Should Guys Shave Their Balls?

Should Guys Shave Their Balls?

– I feel like I would have to
find a table at waist length. It’s like elephant skin. You can’t just go at it with a razor. You know, it’s not smooth. – I don’t need those adjectives. – You know, it’s like, I mean if we’re talking about ’em and we’re in here, let’s get in. (whooshing) (squeaking) – I think balls are the ultimate
proof that there is no God. – Really? – Well, because they’re so ugly. God could’ve made our genitals beautiful, and he picked balls. – I’m just saying, I don’t think balls are the ugliest thing in the world. They’re definitely like balls, I’m like, wow, those are (bell
dings) a nice set of balls. – I didn’t even know
guys shaved their balls. I’ve just seen hairy ones. – I’ve never shaved. I’ve trimmed my balls. – I was just like this is
how it’s supposed to be. I stay in my lane. – I will never bring a razor to that area. This is where we generate humans and it’s a very fragile place. – Can anybody really
be like pro ball hair? Is that a thing? People are like, oh, fuck yeah, ball hair. – But have you cut your balls? – There is an occasional nick that can occur, but again, don’t be a baby. It’s fine. – I’ve gotten cut just
from a trimmer before. – If I was bleeding from down there, I would immediately call 911. And I would like rub it on
the walls, like I’m dying. Like on the mirror, there
would be a bloody handprint. – It wasn’t that bad. It’s just like cutting
yourself anywhere else. It didn’t hurt that bad. – Okay. – If I’m hooking up with someone and they haven’t shaved,
I’m not like, oh my God. But, if you’re gonna
expect me to be shaved, then you better be too. – For sure. – Also, I think there’s a weird thing where it’s like feminine. They’re like, oh it’s like
gay to shave your balls. Like, shut up.
– Shut up. – It’s not like a smooth surface, so I feel like you would need to just iron board that bad boy, like a T-shirt. Like ironing a wrinkled T-shirt. But with a razor. – Ah! – The scrotum is almost a liquid. It can fill any container. It can fill like in between where it’s not supposed to go
and get cut, pretty easily. (bell dings) – I’m tryin’ to analyze that. – I can’t imagine any girl I’ve dated, being like, oh man, I just
wish there was more ball hair. – I think getting help shaving your balls might be kind of
fun and kind of kinky. Like you might kind of be like, this is an interesting way
to like do some foreplay. – If I met a cinefilo
that I really care about, and she’s like, hey, this
really makes me happy. Would you mind trying it out? I’ll try it. And if it sucks, then
I wouldn’t do it again. – I think that they’re your balls and you should do whatever you’d like. Personally, I would not shave mine. – I guess it depends on
what your partner likes. You know there’s some people out there who it hairy sparey, and
there’s some people who don’t. I just think for me, as long as it’s not like wolverine down there, it’s cool. (upbeat music) ♪ Well I’m up first thing in the morning ♪ ♪ And the water still runs cold ♪ ♪ I got a crick in my neck and
I wonder if I’m gettin’ old ♪

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  1. En serio me olvide de el tema en si y mas que nada me mate de risa, por alguna razón que no entiendo este tema para mi ES MUY GRACIOSO :V

  2. Clammy hairless sack is worse than fuzz in my opinion. If I have to cut through your pubes with a sword like Prince Phillip slicing through the evil thorn bushes, that's another issue.

  3. Shaving or trimming down there limits sweat. As a woman I prefer men trimmed down there but I wouldn’t not date someone over it. I also wouldn’t expect a guy to not date me if I haven’t shaved in a couple days.

  4. Where is a try guys video :/ they haven't posted a video :c not rushing just saying……not my fault I like the try guys 😀

  5. What do guys think about girls pubes? Id love to hear what actual guys think, and not the teenage boys who only watch porn that I've heard talking about it.

  6. Amateurs. You get a pair of hair clippers and take the time to pull the hair up and keep it trim. You don't go bald and you don't go full tropical. You want something smooth and sculpted like a Japanese garden of joy and orgasms.

  7. It actually creates an air cushion that helps create air currents and gets rid of odor and sweat. Same goes for armpits. If mother nature did it and it's there, it's there for a reason.

  8. Men should NOT shave or trim you went through puberty you got hair you're a man…. not a boy not a female DON'T touch it

  9. Me: “Oh, I wonder if this video about male genitalia is gonna be super body shamey.”

    [watches video]

    Me: “Yup.”

  10. Hey razors are irratating & a btch. I have sensitive skin 5.5/10 scale rating for sensitivity. Trimmers are fine & make private appearances good/ decent.

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