Summer LookBook

Summer LookBook

welcome hi hello welcome back to my channel hi my name is Keira and hi how are you doing I’m here welcome back hi guys and gals 2,000 years later hi guys my name is Keira and welcome back to my channel first I wanted to address my purple lights are working for some reason three months later they are working but I mean better late than never right you guys let me know do you like this better than my other one because I think I kind of do also the earth decided to be really rude and there was just storm happening so I mean I don’t know why I decided to film well there was a storm going on but we’re gonna have to work with what we’ve got you know the planets that on our side today honestly why would it be we’ve been soaked to it but you know it is what it is I honestly have no idea what I’m gonna be doing for today’s video I mean I kind of think I’m gonna be doing a lookbook freitas video honestly take that very lightly I’m about to do the most useless lookbook or whatever on earth because summer’s over pretty much and false coming so if anything I should do a full video look outfit but I don’t have any fall clothes so this is a very late very overdue summer clothes look whatever let’s get into it please do not judge my hairstyle I literally don’t know what to do with my hair in its natural state so I look like a little boy I mean I just threw it up in a bun and no one better come from me because my desk is messy I know those are my college books that just arrived for the classes can you tell I have no idea like I’m about to put the outfits together right now like I have no idea what I’m gonna be wearing in the next few clips also to add to my 3,000 of squamous I am NOT a fashion icon I am NOT a stylist I don’t know what I’m doing most of the things I’m probably gonna throw together don’t even go together my selves actually kind of confuse I don’t have a set style I don’t have a set I don’t have a sense of style I just wear whatever I like if I see something and I have a money to buy am i you get it okay let’s get into this video before we get into the outfits here’s some footage of me clean up all the mess in my room so that I can pretend like I have my life together through these lookbook also I wanted to apologize if the quality of these voiceovers is not as good as many others it is because I had some technical issues with my mic and I’m getting that figured out [Music] we’re the first outfit we have black cargo pants paired with a light blue top also kind of TMI but it was a busy woman that I realized that I had a shape I like this outfit because it allows for a lot of mobility as you can tell by these clips it’s pretty fresh and funky outfit outfit number two consists of mom jeans paired with a white top I’m not really good at describing outfits so what you see is kind of weighted this outfit to allows for a lot of mobility and the jeans are kind of stretchy so we won’t have to worry about those food baby’s outfit number three is a pink shiny dress you could wear this on a night out on the town I personally have never worn it outside my house because I realized after I bought it once I got home that it was way too short to be worn in public a good thing about this dress is it has great clutch ventilation poor outlet for the cleavage shirt that everyone loved and dragon for a house made a comeback I usually share my infamous top with some Russians the top has some Ruby oversized boobs which look very cool in advance that’s maybe the reason why papa it also allows to do a feminine snap which will 90% guarantee you to get a man so you’re welcome say you been or my second-to-last outfit I wanted to show you guys a more simple outfit so I paired a new laptop with some pretty jeans again their mom jeans but the pattern is a one if you ask me the last outfit is this cute lavender dress I wore it once outside on a sunny day and turns out its translucent so if you have this dress stay inside unless you’re okay with your whole soul being expose then be my guest I’m not a bad mood just a weird mood you know Kito um so yeah those who are in my outfit now that I realize I know I said the summer and I probably won’t put summer in the title because I’m wearing a lot of jeans and like just like two dresses so looks more of like a early fall lookbook or wherever that was also those outfits you saw me where I reuse it all the time I desperately need to go shopping for clothes but we’ve got a word than what we have you know the people asked for it and here you go here’s my mediocre lookbook anyway guys thank you so much for watching this week’s video or whatever and face once again get another really all of your place video that I mean you don’t want surprise I hope you enjoyed the fashion show that I put on for you guys also I already know people are going to tell me if put where the items are from like this source but none of those brands are sponsoring me so I’m not gonna do it cuz capitalism fragrances I’m surveying my senses you know we’ll be down in the description you can work it together we could get the team looking yeah we grow and all seriously so if anyone wants to sponsor my videos since you know I don’t get paid to do any of this if you can brands hit me up I’m serious my business evil will be down in the description but if you did like this man I hope you subscribe turn on your post notifications to be notified whenever I upload next because I know you want to do it so do it okay no wait did you do it okay do it also don’t forget to give this video a huge thumbs up and comment down below whatever you feel like commenting comment down below the word butterfly no I’m scared just comment I’ll be liking your comment e replying to your comments no like good stuff you need also if you guys really like me for some reason and you want to help me out you should definitely 100% share this video with some of your friends your family members I don’t know show it to your dog your next-door neighbor yeah did I already tell you to let me know which background you like this purple lights no vervoids I like the purple lights so I might just ignore you anyways but let me know I like chatting with you guys I got no friends so chat it up in the comments we could talk it out further do what anyways I’ll see you next week I’ll see you next week I’ll see you next week bye guys I love you buddy okay I’m gonna go play Club Penguin now deuces my dudes I have purple nails [Music]

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  1. Kiaraa y los subtítulos?): . Bueno me encantaaas jajajaja . Tu intro que risa y dioos que bonita eres Kiaraaa ♡ . Tu fondo muy kúl

  2. Me encantan tus videos but crees q puedas hacerlos en español plissss
    Psdt: igual entiendo estudie 3 años this language

  3. Kiara me encanto los oufit de verano 💖🖤pero medio risa tus poses de modelo🤣😂 y las luces moradas de tu cuarto queda bien en tu fondo del video
    Saludos desde PERÚ🇵🇪

  4. I was just looking for something and then ran into this beautiful channel which had me like shocked, what a girl 🤗 and what makes it beautiful is that we come from the same country 🇵🇪 but currently living in the 🇺🇸 !!! Keep up the good work girl 🙌 and btw what were the songs ? !!! Greetings from NJ 🙌

  5. I appreciate that you work a lot doing videos, every effort you make has its rewards, don forget it, love ya!!❤

  6. Muy lindo tu vídeo, te recomiendo que hagas RESPONDIENDO 100 PREGUNTAS EN 5 MINUTOS. Saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪.

  7. Jajaaaajajaja eres una hermosa la verdad, me encanta tu personalidad!! Ame tus looks Kiara💋 Saludos desde Perú yaaaay😘😘

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