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started Friday night candy my Tristan [Music] skaars is my name is Jamie and welcome to my channel so in today’s video I’m going to show you some of the pieces of clothing that I bought over the past few months and I know for a fashion youtuber that there aren’t that many pieces and this is because I’ve been trying to get in the habit of buying less and saving more for the future when like I need to buy a house and stuff so while there aren’t that many pieces these are all things that I know I will get a lot of wears out of or I just couldn’t like get it out of my head and I needed to buy it so let’s get started the first piece and the next two are from and other stories and it’s these pants oh I even didn’t take the tag off even when I bought it two months ago and I was on a date with my boyfriend NIR and other stories and I went into the store I saw these pants and I immediately fell in love with them the sad thing though is that they don’t sell this online I don’t know why even though this is part of like a spring collection I mean who would wear yellow cotton pants that are not very thick in the winter right so I’m pretty sure this is part of the spring collection maybe the accidentally brought it out and then put it back in I love it because there’s a flare at the bottom the embroidery pattern is very three-dimensional so if you touch it like there is texture going on and also it’s a cotton material and you guys know how much I love cotton and also it’s yellow but it’s not just any yellow it’s a mustard yellow I’m even worrying about yellow right now it’s a yellow that’s very rich and because in the summer Maiki top is always a white t-shirt or black t-shirt I know I will get a lot of wears out of these pants because if so if I’m wearing something so bland like a white t-shirt on top I need to either accessorize like crazy or some flashy shoes or wear some nice pants and these check the nice pants category yes you guys will see a lot this in the summer along with some gold jewelry at the second item and I’m telling you guys this in the order that I bought them from and other stories is this dotted blouse blouse no is this dotted mesh long-sleeve slash turtleneck I like this so so much when I saw it online that I just thought about ordering it online but then I stopped myself because I thought it was really racy and sexy and I knew I couldn’t wear it with just a black bra because my boyfriend wouldn’t be happy my parents wouldn’t be happy and some of the people that see me on the street wouldn’t be happy but I went to the store and I knew I had to buy this because it was so pretty and on top of that I used it for my Jenny lookbook video so I knew that like I could justify this expenditure while most mesh and opaque clothing can come off as very sexy and inappropriate I think this one looks quite elegant and sophisticated and also kind of cute because of the dots and it’s not just blue dots or blue shades but there’s even a beige dots in between so I love this thing even though I like this piece of clothing very much I still think it requires a lot of confidence and maybe a black tank top to wear underneath coffee break the third piece is from another stories as well and I bought this purely for Jaime’s pick and for those of you who don’t know what Jaime’s pick is it’s a series that I made where I compare one item from several brands and the next episode is gonna be on cardigans so keep your keep your eyes peeled for that one I bought an expensive cardigan for that and even though I bought it for Jamie’s pick the different weaving is what made me really hooked to this cardigan another thing is that this is 100% cotton and for those of you who don’t know I love cotton I just love everything about cotton if cotton were a person I bet that person would be like super humble and plain but at the same time they’ll be practical and decent good wool is like that as well but Kashmir is like fancy and viscose and like polyester is like trash so yeah I have this really big obsession about clothing material and this is 100% cotton that makes it really heavy but I know that there won’t be piling over time it’s a piling or pilling one thing that I didn’t like though is that the color is not as flattering as it was on the website I’m pretty sure that was good lighting I expected a very rich beige cream color but it turns out this one is a dull oatmeal color so the next item is a scarf from Stone Island and it’s a wool scarf and to be honest I’m not a very big street wear tech wear hypebeast kind of person but my boyfriend is interested in those brands he’s not a high beast himself and he gifted this to me and I know that stone Island is a very expensive brand I think anyway yeah I didn’t know that I needed the scarf but now that I have it I realize how important scarves are so I normally wear up my puffer long hideous North Face puffer jacket in the winter because it’s really cold and I get lazy also because like if your neck area is cold and your face is cold your whole body feels cold but once I have I got this I could now just put on a coat wrap this around my neck and then it’ll be as warm as having a puffer jacket on so thank you boyfriend yeah now that I have a stone Island item I kind of feel like a hipster oh the magical thing about the scarf is that depending on what lighting you see it under it can look very sky blue or purple or baby blue and I don’t know maybe it’s just amazing fabric that they use but the color is just really to die for the next item is did it get a little dark I’m gonna go turn on a light okay okay the next item is the cardigan that everybody has seen before from comme des Garcons play and my mom got it for me while she was in Japan and I know for a fact that she got it at less than 2/3 the price that they sell it in Korea for in Japan because it didn’t include tax and because comme des Garcons play is generally cheaper in Japan I didn’t want to buy this because I know that so many people already have it and I just didn’t want to seem like that person that wants to flex everything that they have and I like I like luxurious things that are low-key good quality but aren’t like Gucci Gucci Prada Prada and this is like an example of flexing but I couldn’t resist it once I got it I kept gravitating towards it and I kept grabbing it and wearing it so I do like this cardigan I wish I got it in a different color though but apparently it was not easy getting this in this size as well I wore a size medium and it’s a very tight fit tight fit no it’s a perfect snug fit this is also one of you one of the cardigans that I mentioned and Jamie’s pick so I’m not going to elaborate anymore on this it’s something that I wear when I want to look formal and maybe like a bit of a teacher so when I go to Turing kind of makes me feel like Mary Poppins so the next item is from Muji and it’s just a white t-shirt that I wear underneath all my clothes like all my cardigans wool sweaters even my sweatshirts and it’s because it’s sweat absorbent it’s 100% cotton it’s soft but at the same time it’s sturdy and it covers are the arms right up to here and so it covers my armpits and that’s important because you know I sweat under my armpits and this absorbs the sweat before it hits my other clothes and I think it’s a good way to protect and and preserve my clothes I used to wear heat tech long sleeves from Uniqlo but I find that I don’t like that silky texture and I also don’t like how hot and like stuffy I feel when I have that underneath my already thick clothes so yeah last item is pajamas from Muji and I love love love love these these elevate my life to a whole new level of luxury they’re just pajamas and they’re not very expensive it’s cotton pajamas so it’s around 50 bucks I couldn’t buy it with my own money because I thought it would be a waste since I normally wear like old t-shirts to bed but my mom bought it for me because she knew how much I wanted it it’s adorable but highly functional the cotton is just amazing you know cotton all the way and the inside part is like a different cotton fabric and the outside is another layer of different Cotton’s so it’s double cotton in and out there’s pockets in the front so you can stick your phone stick your hands inside I know that Muji sometimes goes on sale so you can buy these for like ten dollars cheaper than its original price now and then so look out for those sales if you guys want to buy these pajamas I think these kind of items are just the things that make your life much better and make you happier and make you feel like you’re you have your together so that’s all for today there weren’t that many pieces but this video is quite long thank you for watching and I’ll see you guys in my next one bye oh there’s going to be another mini haul coming soon because I’m going to buy some new pieces I am like ready to buy pieces right now I’m ready to go shopping right now and I just cannot wait for me to find the perfect pair of pants and trousers and jeans and shoes so when everything is bought and I am ready to film I will film another mini haul for which will be coming out in the next month okay thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you guys in my next one bye [Music]

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