Single Life Be Like… | Things Only Single People Understand

Single Life Be Like… | Things Only Single People Understand

“♪ Let’s talk about love You and me all night;
let’s talk about love” – Hello guys, so today we are filming like a single life video. – As you can see the camera’s right there. – Single life video for Brooklyn here, all you single people and Asa, hi. – Look, I’m even third wheeling right now. – Okay, so this should
be very interesting. Hopefully all you single
people can relate. It’s going to be very
fun, but do not forget to subscribe and… – And click the bell for
all the notifications. – Okay, let’s go. “♪ I got this feeling, I’m
feeling you could be the one” “♪ I see no reason, why I should ever” (mischievous music) “♪ You’ve got a smile
that makes the sun bright” “♪ You…make it shine. But I can see that you don’t realize, that that’s
what made me fall in love” “♪ ‘Cause you’ve got
style, the way your body makes my heart beat sound” “♪ It’s amazing, all the time, crazy for love.” “♪ This is the part where I go” – Okay, so today in my math class I saw the cutest guy for you. And he looked like the perfect man. So of course, I gave him your number. – You what? – Yeah, I gave him your number and I set you up on a double date with Asa and I tomorrow night. – You didn’t even ask. – I don’t have to honey, you’re single. You need all the help you can get. You’re welcome. – Hey Brooklyn, look,
listen, so I have this guy and he’s one of my best
friends from high school. He’s going to be a doctor and he was just in the worst relationship. So listen, you’re the one for him. I know that… (record scratches) – Does this happen to you? ‘Cause it happens to me; so click the information button right up there. And vote on the poll and tell us if this happens to you all the time. – You need a guy so, just listen, just tell me what you can and I’ll get his number for you and we’re good. – Not interested. – Yes, you are; you’re single. “♪ I like a loving like a movie star, try to pick me up in your new sports car” (door bell rings) – Happy Valentine’s Day – Hi, aw, thank you. – Oh, you’re welcome. – Oh my gosh, my favorite. (“Nothing on me” by Skale & E & Tron) – Oh, it’s so sweet, oh my gosh. Dear Brooklyn, you are
the most amazing person I’ve ever met; I love you, from, Brooklyn. I’m so sweet. (upbeat disco music) – [Girls In Unison] I’m
so nervous; ah, jinx. – I made the team. – I made the team; yes. – I got to call Asa right now. Oh, my boyfriend, hello? Hi, guess what, I made the team. – Hi mom, I made the team. – I’m happy, I’ll talk to you later. – Yeah, bye. (exhales quickly) (quirky asian fusion beat) – So today, Asa came right. – Right. – And he brought me a bouquet of flowers. (whines) Isn’t that so sweet? – So cute. – Oh my goodness. And it was my first time okay and I said, Asa, you need to drive the car, I don’t know where I’m going right. And he was like, Bailey,
I don’t want to drive. (surfer music) – So yeah, I was like, Asa, you know what we should do? Instead of going to see a movie, maybe we should go eat out first ’cause I’m starving right. – Of course. – And you know, I didn’t want to eat a bunch of junk food at the movie theater like you know, we always do. Yeah, it’s one of my
favorite things about him. You know, it’s just
that, he’s so thoughtful. – Yeah, that’s a great quality to have. – It’s just like he spoils me rotten and I just never found
that in a guy before. And you know, so thoughtful. – Yeah, you’re so lucky. – I know, right? – So lucky. (upbeat jingle) (laughs) – This is my favorite part too; watch. (laughs) – See, isn’t that funny? – Mmmhmm (sobbing) “♪ There I was with my
world falling apart” – I just want a boyfriend. “♪ Hoping just to get by” (mamba beats) – Hey, what’s up? – Oh nothing, just you know, waiting for my friend to pick me up. We’re going to go to dinner. (cell phone chimes) (giggles coyly) Oh, it’s just my boyfriend. – Oh, I’m sure I’m getting texts too. (crickets chirping) – Oh my goodness. – I am not getting any texts. (mamba swagger) (giggles) – Sorry. – You’re fine. – Do you have a boyfriend? – No. (crying) (“Heartbeats” by The Sarcastic) – Time for my date. (laid back remix music) – Who needs a boy, when
you can look like a boy? “♪ I don’t wanna be the girl, But I kind of need a word” – Okay, DM, I see you. Oh, he’s cute; what’s up? All right, single no longer. “♪ We could go to California
or anywhere you wanna” (doubtful music) Ew, who is this? Does he not see Asa in
my bio; Absolutely not. “♪ And I will take care
of you, care of you” – Do you need some water? (sneezes) – Here, let me get that for you. (vomiting) (curious music) (vomiting) – You’re okay. – I have to do laundry. – No, don’t worry about it; I’ll get it. You just stay here; it’s all
right, don’t worry about it. Call me if you need me okay? – I got to go do the laundry. (struggling grunts) – Hey, okay I know I look terrible but… Aw, thank you, but I really look so sweaty and gross, I know, it’s like… – Brooklyn, you look rough. – I know, it’s just been a day. – When we texted the group chat and said we were looking bad today we didn’t mean that bad. – I know, I’m like me, I’m offensive… (laughs) – Did you get attacked
by a bear or something? Like what happened to you? – It’s just been, it’s been a thing. (Guitar strumming) – Hey, I’m free tonight;
Mario Kart tournament. We can totally kill it; we can totally… – That sounds so fun but I
have a date with my boyfriend. – Oh that’s fine; I’ll just
ask someone else, have fun. – Sorry, totally another time. – You’re good; totally good. Guys, okay, Mario Kart
tournament, my house. I’ve got popcorn, providing
pizza, be there, be square. – I’ve got an anniversary with this one. – Aw, go have fun you two; aw, so cute. Don’t move, Mario Kart tournament. We can totally kill it and remember that championship we had last year? – I do, but I’ve got a
date, so I can’t; sorry. – It’s cool, it’s cool;
Mario Kart team for one. (sneaky piano music) – Oh my gosh; oh, I’m not hungry anymore. – Want some? (laughs) – You’re so good. (piano plays) (laughing) (curious music) – I guess we’re doing this one. – Aw, they love having
me as a third wheel. So fun; Okay well hit the subscribe button if you related to any of the stuff you saw in this video; ’cause this is my life. So hopefully someone related to it. All right, thank you, we love you. Subscribe; bye everybody. – See ya. (guitar strumming)

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  1. Are you guys single or in a relationship?? Don’t forget to check out our merch HERE ▶️ 💋's – Brooklyn

  2. This video is basically saying that single people are sad and lonely. In reality there's nothing wrong with being single. I've been single for all my life and I don't feel forced to get myself into a relationship. I'm at peace with being single until the right guy comes. What I'd say is live life with your friends until the time comes.

  3. Brooklyn is so pretty and so funny I don’t understand how she is single. I’m a huge fan and U guys are awesome.

  4. Lol I love it.
    Asa: wakes up Brooklyn.
    Brooklyn: Wakes up.
    Camera zooms into Asa's face.
    Asa: Hesitates. I have….this guy.
    Brooklyn: Shoves had in Asa's face: I'm not interested.
    Asa: says with sass. Yes you are, you're single.
    LOL 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Bailey you look like THE Christina Grimmie (RIP my love) with your hair like that! <3

    Brooklyn, I totally relate…and I'm 26. I'm third wheeled, fifth wheeled, friend third wheeled and so on and so forth. :I


    Even in an extremely happy relationship, I felt this 😂

  7. Don't lose hope; I'm 22 and may just be going into a relationship. My twin sister has had a boyfriend for at least 3 years now, but God always brings the right relationship at the right time. And we just have to try to be content in our season of waiting. Love y'all, and Brooklyn, embrace your singleness as you can do more for Christ that way and be an independent, strong woman!

  8. I'm not in college like not even close but you guys are so great! I love watching ur vids I feel like they are getting me ready for college

  9. Brooklyn seriously single….. why?
    Lol n it also happen the same to all single out there including meeee😭

  10. Does anyone think it's weird when Brooklyn runs in between asa and Bailey and holds Bailey and her BF'S HAND I think that is very strange

  11. Haha! I never do any of those things-

    Starts to AcTuAlLy use brain by doing something called ThInKiNg

    Oh god

  12. When you're the oldest of 4 and ALL of your siblings (including the 8 year old) have either had their first kiss or a boyfriend or both) and I'm just here like….

  13. This is by far my FAVORITE video 🤣 been a single pringle for 5+ years now 😭 I'm 29 so the clock is tickin'! 😂

  14. There super cute but way to young for me. Lol Canadian (they go for Americans, and 29 there like what.. 18? 19?

  15. Brooklyn is beautiful the boys just don't see that she's got qualities
    All boys are stupid except Asa and My boyfriend

  16. Thank you Brooklyn. After reading the description I decided to enjoy being single while it lasts. Besides Everytime I tried it blows up in my face. But I've never done the things in the video.

  17. It's hard for us single people to find our place in this world. It's all set up for couples. And I hate it. At my age, nobody is single…except me.

  18. Yeah my friends always talk about their boyfriends! Like i dont care!!! I AM SINGLE! The last i want to hear is them talking about their relation ships. They are basicly saying, " Oh, i have a boyfriend and you dont. HaHaHa!"

  19. It dissent only apply to single people. I have been married for 34 years. I love my wife but she don't love me and wants a divorce. I have been feeling lonely and left out for a few years because (I think) she stopped seeing big amounts of money coming in from GM. Lesson: don't be gold diggers and be truthful to your mates.

  20. For me. It’s the other way around. I’m the first one to have a boyfriend and my sister/best friend is living your life right now! I feel so bad for her, but I don’t know what to do😢
    How do I help by bestie?!

  21. It seem people are mentioning are gorgeous you are, I guess good looks is very important, especially getting a date too

  22. Well, I'm a 23 years, single guy, totally agreed with the video … Like all my friends has relationships except me. Lucky me!

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