Supermodel Irina Shayk Designed Her Own Collection for Ellen Tracy: ‘I’m All About Comfort’ – 247 ne

Supermodel Irina Shayk Designed Her Own Collection for Ellen Tracy: ‘I’m All About Comfort’ – 247 ne

 Irina Shayk is making it a little easier to dress like a supermodel.  The Russian model, 32, teamed up with Ellen Tracy to design a capsule collection that captures her effortlessly chic off-duty model look As a face of the brand, this is a natural extension of their partnership together, and one of her first forays into design The goal, she says, is to help relieve some of the pressure women feel everyday to look put together by creating easy clothes that do the work for you Get push notifications with news, articles, and more! Follow Following Hooray! You’ll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications!  “I’m all about comfort,” Shayk told PEOPLE during a conversation at the Ellen Tracy showroom in New York City “Women can feel so stressed thinking about what to wear, so I wanted to design something easy—no colors, nothing flashy, things you can layer and rewear ”  She delivered just that with a lineup that features drawstring trousers in houndstooth and soft gray, cozy knit sweaters, teddy jackets and loose maxi dresses — the black dress above is her favorite! — all of which are available for under $150 at ellentracy com and  Making clothes that make you feel good without working too hard is a dream come true, she noted As a new mom — to Lea, 19 months, with boyfriend of three years Bradley Cooper — she simply doesn’t have time to worry about what to wear  “I never make an effort to be put together for my daily life, especially in the morning when you wake up and you have to run around and you’re trying to manage everything,” said Shayk  “I’m all about wearing something and feeling myself. I like sweatpants, that’s why there is some great simple trousers, and something cool to travel, and to run around in ”  At the same time, it was important that no piece in the line is tight or constricting  “[I don’t want] to feel like squeezing into something,” she said. “For me it was really important to think about what I would really wear When you look at it, it’s nothing like fancy or flashy—it’s cool, it’s comfortable, and it’s affordable ”  Ultimately, she wants women to feel less pressure in getting dressed.  “When you leave the house sometimes you feel pressured to think you need to look great,” she said  “But I want to be myself. I want to feel comfortable, and I don’t want to be judged to not look put together And every time I leave the house I am myself. Because I wear comfortable shoes, I wear sweatpants, I wear something that I really feel good about And I feel good about myself, too.”  “I’m not only a model, I’m a human being,” she added  “I feel like every woman, whether she’s a mom or a working woman, needs to stop the feeling of pressure I think everyone has to dress and feel just in their own skin. It’s really important ”

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