Summer Did Not Say Goodbye

Summer Did Not Say Goodbye

Are they still soft? The cookies.. I have a really bad headache Apparently, I was supposed to use this Oh no I don’t know Hey-
Do you know how to replace this? Did grandma eat this morning? I don’t know she went outside it was
like really- It’s really cold which I thought she would be staying inside but she’s outside. You wanna fry those sausages for grandma? I see you ain’t put no soda in the fridge too. Oh No, I thought you going to do it. Good morning guys. Today we were actually supposed to wake up and go downtown and spend the day downtown
but it’s actually really cold today so we’re just gonna stay in and play games
later my sister invited us over to have a movie night so I might take you guys
along I don’t know Taking a small break taking a very very small break take some medication cuz my migraine is getting worse
honestly playing games was not gonna help it get better but I just wanted to
play games okay, back to playing games OOH, oh what is that? It’s a fish It’s a fish is it Dori Dori Oh it is Dori What’s that? Are you sleeping? Can we play? Hey, you wanna come out? Are you awake? are you nodding? yes? Hiii You’re so cute You wanna say hi to my vlog? Princess princess Look at you you’re so cute! this is her full size she’s very tiny
She’s like the perfect size you’re so cute she’s a little lazy one all she wants to
do is lay in your lap oh my god
it’s raining it’s raining it’s currently 11:26 that was basically
my day it was very random and kind of unplanned and it’s also raining right
now so hopefully you guys for those of you can sleep well with rain I hope you
sleep well because I kind of don’t sleep well when
it rains is there anything else I want to tell you probably not I don’t think
so but I’m gonna end today’s vlog here I
hope you guys enjoyed it thanks for watching and I will see you guys in the
next vlog

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