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  1. JHopes been giving us the answer the whole time… “I’m your hope! I’m your angel!” !!! Like am I the only one who just realized this??


  3. Do you think that the break in the universe caused a reset and that’s why her is so different it’s just starting over again????

  4. I just realized this while watching this again but I noticed that the hallway that Jimin came from before entering the room where his other self was is almost identical to the hallway that Jin disappeared down in the WINGS Short Films Awake. Jin had walked down that hallway and turned the corner and disappeared. Now Jimin walks in from that same hallway and into a different room. Do you have any ideas on what this all could mean?

  5. I also just wanted to add a little connection I made with this mv and i need u mv. When V raises a bottle that he is about to hit Jin with, it seemed connected to the part where V hits his father with a bottle in i need u mv. Also, when V dragged his knife on the wall there was more than one scratch mark on the wall so V might be one in all universes not like there are two of jimin and two of jungkook there is one V travelling from each universe. This could be why everyone was frozen and he could move and he is the main evil as he has wings. So the multiple scratch marks could be his way of marking how many times he has supposedly travelled or controlled these universes. V also is underneath sheets in BS&T korean ver but in this mv the sheets are around him not entrapping him anymore maybe letting him travel from one universe to the other. Yea okay so this was longer than expected but yea this is my mini theory 🙂

  6. When you see yourself in person (except when you have a twin) by I mean literally see your self you are gonna die it was based on other theories I saw that's why suga covers jimns eyes in blood sweat and tears Japanese version. '_' ehehhe im sorry hehhe

  7. Idk why but I keep watching it over and over again… are these suppose to make me cry? It’s really in believable to see that their songs link, their songs have a lot of meaning and their song inspires others…

  8. The way you describe these theories is like watching an amazing movie series , I know you said the past is a different universe but is it the universe that took the place of the one that (Zeno sama erased) got broken ?

  9. nobody saw Tae stabbing Jin with the same bottle that he stabbed his father with in "I need you" after they fight? someone?

  10. Frick so I had a funny remark on the BST thing cuz literally that whole time it said BST but like…. I forgot the joke so now ur stuck with this… this not as funny remark….. (-_- )

  11. Normally I never comment on videos cause I always forget what I want to say by the end but here we go… Damn. Like seriously. Damn. I've been watching and reading theories upon theories trying to figure out some sort of meaning regarding the Japanese BST and everything I've come across, it's good but just didn't click well, yah know? I really wanted a solid theory I liked so I could share the mv with my friend and we could discuss it, and I found it with yours. Thank you thank you thank you!!! The lay out of your video is very clean and makes it easy to grasp what you're explaining (something I struggled with regarding other theory videos), and the theory is much more kind than others I've seen (where RM and Jin turn out evil along with Taehyung). I love the boys' need for change in this and they're connections to each other triggering everything. The connection with all their other mv's actually makes sense, you're not grasping at straws. Shit, this is long, I apologize, but just really, thank you. This might not be what BigHit was getting at but for now, this is my fave theory. Continue to kick ass with your videos!

  12. Hello again 🙂
    Sorry but i have a question 😅😅😅
    At the end of theory you said "they aren't really back in the past and the past is simply another universe "
    So you told it , but we can see Jin , He came back and saw RM , It means the boys bring past back
    Do you undrestand what i mean?? I say if boys aren't really back in the past , so how Jin could see RM ?? He died , but he saw RM , it doesn't mean that boys went back in the past and changed it??

  13. Until now all the story of BTS MV and your theories just remind me to the anime "Orange", that its about a group of friends that tried to save a friend that committed suicide. So the future them that live without their friend, send letters to their past them telling them what is going to happens, so they can change it, and with that they create another future where their friend is alive, a parallel universe. So amazing theories, and thanks for explaining all:)

  14. So…. almost everyone has a place in these theories…. BUT WHAT ABOUT YOONGI?!?! I know he is the one who covers Jimins eyes and stuff..(standing all creepy in front of the piano) but just what is his significance? V is evil, RM is a sign of change, Jin is the maker or something like that, JK and Jimin are victims of parallel universe awareness and JK is a sort of victim of RM. But Yoongi? I literally got nothing, he rarely ever shows up, and if he does he's either; Covering someone's eyes, Fighting someone, or trying to help JK or trying to burn everything.

  15. I just thought of something.

    In the BST Japanese Ver. there is a part there that after Jin punched V and said 'Mianhae' V smirked and he had a knife in his hand and I dunno if he killed Jin or what but if he did then it's like affecting the other universe. Let me explain, it said that whatever the boys do it affects the others and also the other universe, if V however killed Jin (?) then War Of Hormone must be another universe. In WOH they said that after the girl chose V, Jin overdosed and drowned (or killed) himself because of jealousy, the BST Japanese Ver. is like a universe where the girl doesn't even exist but Jin still died because V killed him, like how V also killed him unintentionally and not literally in WOH and the fact that it is showing in BTS Japanese Ver. that V is evil because after that scene, V is walking up the stairs holding a knife and sliding it at the wall while smirking. Creepy.

    And also Ally said that they cannot see theirselves in the other universe that's why something wrong happened when Jimin saw himself at the room. If they can't see theirselves then why nothing bad happened when Jungkook saw himself at the train at Spring Day? And also, the hall that Jimin was walking before he got to the room looks like the same hallway in Awake when Jin saw the painting of a bird and the light. There was also the crack of the floor and Jin tried to walk away from it, the crack reminded me of BST Korean Ver. when Jin's right cheek cracked.

  16. ok but like
    BTS said ALL the mv's connect and its all one big story so how does DNA or mic drop tie into this??
    They also said how all the songs that don't have mv's have special lyrics and hints to look out for
    Ugh i'm so confused

  17. Just ally I had this theory where in awake at the end jin walks to a hallway witch we do not see and just take a look at his clothes now in bst you can see he is wearing the same clothes I'm thinking the hall is the museum and he walks there but the 6 members are not really there with him. in bst jap. Ver jungkook is waking up and later see a blood stain I think from wings and his short film there were shadow of wings could mean that jungkook died in a house fire (from his short film) or died from the drink and smoke from bst Japanese but he could like Taehyung or jin and bst Japanese ver. The boys are in a different universe maybe Taehyung universe and the original is jin

  18. I just realized it was Suga who ran into the bathroom after Jungkook and tried to help him/snap him out of it, and Jungkook shook him off. (That was Suga, right? Lol) I wonder if/how that connects to Run, where Jungkook was the one trying to snap Suga out of his bad ways and Suga shook him off and responded violently. Maybe Suga has been feeling regret over what happened and wants to make sure he is there for Jungkook this time, but Jungkook doesn't know if he can trust Suga anymore and so he turns him away. That sorta goes along with the whole apple/not knowing who you can trust theme. Or maybe they just took opposite roles simply because it was an alternate universe? Either way I thought it was pretty cool. Lol

  19. Hey did you know jin's car at the and right?That was the same car who's getting crushed into jungkook

  20. So wait… If Jimin's universe breaks by seeing himself in this video, why didn't junkook's when he saw himself on the train in Spring Day? Was Junkook's experience a dream, which is why it shows him waking up towards the end? Or to break a universe you have to do more than just see yourself?

  21. So Jin died in I Need You & he's alive again in BST coz it's an another universe? Somebody please explain, I'm so confused.

  22. My theory:remember??when the end of bst korean ver. Jin face explode in japanese version they were in jin's face because.everything exploded lol but the brain was v he has no emotion but sad so is jin when his face cracks and he is always sad then jin kissed v but he smirked then in japanese v and jin fought because he tought hw was lesbian then when yoonmin was here covering eyes it shows shame from what jin did cause they saw jin kissed v or the black angel so suga covered jimin eyes because he was too short that he thought he was a kid watching jin kiss spg lol,then the wine glasses says that its poison or the pills that jhope mixed in the juice then when jungkook was forced to drinked it rm realized that he bacame evil then he is in a shame to so in korean his shamed so he drunk it to because he felt evil and not right and jk deid then jhope realized dat theyre in the face so it means all that jin is crazy and dreaming cray cray things…when jin woke up he realized he has no cereals then he went in the gas station and nam saw jin and he said ah jin hyung then he said long time no see then i realized they disbanded so jin is a cray cray because he missed them and about that hobi now know that he was in a face he was trying to break the face so it did and blood cames out and sweat for all they did and tears for the sad story blood sweat and tears. Thanks pls like

  23. Fake love please… I think its about how the realm of happiness that jin (probably) created has been ruined (???) so yeah! ❤ 😂
    I really love your theories btw.

  24. I'm not sure if anyone noticed but the mother and child in Jimin's lie looks like the picture of V and his mom

  25. it give me head ache i am still not understand i see both Korean and Japanese theory and at last its all mixed up

  26. 9:11 What about the hallway Jimin enters? Isn't it the same hallway that Jin goes through in the Awake short film? It has the same turn, and is such as long as the other one. The difference is that the fancy wallpapers and floorings aren't there anymore, now there are just simple walls and tiles, as if everything has been removed. But what stays there? The door. The door Jimin enters through that hallway, Jin never goes there in the Awake MV. Jimin is also going forward, and Jin – the opposite. What connection does it have?

  27. The bs&t korean version, at first i thought didn't have any meaning … Same for I need You…. This is a video that made me sleep peacefully….. V the devil… No V, THE ANGEL WITH BLACK WINGS…. Now this is a story and theory I will never forget…. Thank you very much 😁😁😁😁


  28. I know this video has been up for a while but in the original version of BS&T hoseok looked through the binocular glasses towards the art that jin was looking at, But here, Jin is looking through them in the japanese ver. Does this mean anything??

  29. I think i have to theories also.
    Well the lollipop that Namjoon have maybe its a lighter that Yoongi had in the love yourself highlight reel.
    Another theory is in bst jap. Ver at 2:12 , 2:19 you can see glass breacking everywhere and 2:30 the floor has a big crack (like in Jins face in bs&t korean ver.) And in 3:36 you can clearly also see that the glass in breacking.maybe this represents the mistakes and sins that the boys did or Jin missed saving the boys so their lifes are falling apart.
    (Sorry for any typos english is not my first language, and i know these theories might be stupid so sorry 😔)


    Jungkook died because he fell out of the building, and on Suga's First Love you hear a car sound and there were blood on the road. Could that be Jungkook's death? Because on webtoon Jin was driving, and Jungkook fell on the top of the building and fell exactly on Jin's car when Jin was driving.
    Suga also died.
    Many of you already know this, but for someone who doesn't know – Suga died because he commited suicide in INU when he burned himself on his room. Why did he commit suicide? Because his mother died because of a fire. Again, on Suga's First Love film, we can see that the room/store with the piano that Suga played, burned. Thus reminding Suga about his mother's death.

    Sorry for my bad Englisheu! I feel like this makes no sense but i tried my best making my own theory. If I made errors or mistakes please reply to this comment! I wanna know more so I can't sleep ;A;

  31. The hallway where Jimin was walking and you see him looking straight for a moment and then turns to his right to see himself on to be pulled back again to be reborn in the same universe; the hallway straight where Jimin pauses for a moment is where Jin woke up to recall everything that he has done like what in the video says like he was familiar that everything has happened before.

    In his music video Awake where he wakes up if one of them dies, everything matches.

    This my theory and I'm not sure if it's qualified 😹

  32. U think that V is not an evil he is a fallen angel because there is a wounds in his back so that means that there was an wings in his back but he lost theme I think that it is because he stabbed his father so he became a fallen angel

  33. I found my own theory that wasn't on the video you know in the Korean version of bs&t there is the green smoke releasing of rms body and my theory is that in the jpn version the green smoke is released on jk and I think that RM is responsible for that ok thx bye

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