” SWEAT. ” [BL] 17+

The wind’s getting stronger Shouldn’t you close the window? Yes it is. I’ll do that. Ever since the start from when I met you Wow. That’s how I felt. Don’t run away. I’m saying Takabayashi is jealous because I like you! ” I like you? ” Listen to me. I like you, Takumi. There’s nobody else for me, but you. I like you, Takumi. You don’t hate me now, do you? Let me borrow your lap. Your phobia won’t happen now, right? It’s your human-contact phobia isn’t it? But we are a couple, after all. So, this is nothing, right? Thank you. People might get the wrong idea. I really like you, Takumi. What’s wrong with wanting to be with someone I love? Anywhere in the world, being with someone you love is nothing to be ashamed of. I’m sorry. Know what? That I love you. You haven’t changed at all. Everything has changed! Enough. We shouldn’t get upset in the middle of the night. I’m not asking for an apology. Who would love you, Takumi? What time is it over there? It’s still around noon here. I wonder what we should do when we first see each other. What do you mean? I’d like to just push you onto the bed of my new dorm room. You’re like a stranger! I’m me. Until our circumstances change, we should stop seeing each other for a while. If you tell me not to come close to you then I won’t! If you tell me not to talk to you then I’ll never talk to you again! Takumi..? I never said that Hey, Takumi! Stay away from me! That phobia that a certain someone had finally cured, This is the way. Is it me? Gii.. I can’t- What’s with that face, Takumi? has returned. He must be fighting desperately. You are not my child! I..rejected him? When we were apart, was it hard on you too? Y-yeah.. Share the weight you’re carrying. With me. I want to always share your happiness, your sadness. And your hardships with you. I want to share so much with you. Takumi.. I love you. Tell me if you’re scared. I’m so happy. I want him so much. Don’t I disgust you now? Didn’t I.. tell you that I love you? Next year, the year after, and always.

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