SIAN dances to BTS’s ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ [The Return of Superman/2018.09.30]

SIAN dances to BTS’s ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ [The Return of Superman/2018.09.30]

Sit down. Sit down. Here’s what we will do today. You know that people film themselves for personal broadcast, right? – You enjoyed dancing and such. / – Yes. I will save it. The broadcasting company will reorganize. You might become MCs of a show. Do you know what I mean? I will help you. Think about some ideas. – Think. / – What should you do? What should you do? Are you done? It can be like “I Am a Star”. Is it a parody of “I Am a Singer”? What are you doing? Sian, you like to dance these days. Do a cover dance and film it. Sua, you have confidence – in eating. / – Eating. I hear that more children aspire to be celebrities and video producers nowadays. – Things have changed a lot. / – They’re very popular. This is the MCs’ table. Shall I have an eating show first? Let’s film Sua’s show first. Let’s film Sua’s show first. Look at the camera and be pretty. Look. You are on the screen. This will be broadcast. You should say hello. – Hello. / – Hello. I am Seola. I am Sua. Cut! (Director Donggook is strict.) Director Donggook is amazing. – I am Seola. / – I am Sua. I am Sian. – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! – Please subscribe. / – Please subscribe. (Please subscribe.) I love you. We will have a show from now on. I will have an eating show. It’s going well. Wait. Wait. Don’t touch it. (What’s the first food?) It’s a snack. It’s a snack. (Shining) It’s a snack. The first mission is guessing the names of the different kinds of potato chips. (Taste the potato chips and guess the names.) Will they succeed? It’s an impossible task. You don’t memorize the names. You could if you like potato chips. (Sua even closes her eyes.) It tastes a bit like potatoes. – Honey snack. / – Is it honey snack? Sua, what do you think? (What does Sua think?) P Chip. She gave a good answer. – She got it right. / – You got it right. (Calm) It’s P Chip. What is this? (They move on to the next one.) Guess the name. They look relaxed. It tastes like potatoes and chicken. Look at her face. She is really serious. S Chip. (Correct!) How did she get it right? PK Chip. You are correct. (Sua is the best.) Everything is tasty. This one is tasty. This one is tasty. This one is tasty. This one is tasty. Everything is tasty, right? What’s the next food? Aren’t you curious? (Drumroll) – Here. / – My goodness. Chicken is finally here. My goodness. They will eat chicken this time. Everything looks tasty. Seola, go first. It’s firm. It tastes amazing. The meat inside is very juicy. It’s very juicy. Donggook is so proud. It’s really tasty. – All right. I can’t wait. / – Now, Sua. She smells it first. She is different. She eats food with her mouth and nose. She shouldn’t eat everything. – That’s… / – She is having a meal. (Sua eats the chicken cleanly.) “It’s really tasty.” How was the show today? – Please subscribe. / – Please subscribe. Sian, the uniform looks really cool, but your hair doesn’t. You should part your hair like Uncle Lee Yong. We met Uncle Lee Yong at a river. That’s right. I will make you look like Uncle Lee Yong. (He transforms with pomade.) Okay. Say hello to the viewers. Please subscribe to Sian’s channel. (Please subscribe to Sian’s channel.) Today, I will dance. Dance is nice. Will he do EXO’s dance? (EXO) – My goodness. / – Will he do BTS’ dance? (BTS) Will he do Wanna One’s dance? (Wanna One) He is good at getting the signature moves. He is amazing. Here we go. (The opening is) (“Pick Me” by Wanna One) (He smiles like Kang Daniel.) (I am the star tonight) That’s the signature move. Up and down. (Vote for Sian’s channel.) (Subscribe to Sian’s channel.) (He gets the signature moves.) (He does the finale perfectly.) My goodness. My goodness. He knows what he is doing. Good job. Which song should I play? – ♪ Growl, growl, growl ♪ / – “Growl”. Okay. (The signature move of “Growl” involves) (shaking the arms in a controlled way.) His pants… I thought pulling up the pants was part of the dance. There he goes. (My goodness.) I can’t see your hands. I can’t see your hands. That’s good. (Now comes the highlight,) (the Growl Dance.) Do it like this. (EXO, are you watching this?) – My goodness. / – My goodness. He is good with the signature moves. The look in his eyes changes – when he dances. / – You looked cool. Which song should I play next? “Blood, Sweat and Tears”. Okay. Whose song is it? (Donggook is old.) BTS. He knows BTS. (For this moment…) Sian is serious today. My goodness. (What is this dance move?) (He gets all the details.) The way he moves his body is – different. / – It’s different. (He shakes up space and time.) (The new master of cover dance) (soars into the sky.) (Will he do this dance move as well?) (Sian) (will do it as well.) (“Blood, Sweat and Tears”) (At this moment, he is BTS Junior.) (Charismatic) (He points like a man.) (He should be getting tired.) His dance skills continue to improve. Donggook should think about making Sian an idol singer. He is five years old. My goodness. Doesn’t he look like a new singer’s manager? You are getting more subscribers. You are getting more subscribers. You looked so cool when you took off and threw the jacket. (This is the scene.) You are getting more subscribers. (Views) You took it off as if you were angry. I looked angry, right? I looked angrier than a muscular uncle. How did I do today? Did I look cool? Make some noise! (If I looked cool, make some noise!) I will dance cooler next week. Press “Like”. (Press)

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  1. I am against of BTS going to variety shows as much as BTS themselves but I feel like they would really happy to Join the return of superman to meet Sian ??

  2. Omg he’s so little and knows bts while my siblings are 8,7,9, and that still ask
    Who are they…. they look gay…. he’s ugly
    While I’m like bish what at least their prettier than you.. you ugly potatoe and then they get mad and tell my mom
    And I get in trouble

  3. Realistically, speaking I don’t want Sian to be an idol. There has been so many issues about agency depriving idols of their freedom. I don’t want Sian to experience that. Although he is very good at dancing ?

  4. Omooooo kyeoptaaaaa. It's not ot7 anymore I guess Sian and Sungjae will join BTS soon hahahahahahahaha I stan ot9 from now on.

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