Shin Haesun says in tears, “I couldn’t gain trust as an actress”[2017 KBS Drama Awards/2018.01.07]

Shin Haesun says in tears, “I couldn’t gain trust as an actress”[2017 KBS Drama Awards/2018.01.07]

The Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama goes to (The Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama) Shin Haesun. Congratulations. Shin Haesun from, “My Golden Life”. (Shin Haesun) She wins the award after Park Sihoo. Congratulations. Shin Haesun from, “My Golden Life”. portrayed Seo Jian who fights against reality despite her skills. She has displayed impeccable performance. (The Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama) (The Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama) Congratulations! Please share your award acceptance speech. Thank you. (Shin Haesun, Excellence in Acting Award) I didn’t want to show my tears. Sorry. In 2013, I started out with a minor role who barely had any lines in “School 2013”. I feel honored to receive this prestigious award at the same broadcast center. (The Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama) I wonder if my parents are watching. You didn’t expect this day to come, right? First of all… I want to thank Writer So Hyunkyeong for believing in me when no one believed in me. And… I’m sorry. Director Kim Hyeongseok, who supported me at the scene, Director Kim Sihyeong, who created a comfortable environment for me, and all the other staff, I thank you all. Here in front, Sihoo, Songjin, Eunsoo, Taewhan, and Jeon Nomin, Na Younghee, Kim Hyeok, who aren’t here today. I was able to shoot comfortably because of their help. CEO of YNK, Kim Minsoo, and Manager Kim Minsoo, and Manager Ji Younghye, I thank you for supporting me. I thank you very much. Hyemi, Yumi, Sul, Sun, thank you for showing much support. Also, thank you SU. Sebom, thank you. Our drama is still airing, so I will try my best until the very end. Thank you. Congratulations, again.

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  1. I really love this actress together with Kim GoEun. They are the ones who doesn’t rely on their pretty face but they really can act. Goodluck to her future dramas.

  2. From Algeria and I like this pretty natural actress she's naturally beautiful and tall and thin 💋😍😍😍

  3. Shin hye sun is a wonderful actress i have no words to express the flawlessness of her acting she is just exceptional and especially in angel's last mission, she was wonderful she made me cry, laugh and feel everysingle thing she felt and i even got interest in ballet thanks to her and the drama. She deserves to win every single award in the lead females, best couple, best in everything.. i really like her a lot!!! fighting shin hye sun!!!

  4. She deserves it. I just finished watching My Golden Life last week and she was amazing. Hope she'll get another award in Angel's Kast Mission Love with Myungsoo ❤️

  5. حبيبتي كيف متاثره..اصلا تستاهل هذي الجائزة من زمان لانها مثلت ادوار صعبه و اتقنتها بصراحه👌🏻

  6. Who recognized her from Still 17 and love her more in Angel Last Mission : Love ??? 🙋‍♀️ Hopes she will come with new drama again soon. I miss her acting and i'm looking for her older drama now. Hope she win award again.

  7. Es una extraordinaria actriz, ha pasado por mucho para estar donde está y se lo merece. Vean THIRTY BUT SEVENTEEN y ANGELS LAST MISSION: LOVE, dos doramas que me han enamorado y donde se aprecia el gran trabajo de Shin Hye Sun.

  8. I can't wait for this year KBS Award to see her receiving her best actress award and best couple award with L. She really deserves it!

    Shin Hye Sun, I love you very much. Your effort very execellent, I countinue support you in the future❤❤

  10. Definitely she will win best actress award n L too for best actor with best couple for angels last mission love… I m sure for it

  11. Im watching 30 but 17 for the 4th time now. Still cant get over it! Angels last was also great but the happy ending was sooo short! More feel good romantic drama for her please! And only pair her with good looking guys within her age.

  12. I hope she win this year too bcz her acting was speechless in ALML drama. I really appreciate her. I think you truly deserve it so now just hope🙏😊🙏… Pls approve my request for this time☺️☺️☺️

  13. The views…wow, before ALML released, the view only 40k…but now it up to 330k…many people already recognized her..I love it

  14. Omg I’m so happy for her! I teared up many times watching this drama (and even when she spoke the speech at this award ceremony) because her acting and crying skills are just so awesome~ 😭😭 Congrats!! 👏🏻👏🏻🎉🎉

  15. I love her drama ANGEL’s LAST MISSION that the most breathtaking drama serial she is the World’s best actress❤️❤️

  16. She's been hard working since her days of being the assistant lead . now she has become the best. Saranhe..unnie. I wish u all the best in ur journey.. M loving Angels last mission, hope u get an award with L

  17. I noticed her first in the legend of the blue sea, followed by still 17 and Angel's last mission. This girl is so talented

  18. I was so frustrated seeing her in side roles because she has SO much potential. Really glad she's finally getting the spotlight. She deserves it❤❤

  19. I have watched this so many times and I still do from time to time. She was so emotional during that time and we all know now that nobody deserved this award more than she did. Shin Hye Sun has proven herself to be an excellent actress and continues to do so nowadays. I understand now why she cried and was overwhelmed with emotions because this recognition and award was long overdue for her. I am waiting anxiously and patiently for her next drama….

  20. She won millions of heart
    Love you dear 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  21. Actually we can her effort in her dramas..i love when people try there best…i loved her in angels last mission😍

  22. She is definitely an excellent actress. Her projects have been such an art. She portrays her character very well.
    I watched Still 17 and Angel's Last Mission. Both portrayed different characters but excellently represented by her. She is just great

  23. She is one of the most beautiful actress I have seen and her acting is so good she deserves this and want her to win more awards for her acting

  24. Guys who not yet watching My Golden Life, I recommend you this drama so much! Yeah maybe its so many episode, because this drama about family. But episode by episode is interesting, I LOVE HER ACTING from this drama ❤ her angry and tears is so amazing in this drama!

  25. She has worked really hard I have seen her😊😊🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍 in many dramas with minor roles so ithink she deserved more than this fighting Unni

  26. She captured my eyes with her beauty that is why i accidentally watch My Golden Life, but I was surprised of her level of acting.. Incomparable, superb, powerful, strong and real..she is unlimited actress, I never seen such actress for 8 years of watching kdramas

  27. For anyone who loves her, go watch Hymn of Death starring her and Lee Jong Suk too, one of the best short dramas I've ever watched. It's seriously sooo beautiful.

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