[SUBS]Theory Thursday: Hallucination? – BTS Blood, Sweat & Tears MV Theory/Explanation

[SUBS]Theory Thursday: Hallucination? – BTS Blood, Sweat & Tears MV Theory/Explanation

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  1. Hello , I saw your theory and i have some question 🙂 in the last of theory sth was ambiguous for me , you said suga convinces others to follow him to evil , I could not undrestand that , It means suga is a bad character??
    And You said V was swallowed by evil and he feels no regert for jin , It means V did sth that Jin kissed the stute ?? I mean V mislead Jin ?? So Why ?? Jin kissed the stute because of V and his friends , to save them , why was V a bad person , he did not have problem with Jin but he did this work with him  , Oh God! I can't write English well I hope you know my purpose and answer them 😅 Just tell me V and Suga are bad boys?? And why ?? ( Thank you for your theory i cried a lot because of the end (+_+) )

  2. but wait.. i don't understand this:if the boys were angels (metaphorically), and only fell into sins after jin's death, then why does the theory say that jin sacrificed himself to save the boys? as if they already been sinful before his death and he died to save them, (but still they did bad things after his death) so does this mean his sacrifice was a waste?

  3. also from the comments it says that jin crashed his car into a river and killed himself for that girl he couldn't have, but hey, what does the girl has to do with the sins of the boys?and btw i think that V gave jin the evil as he covered his eyes, and as he kissed the statue with black wings, he swapped bodies, so that's actually jin who was crying in the statue, and that represents jin's death so he gets into that scary statue who looks like a devil (suicide = hell) that's why it cried, and that was his soul in white that was still there, that's gonna watch over the boys in the prologue, i need u, run MVs

  4. My theory is succumbing to temptations and a lament to selling their souls to the devil,quite a bit of backstory but that's my theory for this particular video.

  5. omg when i got to the part when they were all around the table for like the last supper thing and they were all eating apples idk why but my brain just went straight back to Dope mv when jin was a doctor and i was like "a apple a day keeps the doctor away" and i was like are they trying to banish Jin??? i mean obvi not true but still my brain just triggerd like that

  6. Re-watching all the theories and I still find them just as trippy. Man, major props to you for digging in so deep and helping us out!

  7. I’ve never watched a bts theory thingy cus I just listen to the songs and stuff, but when I saw the Japanese blood sweat and tears mv I was asking myself so many questions so that’s why I’m here wassup

  8. guys,after watching this i felt like its high time the come with a series..i never thought their songs had a deep meaning we need to know the real life about bts

  9. i know that it was just a song for hwarang, but could even if i die its you fall into this theory of jin and v being lucifer and god?

  10. Um ok. I did this in hearthoseok’s vids.
    Or if dis is ur vids, ya gonna understand what im saying.
    Blah blah blah, i need u is jins death.
    Ok ok, run is jungkooks realization.
    Nya nya nya, spring day us a metaphor to no vacancy
    Yada yada yada, the three die,
    Fml, BSAT is basically showing the boys sins from i need you and danger
    And DNA.

    They are given a second chance at life, and realize they will never have one life. They are given new ones. Each death. But really, they dont get new bodies. Same people. Same mind. Different life.
    So they come to terms and become better people.

  11. The main thing is everybody is now growing up so this is the time where '2 realms' meets and they are confused, they are committing sins sometimes with their concern sometimes in a trance.but when they realises it they starts to regret and apologise, sometimes they can't bare tge truth that's why in individual videos individual members are trying to commit suicide but Somehow they are not succeed or they changes their decision on the last moment that's why they are alive about jin who already is dead in this trance.

    This is the usual story of any teenagers they do something for that they regrets and sometimes commits suicide or something gets into darker things like drugs,partying everynight and other stuff thinking that that's gonna help them to move on from this pain.

    Mvs are showing us the pain that a family or friends of a suicidal goes from when they are dead …..
    Actually they are trying to save our youth from the dark side of this world and also from this overly modernisation.


    Basically Jin is Abraxas (remember RM's line in Jin's Awake teaser "…and that god is Abraxas". From Wikipedia= "The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jungtranscribed a short Gnostic treatise in 1916, attributed to Basilides in Alexandria called The Seven Sermons to the Dead, which called Abraxas the supreme power of being transcending both God and the Devil and unites all opposites into one Being". Jin is Abraxas and the other members are the sermons to the dead, and Jin's been watching them this whole time, that's why he's always looking at them through a camera or a finger frame or etc, that's why his teaser are the longest one and contains references from all the other member's teaser. The other member's teaser are probably the representation of death in the mortal world, suga and jungkook being death by accidents (other theories explained how suga seemed to injure jungkook from a car crash), jimin and jhope death by suicide (both have strong mental ward vibe in their videos, means lacks of control of one's self), and RM and V death by murder (they're both portrayed as punks/criminals and obv V killed his dad and I assume RM is his brother that failed to prevent this since he can't answer the phone). Jin's teaser on the other hand shows no other similarities to other members in term of theme and overall look, he is shown living in a fancy mansion being disturbed by all the other member's mementos. That fancy mansion is his palace u guys, and the other members live together with him. That's why we see them all together again in Blood Sweat and Tears all fancy in a palace, Jin is the one heading the dining table, Jin is looking at the chaotic painting that reminded him of his sermons creating chaos thru death, and RM's monologue in the middle of the MV mentions something about not wanting to be a part of the destruction again, so it's Jin not wanting to release his sermons to the world again, that's why Tae lost his wings. That statue is Jin himself and by kissing it, he destroys his kingdom, taking the wings/power out from his lil devils, that's why all the other members are crying/leaking green shit and Jin is the only one cracking. In conclusion, Jin is Abraxas wanting to stop human from suffering from the hands of his little sermons of death a.k.a the other members.

    Did i get it right?

  13. Jin heykeli öptükten sonra aynadaki çicek love yourself highlight reel de çicekle aynı değil mi ??

  14. hi, I came across this theory video which I thought, made a lot of sense.
    I'm putting a link for the video and I hope you check it out –

  15. Maybe… INU is the time they were commiting sins or mistake? And at RUN they were like running from their mistakes/sins? And at BS&T was the time their trying to wash all their sins away? Young Forever was the time they were free from all the bad things, sins, mistakes they have done? Thats my thought 😊

    PS. Sorry for the bad grammar. Im not a American thats why

  16. Does anyone think the smoke that's in rm's room between him and Jungkook looks like the smoke that the hooded figures are holding in mic drop?

  17. The more I watch these theories , the more I get puzzled. All the bts songs are like continuation of a mysterious story. All of them have a very interesting/sad inner meaning. Whatever,,, love ur songs bts. But please release ur next song faster.

  18. So at 21:30

    It looks as if Jimin is being blindfolded by the evil (why the blind fold is black, which represents evil, and tied to the door which makes his movements restricted and making it where the evil can easily control him). He also is clearly struggling to get away from the so called evil. Black can also represent mourning which can mean instead of being blinded by evil, Jimin is blinded by mourning and that caused him to fall into a deep depression which could explain why he doesn't see any of it? Because when your depressed, you don't really feel like you are there. It just feels like your body is in auto pilot and your mind is gone which is why he doesn't see anything. And how the lyrics say "I can't reject it anyway" when it shows Jimin beginning to attempt at walking away from the door could also be tied to him falling into depression or being temporarily blinded by evil (since the blindfold does come off at some point).

    Anyways this is my theory on that bit and sorry if it doesn't make sense but I tried to put what I was thinking into words :')) I'm bad at that heh anyways I hope everyone has a good day/night! :))

    Ps: I didn't proof read this so there may be repeating things or spelling/grammar errors so yeah,,, xD

  19. I just saw 2 of youre vids and i'm in LOVE you are so good at this and youre theories ore how you describe the theories are ON POINT ♥♥♥♥♥

  20. What are you doing Bighit?
    I have heard that BTS were computer game, or fake
    Only Jin is real. And jin have multipsycho disease. Is it true? I'm fear

  21. Tmw you are Greek and love it when something related to your country is said because you feel NOTICED XD

  22. I am probably repeating what you said, but if I am it’s so I understand this better.

    Ok so since “Blood, Sweat and Tears” is a world full of temptation and sin, is it made up of all the bad choices that the boys made in their past? Also, like you said, maybe they did create a butterfly effect in bringing Jin back.
    So towards the end, Jin is seen looking around the gallery while everyone else is running out happily, meaning they have fully accepted their actions just like you said in your Youth theory (a great theory btw). Then V is seen covering Jin’s eyes, blinding him from everything then showing him an “angel” with black wings. Since V is the one that did the 2nd most damage (you said yourself that Jin did the most by overdosing and leading the others to suffering), he is the evil that blocked everyone else’s way of seeing that what they were doing was wrong (just like in the fire theory which you explained as V innocently controlling the other’s actions). Later Jin is seen kissing the statue, maybe a significance to him making a deal with the Devil (V maybe?) because the sheets lift up from him to show him as a fallen angel with no wings, then him smiling, RIGHT AFTER JIN KISSED THE STATUE. This can mean that since Jin, who caused most damage by hurting his friends, saw that what he did was wrong so he decides to make a deal with V, the one that murdered his own father due to how much pain he was in. I already explained that I think V is the devil. So Jin kisses the angel statue, V is shown as a fallen angel, then Jin in a mirror that shows his world as nothing but a black background. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Probably that V is actually the Devil, now I’ve heard something that in order to make a deal with the devil you have to kiss him, just like Jin did. Then the black background is just a representative of Jin taking the pain he caused his friends and making it his own, which is why he is breaking apart. He also sees the flowers that have been shown in the MVs since “I Need U” which is when Jin dies. This may represent that since the butterfly effect, Jin is now also alive in the world of temptation and sin that the boys created due to their bad pasts. The boys run out of the world like nothing is wrong, but Jin sees the truth and V blinds him from it, it’s either that OR V showing him that he can fix everything by instead of the others facing the consequences of their actions, Jin takes them on himself.

    This is just what I think your theories mean (I have a weird mind) and I just used some of your theories to explain this. I repeated some of what you said so you can probably explain it better than me. Thanks for the great theories❤️

  23. When you were talking about V and what he was/is I saw this and it was more straight forward than the MV. So maybe he is Judas? Also in the MV with Jin dying in his home he was at the same table set up but it was him alone, now he has the boys there corrupted and has doomed them all to eat from the apple (sin), now because he was trying to control things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cThKybVGwME that scene was cut but in the concert lead to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_hQjxGSS7k. The order of the songs is really interesting as they merged Jimin and J Hope's together for Boy Meets Evil/Lie. Sorry if I am repeating what you know. I am just now learning all of this! Thanks for all your work you are awesome.

  24. U just blew my mind! That was so amazing how you analyzed that so well. I wud love to see what they had to say like if it was really what they were trying to portray. Excellent job

  25. I have a theory…I just watched the Japanese version of blood sweat and tears…what I think is that the Korean version is in their head from hallucinations and the Japanese version is what is really happening. In th ekorean one we see v sitting on the edge of a balcony, in the Japanese version he climbs through pink sheets out onto a balcony. There's more I cud point out but just lemme know plz.

  26. Wait. Wait. Wait. If Jin is paying for the actions of the boys and making all those deals stuff just to free the others, so he plays Jesus then? He….you know, sacrificed himself and all that? But hey! Jesus resurrected. But if it all ends up in hallucinations because of their actions, then all of these religious things are not true then? All of it is only hallucinations? As if they got high because if that abscinth something lol.

  27. This might be a bit overwhelming but I feel like BTS really did trade their souls to the devil and this is all real life.

  28. BST is the creepiest mv! I mean theory😂
    Kinda old fasioned movie😍 still LUV IT😍
    Also LUV ur theories😁😂😂😍😍😍

  29. Fact: The green liquid they are drinking is Absinthe. Google it. Artist used to drink it for "inspiration" specialy in France. 😉 :
    "Absinthe traditionally has a natural green colour but may also be colourless. It is commonly referred to in historical literature as "la fée verte" (the green fairy). Although it is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a liqueur, absinthe is not traditionally bottled with added sugar; it is therefore classified as a spirit. Absinthe is traditionally bottled at a high level of alcohol by volume, but it is normally diluted with water prior to being consumed."

  30. and through hallucinations fake love was made , you hallucinate then it's fake. There is a lyrics there saying I grew a flower in a dream wont come true blah blah damn these theories making me feel min suga genius jjang jjang man bboong bboong

  31. I didn't see anybody comment this, I saw the making off of the shooting for the trailer of the WINGS tour, and there's a scene where you see wings growing on V's back. And he commented that it's connecting to bst because it's the moment where he gets his wings. And during another making off, for the bst music video, I think he said that during the scene where he's covered by the sheet was suposed to represent the pain of his wings being missing. I totally agree with your theory, but it was just to point out some facts.

  32. I think V is a fallen angel because there's a myth/legend (or something along the line), that says that fallen angels have their wings cut off after they fall from heaven; which explains why V has these cuts on his back, like wings had been cut off.
    And btw, I totally agree and love this theory! You thought so well about each and every part of the mv to make this!!💗
    You interpreted all of it so well!💜

  33. Ya no entendí,jin si murió anteriormente y sigue muerto o si se murió y los chicos lo recuperaron o no se murió en ningún momento

  34. I remember the 7 deadly sins and i watched this video and i remember it saying that V was lust and RM was greed and suga was laziness but thats all i remember

  35. I suddenly hate the world now. The theories showed me a whole new world of pain.

  36. I saw that at the end of every short film there is the four sircles from "wings" and after begin jungkooks sircle was first, then in lie jimin's was second, third was tae's in stigma, but in first love suga's sircle was second-same as jimin's, in the end of reflection rm's was first as jungkook's, then in mama jhope's was third as tae's and only in awake jin got the forth sircle. At the beginning of Blood sweat and tears jk and rm walked together-first sircle, jm and suga again together-secound, tae was with jhope-third and jin was walking alone-fourth

  37. OmG imA freAking die from all these good theories!! I also saw in another theory that Hobi and Tae tae might be siblings!! Since We havent yet seen Taehyungs mom and hobis mom left him at a young age!! Also maybe thats another reason why Hobi shot an arrow at Tae! Because he was mad thats taehyung tried (“tried” because of the butterfly affect and anOther theory that jin might be a time traveler fixing the boys “sins”) to kill Hobi’s only parent left. BuT i think i believe yours better. It juSt seEMS SO GEINUSSS!!! 💜💜

    ImA expLode frOm all thAt

  38. Hyacinth flowers- There was a beautiful mortal (man) called Hyacinth. The god Apollo (god of the sun) and the god Zephros ( greek god of the west wind) both loved Hyacinth. Zephros suspected Apollos feelings and when he questioned Apollo on the matter, Apollo lied and said he had no feelings for Hyacinth. He was greedy and wanted to keep Hyacinth for himself. Zephros suspected he was lying. One day Hyacinth and Apollo were being close and playing discus (a greek game where you have to throw a disc onto a hoop). Zephros upon seeing this became jelous and angry. When it was Apollos time to thriw he caused the wind to blow the disc and hit Hyacinth. Apollo immediately knew it was Zephros and blamed himself fir lying. He turned Hyacinth into the flower to show he forgave Zephros and for a reminder to himself. Zephros was worried that Apollo would take his anger out onto him and fled.

    Sorry! I had to restrsin myself alot to not comment the full story of Icarus and his father Daedalus…

  39. Just a quick thing: those two statues that appear in several scenes in BST are not angels: they are Demeter and Perseus. Demeter is the Greek Goddess of the harvest, specifically shown with a bundle of grain. Perseus is a Greek Hero who slew Medusa with a sickle given to him by Hermes, as well as the petasus (a winged cap). To my knowledge, Perseus and Demeter have nothing to do with each other besides belonging to Ancient Greek Mythology. I'm not sure if these at all contribute to the plot, but I thought I should clear up what the statues were.

  40. Sorry I’m late I don’t know if this delas with anything but just wanted to say that supposedly there’s these secret messages in some of their mv like in fake love and I forget which songs but look up bts songs backwards and it kinda explains a lot like they’re trapped they’re not their selves calling Lucifer and I remember RM saying “this is not our real faces” in fake love backwards it sounds so clear too but idk if it connects sorry I’m late 💜

  41. 18 :53 ama şöyle birşey de var normalde jin'in gözünü suga kapatacaktı sürekli güldüğü için jin onun değişmesini istedi o yüzden v kapatıyor gözünü .d

  42. her theory of Suga controlling Jimin could also be seen when they are leaving the gallery. Suga is pulling Jimin with him unlike the others who are running by themselves.

  43. And when Jin was staring at the painting he was standing between two doors black and white which represents good and evil.Rapmon even said about 'Demain'in the trailer that means it is connected with the book of demain🤔🤔

  44. But what if V was a fallen angle cause you look at the MV properly you can see V jumped off the balcony and after V covered Jin's eye he was right infront of the statue does that means that V lead him there?and before Jin kissed the statue there is a part that shows V smiling.Kissing that statue also symbolises the deal with demon.It is said that that's how you make a deal with demon.I don't know whether my guess was right or not 😅

  45. Why doesn't the Indo Sub?😑..It makes me weekly🤔, I want to know what the contents of the theory above are😣😭, but the Sub Indo doesn't appear😒, Please Check😊😌🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  46. What if there are no theories at all and BigHit and BTS are just laughing their heads off seeing ARMYs struggling

  47. Awe.. I am not crying.. yeah… 😭.

    So.. basically Jin sacrificed himself to take the sin of the boys and frees V, but V has already been taken to the evil.. like I have 0 IQ so I did not know this.

  48. I'm so late sorry but why is nobody talking about the statue's (right eye) and jimin's (left eye) crying the same green tears?

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