Stinky Balls? Sweaty Butt? 3 Tips To Deal With Swamp Crotch | Best Ball Powder For Testicles

Stinky Balls? Sweaty Butt? 3 Tips To Deal With Swamp Crotch | Best Ball Powder For Testicles

Imagine you’re a personal trainer and it’s
been an intense hot day at the gym, you are working with your eighth client of the day.
You haven’t had time to eat you haven’t had time to shower, and this client brand
new, but one of your best paying clients. So, you’re in there, he jumps on the bench
press and you’re spotting him and your crotch is right next to his head. What do you think
he’s going to smell? Scenario number two. You take your five-hour
road trip to your old college town. You’re excited to hang out with your buddies, you
guys are tailgating from noon until 4:00 o’clock, then you go into the game and you watch your
team put up a great fight, but end up losing. You go to the bar that evening and it is all
well now because you’re talking to this beautiful girl who, yeah, you’re hoping
something happens, but it’s 9:00 o’clock, 10:00 o’clock, 2:00 o’clock in the morning
and you have been sweating like a river down there and you know what’s going to happen
if you go back to her place? Scenario number three. You work in a hot warehouse.
You put in your twelve-hour shift, you’re at the end of that shift, the business owner
wants to recognize you in front of everyone in the company because you have just been
doing a great job. He singlehandedly points out to what you have built back there as the
manager and the safety record, but he wants you to stand up in front of two hundred people,
receive a plaque, and you have been sweating your balls off.
Do you feel in all of these scenarios that these gentlemen that they are going to feel
confident when it’s time to perform, that they’re going to feel great about themselves
if they’ve got sweaty, if they’ve got irritated, if they have bad smelling balls?
Guys, it’s a serious question here and it needs to be addressed. In today’s video,
I’m going to talk about how to find the perfect ball powder for you. Specifically,
I’m going to talk about things that you need to avoid and why you need to avoid them.
Guys, I tested twelve powders, very non-scientific, I simply tried them over a period of about
twenty four days about two times each, sometimes multiple times in a day. I found out which
ones I thought performed the best, but there were certain things I looked for to avoid.
Number one, talk. Number two, menthol. I went through and I’ll show you why I eliminated
other ones, but I found that the winner, Chassis and I’m going to link it right over here,
was the winner because the founder designed it specifically for your testicles. He ended
up creating an extreme cream for those of you that are really irritated. He’s also
got a primer which you can wash yourself in the shower and actually really soften up the
hairs because he found that that, you know for a lot of guys was causing irritation.
But, what I love right here is the powder. So, Chassis, you know, was easily my number
one and, again, they did not have talc, they did not have menthol, so that right there
separates it from all. But, if I were to, you know, these twelve powders lay them out
here, I’m going to say immediately the first thing I avoided is talc. And so, there’s
a company out there, I’m not going to say who, they’re getting sued or they were sued
for some pretty big money. Talc, and it is inconclusive, it is – if it is associated
with cancer, but many people still want to avoid it and if something is being – companies
are being sued and if it’s kind of out there, I’m not going to be throwing talc on my
testicles. So, if it had talc, it was out, so immediately
we had baby powders go away, we had – this one right – Imperial Leather, we had one
that was designed for, you know, for backsides. We had another one, you know, that was designed,
you know, it had talc in it. We had another one, you know, these were all gone. All of
them out. So, seven out of the twelve immediately eliminated because of talc.
So, we’ve got five left and then, so, okay, so we’re going over – oh, this one actually
has talc as well and not only that, but it has menthol. So, why do you want to avoid
menthol? I started looking into a lot of, you know, what people are saying. Menthol
doesn’t really bother me in particular, but what I found is that many people who have
sensitive skin or if they’ve been using it for awhile or using a little bit larger
dose, they found, oh, wow, this stuff is really starting to burn. So, if it’s got menthol
or something that is let’s say a cool mint, I wanted to avoid it. I don’t want, you
know, as much as I just want my balls to be non-sweaty, non-irritated, and non-smelly,
you know I don’t necessarily need them to smell like a cool mint.
So, now, we have three and then the remaining two, these basically were for babies. They
basically they are talc-free, they are, you know, all types of, you know, stuff where
they don’t have menthol, they didn’t have the thing, but they were designed for children
not for a man’s testicles. Hence, what was left what was standing at the top, Chassis.
And, guys, go check out the article, in the article, I give you the complete ranking of
why I did it and I link over to some of the studies and stuff I’m talking about. But,
I’d have to say when it comes down to it, I love companies that specified, gets specific,
and then throw out everything they could possibly endanger my boys down there they take care
of us. [0:04:51]
Guys, if you want another opinion, I’m going to link over to Aaron Marino’s video. You
guys know I love Aaron and what he does over there, but what I really like what Aaron did
is he showed how the stuff in here is hydrophobic and what that basically means is it repels
water, it doesn’t like water which is great if you think about it.
So, when it comes down to it, gentlemen, the stories I talked about at the beginning, if
you are put in a position where you’re going to be sweating and I know some of you guys
sweat like a river down there, how was that going to affect your confidence because think
about it when you put on deodorant, deodorant, you know, the big thing about it is they’re
not going to see you sweat, you’re not going to have these huge sweat stains.
Well, do you want to look like you peed yourself? Guys, that’s what think is really cool about
this industry. Me personally, I don’t have a huge sweating issue down there. I’ve also
got a job that allows me to be in an office. I know a lot of you guys like I said personal
trainers, if you’re outside working maybe it is something you got to go in and out,
you’re living in a place like Houston, Texas or down in Florida and you just deal with
this chaffing, you don’t want to worry about how you smell about, you know, basically,
the odor and all of the irritation. So, guys, definitely go check out Chassis.
Let me know down in the comments some of your best strategies for staying dry down there.
I know some of you guys maybe you’re not powder guys or maybe you’ve got a favorite
powder and you just want to let me know maybe it wasn’t in my ranking, maybe I should
go in and look at it and examine it. In any case, guys, definitely go check out Chassis,
great company and I was happy to meet the founder, really cool guy and I love it when
entrepreneurs zero in and focus on a specific problem. But, in any case, guys, stay dry
and I’ll see you in the next video. [0:06:38] End of Audio

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  2. Dude, I live in southern Manitoba, Canada.
    our summers get extremely humid. not a little, a lot. humidity at 80% at times. it's freaking rediculious. I get sour sack all the time when I'm not wearing shorts.

  3. i cant watch alpha m because all he ever does is paid advertising. cant take ANYTHING he says seriously because it affacts top lists he makes, and he rambles on and on about products he is PAID to sell. and this video makes me question you too a bit.
    i hope this isnt a repeating thing, because there are many other youtube channels who dont sell out

  4. "All talcum products used in homes in the United States have been asbestos-free since the 1970s. . . Talc that has asbestos is generally accepted as being able to cause cancer if it is inhaled. This type of talc is not used in modern consumer products" (, 2014).

    So most modern products don't cause cancer according to that source.

  5. Johnson & Johnson has a baby powder that is talc-free and uses 100% cornstarch. I bought a large bottle for just a few bucks and it works wonders! Chassis is probably a more effective product, but for those on a budget, the cornstarch baby powders work magnificently for me and I've always suffered from pretty strong odor while at work (I work outdoors in Florida!).

  6. "or something that is… let's say a cool mint it's out". All those guys totally got paid for pushing this product on their channels. I use that Fromada stuff he quickly dismissed due to having a light scent. It's made from natural ingredients, has many scents and doesn't cost as much.

  7. or you could just study for the last final exam and you have sweaty balls lake inside your pants or shorts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. i ve been doing the ab exercises and my balls and groin red like ….. i keep changing my underwear and get a little better but the red still coming back after i did the exercise .

  9. I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to learn about cure excessive sweating try Panlarko No Sweat Planner(just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my colleague got amazing success with it.

  10. Guys can use a penis health creme called Man1 Man Oil. It contains several antibacterial vitamins and nutrients that will keep the area clean, dry and irritation-free. I use it every day (takes only seconds to apply) and my penis and the surrounding area stays in excellent shape 24/7. You can get it online.

  11. I don't have ball sweat, I have ball glue. My balls are always stuck to my legs and I have to peel my sack of my legs.

  12. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚extreme cream. I came across this video randomly and some of the comments and examples are so hilarious

  13. Wow what a surprise that your websit'se main sponsor/advertiser just happens to be Chassis. Gawd I love paid up cash for comments advertising

  14. Answer coolmax pants and babywipes non alcohol ones, powder by the way can clog your pores and make problems worse! Oh and don't shave your pubes or trim them its there for a reason it acts as a wicking system.

  15. I agree with most points, but you should add bum hygiene, dry toilet paper just doesn't do the job. Work as a massage therapist and you wouldn't believe how many people smell down there, it's the most awful thing! Personally, I have a bidet at home and use toilet paper moistener when I'm traveling. Here's a good review of different options:

  16. I LIVE IN MIAMI…I HAVE TO WEAR JEANS TO SCHOOL…IMA 17 YEAR OLD. 1 MILE WALK…i never wear jeans but i have to. I weigh 175 and im 5 9. I didnt go to school today cuz of this and im just looking at stuff to help

  17. Ziploc baggie with an airline bottle of cheap 80 proof or 40% ABV vodka and a neatly folded clean washcloth. Wet the washcloth with water and pour the vodka on your testes, just enough to wet them, pour a little between each leg too and wipe with the rag you can do this seated on a toilet rinse the rag off in the sink and re bag. The vodka kills the germs and bacteria causing the stink just don't get vodka on your tip and use vodka not rubbing alcohol that's toxic and extremely flammable. It reduces post sex odors too.

  18. Thank you I work in the subway system for 12-16 a day in wool pants thank you this video helped tremendously

  19. Try a corn starch based powder works great and pretty cheap as well. Don't use any corn starch based powder if you have jock itch, corn starch is like food for that particular fungus. Clean your junk well and use a good corn starch based powder = no chafing.

  20. scenario number two. that happens to me time countless times, i simply ask her politely if i can take a quick bath, when i came back shes naked waiting for the D

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