‘Siesta Key’ Preview: Juliette Breaks Down In Tears Over Fears That Alex Cheated – News Today

‘Siesta Key’ Preview: Juliette Breaks Down In Tears Over Fears That Alex Cheated  – News Today

Juliette is devastated after finding two other women in Alex’s bed on ‘Siesta Key,’ and in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek, she tearfully confronts him about it on the beach Watch here!    On last week’s episode of Siesta Key, Juliette Porter was blindsided when she went to her boyfriend, Alex Kompothecras’, house and found another girl in his bed This week, she confronts him about it at a beach party, and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE preview of what goes down “I can’t do this,” Juliette says in the sneak peek, while fighting back tears. “Dude, you f***ed up ” Alex denies being unfaithful to Juliette, and insists he “didn’t do anything,” but of course, she’s not convinced    “What the f*** do you think that I think!?” Juliette screams. “Obviously! Think about what I saw!” Alex tells Juliette that he “swears on [his] whole entire family” that he didn’t cheat on her, and eventually she seems to give into his side of the story By the end of the clip, Alex is comforting Juliette with a hug, and she’s telling him, “I missed you so much,” through her tears Meanwhile, other members of the crew are watching this all go down, as the fight happens in the midst of a party on the beach  “Alex is a player,” Pauly Apostolides says to Brandon Gomes, while the guys chow down on some popcorn and watch the show “You can’t change a player, but you can change the game, though.”  Trust issues have been a problem in Juliette and Alex’s relationship from the very beginning of Siesta Key, and he’s cheated on her before However,we’ll have to wait until the full next episode airs on Feb. 26 at 9:00 p m. on MTV to see how it all plays out this time around!

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  1. How about digging down deep for your self respect. If you dont walk away he will think he can treat you like this because you let him so many times. Ever see fatal attraction?

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