sweat it out | Lee Eonjeong

sweat it out | Lee Eonjeong

Sweat it out My sweat life is being committed to living passionately. You may look pretty on the outside, but you can’t fake inner beauty. Lee Eonjeong – Model / Actress Even though there are situations that might frustrate me or make me angry, I choose a positive attitude towards life. Hiking in the mountains is more than just exercise to me. When I see the flowers and fields, I am reminded to appreciate the smaller things in life. To be honest, I’m a sensitive person, of course it’s only a part of who I am, maybe ‘insecure’ is the right word? When I move my body I can release this stress. To feel that new energy when I sweat, it’s a really good feeling and it gives me the courage to keep challenging myself. I think this way of life is working for me. Should we do another interview when I’m 60 and see?

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