion to express their unique personality it might not be the right one. Also people change as much as their taste sometimes! So the idea of giving away a piece of clothing to someone else who will love it after you have loved it and, effectively sharing one big wardrobe with multiple people that swap clothes is such a nice concept to me! It enables you to enjoy fashion in a unique and colorful way but you don’t have to worry about wasting clothes because they will be passed around from person to person instead of thrown away after a year. Fashion is a community experience for me, and that is one big part of it.

  9. I love that gauzy green sweater with the cute black singlet underneath – so cool – this vid is giving me thrift inspo

  10. Hi Annabelle!
    I love watching thrift hauls because it gives me so much inspiration. I’m an avid believer of self-expression through fashion and so sometimes, I guess I like to see other people’s styles as it gives me fresh ideas. I do like to watch your thrift hauls the most though! Lately, I’ve been staying away from them because I find that other creators don’t have the same care for the clothes as you do, it’s hard to explain but that’s the impression I get. You seem to have the same opinions as me when it comes to fast fashion and ethical clothing, what materials are sustainable etc. and I really like that you are buying clothes with keeping them for a long time in mind! I also like to hear you talk about things, I don’t know why? But it’s very calming and homey & the colours in this vid really suited that feel. And you always have interesting things to say 🙂
    Thanks for the video, I hope your week is going well! X

  11. Watching your hauls are relaxing. they also give me ideas on how to style some pieces I have and try out new things. (: sending you my love

  12. I like watching thrift hauls because the things people find while thrifting are usually so unique. It gives me ideas of what I would like to look for when thrifting, myself.

  13. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and time! I am glad to read that you had fun creating this. It was very fun to watch. I like to learn about different people's take on the art of thrifting. And I don't watch your videos as background noice, I don't want to miss out on your lovely video skills, just had to say that. While I support you taking all the time you need away from social media, I am glad to find a new video with you.

  14. I have a question for you, because you’re a textiles major and you know so much about fabrics, I am terribly allergic to wool. I get red welt and become incredibly itchy, I even start to sneeze, is there a fiber I can wear besides acrylic because I too worry about those types of fabrics in our water etc.

  15. i get so much inspiration from these types of videos, love them so much. well maybe because i'm just living vicariously through you lol. i mostly thrift now (95% of the time), even tho it's online which I feel bad because of shipping pollution.

  16. Haha when you put the beret on with that sweater, I realized that’s practically an outfit that I wear all the time. Realizing I’m a walking art school cliche lol

  17. hauls remind me of being a kid and getting to go to the mall and then going to my grandparents and doing "fashion shows" ! but your style also inspires me to wear more color and have more fun with what i wear 🙂

  18. i love this video!!! one thing i wish people in fashion understood is a flaw in thrifting is when people in size small, xs, and even medium, buy many large, xl and over for the “””oversized””” fit, however, forget that fat people exist!!! seeing people buy the small selection of good, affordable secondhand xl clothing when thin people have many many MANY resources is just. not the move!

  19. Can you make a videos about what you learned about textiles and what is good/bad for yourself and the environment? And what you have learned to appreciate about textiles? <333

  20. Very good points about spending less on clothes! But id like to raise a different perspective: recently i was in this capsule wardrobe/as minimal clothes as possible kick myself but it just never felt right for some reason. I got bored of each selection of clothes after a couple of weeks and it was really annoying to start my days off with outfits that i hated. And then i realized i loved thrifting and shopping and i love having a lot of clothes for all the looks i want to do. my problem was that i didnt love all of the pieces i had! Sometimes i just Bought stuff because “oh it would look cute” and then never wore them cause it was cute but i didnt love it . So now that i know this its been so much better so so so much better! I think another solution could be if you dont want to limit your shopping or limit it as little as possible is to shop conciously! Think about the pieces for a while, be ruthless, if you dont love it 100% dont buy and dont buy something just because you want to buy something!

  21. I love your haul videos because it gives me so much inspiration regardless of trendiness. I do watch hauls that show trendy clothes and they're nice in their ways, but I always prefer videos like yours that features the style and personality of the presenter even if it isn't my style! It broadens my taste in fashion. enjoyed the video;)

  22. Probably because nothing you do is detached from you or who you are. So, when I watch you thrifting, it's satisfying to for my brain to collect more new coherent information about you and put them together. OK what I wrote just made me laugh. 99% of what you thrift are things I'd have never found beautiful before watching you. How I perceive clothes, and probably other things, has changed. The way I see it, many things in my perception have been 'unlocked' and I can see more to things. That, I feel, can sum what life is about.

  23. Hey Annabell sweetie!! ??♥️♥️♥️ thank u for another beautiful video! Just because you asked i am interested in that kind of videos because i have started for a few months now a minimal journey! I made a promise to myself that i am not gonna buy anything for a year! But i am a very creative person especialy with clothing! I need inspiration to see how i can combine the clothes that i already own so i can make "new" outfits! Seeing you creating combinations that i couldn't imagine is really helpful!!! Kisses!!!!! ♥️♥️????

  24. Your style is completely different from my own so it helps me not to be afraid to step out of my comfort zone. My favourite thing about your thrift hauls specifically is learning about what factors you looked into before buying a piece – fabric type, sustainability, long – lasting etc. Always love when you upload Annabelle ?

  25. All of the clothes and your child like energy in this video reminded me of my art teacher from school so much. Which is a good thing, she was a lovely crazy lady and I learned a lot specializing in art in my last three years of school.

  26. Your choice of clothing is so beautiful and you inspire me to give pieces I would normally look past because they're out of my comfort zone a chance. Love your content xx

  27. Loved this video! I love seeing your colour and styling choices, really inspires me to go back into my wardrobe and try new things out! ✨

  28. i dont know how well they actually work tbh, but girlfriend collective sells Microplastics filters that connect to washing machines if anyone is interested!

  29. you look like a very cute cartoon racecar driver in that pink purple and green checkered sweater- love seeing ur thrifted stuff for inspiration 🙂

  30. Very nice video — I enjoyed your casual and fun attitude about clothes! You are absolutely right — most of my clothes do not need to be washed so often! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas sweater! You have inspired me to thrift!

  31. Appreciate that you feel comfortable and willing to let us know your beautiful thoughts that lay within your mind. It makes me happy that there are people as thoughtful as you. Life can be so overwhelming and your videos remind me to dwell on the little joys in life that get us through the good and the bad. Thanks for this wonderful little corner on YouTube.

  32. for me i enjoy watching those hauls mainly because you upload and i love your videos but also i love discovering new styles , like how you put together outfits , because i don't own many outfits or im not as creative with styling i enjoy trying to explore new styles and to change up my look without having to purchase new things
    oh and thank you for this calming fun video 🙂

  33. Dear Annabelle ? Your videos are like cozy sweaters that keep my heart warm. I love your wavy bob, but even more, your thoughts on our relationship with objects — I love fashion, too, but I want to make it "friendly" for everything around me?Sending you gratitude & love from Tokyo?✨

  34. I love watching thrift hauls because I don’t shop myself a lot and I would actually want to but I can’t afford a lot of stuff since I’m 17 and my mum doesn’t really give me any cash to go on ? but watching your videos is so fun and every time you present a new outfit I just love to react to it and hear your thoughts on it, something I could do for hours cuz it’s just so enjoyable x

  35. Hey Annabelle,

    I've been pleasantly watching & enjoying your content for a good year now & always enjoy seeing what items you happen upon when thrifting. I find it intriguing because I, myself, don't really thrift, but have dabbled in it. It really makes me think more about what I purchase, how long it will last, do I really really like it & am not just buying it because it's "in season". Also how can I pass on items of clothing I don't fancy anymore, but someone else might? Whether by listing online or donating to a charity shop. It's all a very thoughtful process which I am enjoying getting my head around.

    Keep up the wonderful content,


  36. I like your thrift hauls and look books because they inspire me to be more adventurous with colour! I already thrift everything but I stay in my safe zone of neutrals most of the time. You make me want to push the boat out ?

  37. good knitwear pieces are like the hardest thing to find second-hand for me and yet here u are presenting an absolute treasure trove of them! im in love with the pieces u found! they suit u so beautifully ? ur absolutely gorgeous anabelle!!! keep sharing ur textile wisdom!

  38. thrift videos inspire me to try new styles and (ofc) make me want to go thrifting myself! ?
    I can't wait to see your Everlane collaboration! I've bought some pieces from them before and I'm excited to hear what you think of them!
    and have you heard of Girlfriend Collective? they are a great eco-friendly company as well! hope you have a great weekend and month ahead♥️

  39. happy belated birthday Annabelle! you're such an amazing and inspirational person. you've taught me a lot, and thank you for everything you've done, even if unintentionally. love u <3

  40. i'm glad someone else used warm and green together! i'm a hairstylist and when i use 'warm green' as a color descriptor to my coworkers, they look at me like i'm insane. i feel seen!

  41. but to anyone who has Wattpad I would really appreciate if you guys checked out my book called Dorado on Wattpad. I am a new writer and yeah… Trying to make something happen lol ( hope you are ok with this Annabelle ?)

  42. To be honest you might get more use out of the ugly Christmas sweater than you think! Those were the first type of clothing I ever thrifted and I still have all my sweaters (2) like 6 years later ?. It becomes a nice tradition to wear it on the holidays 🙂

  43. Hi Annabelle,
    I just got possibly the best news I’ll ever get in my entire life. I wanted to celebrate by giving myself an off day of not staring at a screen for 12 hours a day learning a programming language. I can’t really say what the news I got was because it isn’t finalized and is legal stuff, but you were the first person I thought of when I asked myself “who do I want to binge watch to treat myself?”. I’ve seen almost all of your videos from the last two or three years at this point but I’m excited to watch them again and maybe feel that weird feeling where you smell something and you remember when and where you were when you smelled that smell so often, but like.. visually lol. I’m also beyond excited to watch this video as I have been so busy the last month I haven’t watched much YouTube. I hope you’re doing well! Your videos have really helped me stay strong during the last two months of legal stuff and I hope you realize how much you mean to all of us. Happy late halloween as well LOL
    – Jenny ?

  44. I normally don't watch haul videos in general because I'm not super keen on the consumerism they promote (even thrift hauls if people are buying tonnes of items and making regular thrift hauls) but I really love the chatty format of this vid and that you discuss your ethics and knowledge surrounding how you shop and also about textiles. A resource you might enjoy Annabelle, or anyone who is interested in the effects the clothing supply chain has on the environment, is 'The Fibershed Project – Living One Year in Locally Grown Clothes' podcast by Sustainable World Radio it's on spotify and maybe apple podcasts too!!

  45. I like watching thrift hauls for inspiration, I’m quick to judge things that aren’t perfectly on trend but this kind of video always reminds me that unique pieces are way more beautiful most of the time

  46. I love watching thrifting videos, cuz I live in Singapore and there aren't many good thrift shops here and everyone mainly relies on fast fashion so I really want to thrift!!

  47. I really loved this video! But Annabelle, can you maybe make a video of how you curl your short hair? I've had short hair and I just couldn't do it? You have even shorter hair than I once had, so it's possible but how? Thanks!

  48. You and Annika Victoria are the only people I watch on youtube, and I enjoy watching your thrift hauls because we have a very similar style and I can get inspo?

  49. i wish i could not wash clothes as often but it's so hot where i live, sweat every single day and i have to wash my hair everyday too :c

  50. Every time I try to go thrifting all the ~aesthetic~ fashion ideas leave my mind and then I think everything looks ugly and I leave with nothing ?

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