Sweat For Good at The YMCA of Greater Toronto

Sweat For Good at The YMCA of Greater Toronto

It has no country of origin. It has no religion, no politics. It is honest. It is pure. And above all, it is human. It’s sweat. It takes sweat to make stuff happen. Big things, and the little things. It takes sweat to bring hope, to make change, to start something new. We all have it in us to give. We do it for ourselves, for each other and for what’s right. The simple act of sweating unites us all. What if all sweat could feel that way? The sweat you break on Monday, Tuesday, and
Thursday. That you crawl out of bed for at 5 am and
spill on a treadmill. That summons your willpower every day. The sweat that brings you balance, that makes you healthy, that makes a difference, and lifts your spirits. We know it can, because the sweat you break
in here isn’t just for you. It’s for neighbours. It’s for community. It’s for all of us. And when we break it together, it’s the
kind of sweat that really can… change the world.

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