Sweat GUTR Review – The Ultimate Sweat Band

Sweat GUTR Review – The Ultimate Sweat Band

Hey Bart Miller with Cycling strong we have a
new company we’ve been testing out a little bit and that’s called the GUTR
guard so this is a cool little headband that is supposed to channel your water
off of both different directions so I’ve been using the GUTR guard been trying it out here recently so I
put it on just like they talk about in their video
not actually in their video but in their literature that they send out and then you take your helmet and you
put your helmet on from back to the front just like that is the way you’re supposed to put this
on so that the GUTR guard can do its job the best and can actually
channel water off of the sites now in this review I’m gonna give the GUTR guard
basically a seven outta 10 and this is why for the most
part it catches sweat and it does channel
so that’s true but I still do unless I get this really
really tight I still do get a little bit of water that seeps underneath it down through there now let’s be clear it’s not as much as I
normally would get and the great thing about the GUTR
guard that I love the most is it is so easy to clean when you’re done unlike a cloth that’s all sweaty and everything like that I can wipe this thing off and throw it in my bag so I’m not saying this is a failed by no sense of the word I’m gonna keep using
it it’s better than a clock in my opinion but as far as telling you that it’s
gonna channel every bit of your sweat off and beat it down
the sides I’d be lying to you it does not do that but it works really well I’ve enjoyed
the product so far but I’m gonna give it a seven outta 10
ideally I’d be nice if it was able to funnel it all off
maybe something that sweat’s less than I do it’ll work perfect for so if I were you I would give it a try see
how it works for you versus how it worked for me but I’m gonna keep
using it really liked it that’s the way to use
the product and GUTR guard thank you for thinking of this and once
again the ideal scenario is it’s easy it’s clean whereas a sweatband you
know you we all know you have to take it home you have to wash it
and its wet when you put it in your bag just you know sit’s there and it’s disgusting
so anyway try that out we’re gonna be given a few of these away on
our actual channel so check those out and hopefully you get
one would love your feedback make sure you comment below this video
let us know what your feedback is on the GUTR guard if you’ve tried one
or you have another option out there anyway keep cycling
strong hope you like the review and we’ll be
talking to you soon

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  1. I bought a GUTR headband on Ebay and it doesn't work for me. I am a very heavy sweat-er, and it doesn't prevent sweat from running into my eyes. and onto my sunglasses.

    Furthermore, the Ebay seller "Abaxo" refused to honor the company's warranty, so don't buy it from an Ebay seller if you do decide to try the product.

    Oh, and the company also refused to honor the warranty as "Ebay is not an authorized seller." Really? There are a dozen sellers on Ebay selling it. NOT IMPRESSED!

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