Sweat It Out With Karan Tacker | Rapid Fire With Karan Tacker | MissMalini

Sweat It Out With Karan Tacker | Rapid Fire With Karan Tacker | MissMalini

We’ve heard so much about your Instagram Instagram and we’ve seen it… and this is the perfect time to actually show us what you’ve got! You’re challenging me? You’re such a show off, Karan. That might be true. Hey, Karan. How’re you doing? What’s up? How’re you guys doing? And what are you guys doing here? Today, we’re going to make you ‘Sweat It Out’ You know, that sounds very wrong in my head! I think you’re done with your workout. I am. This is the last of what I’m doing. Which is perfect. ‘Cause now you’ll have to do a lot more! No, don’t say that. It’s true. Really? Yup! Sounds like a plan. Get up! Let’s get started. Hit me! Deepika Padukone Hook up. Krystle D’Souza Kill. Considering I’ve already hooked up with her in so many of your articles. Mallika Sherawat Must I even say? But, hook up! Okay, Rakhi Sawant Can I kill myself on this? Kill. Neha Dhupia Definitely hook up! Sophie Choudry You know, I’m not the guys to marry just for a while now. So, hook ups! Sarah Ali Khan Sarah Ali Khan? Marry ya. She’s really cute. Wow, man. This is really tough. Am I done? We’re not done with you just yet. Damn. You know, I’m practically tired and I’m also scooting ’cause I’m scared of all the last answers that I’ve just given. What am I doing? Let’s go! Popping pimples? I’ve never had pimples. Okay. Digging out a hard to reach booger. Always satisfying ya. You can breathe again. Picking off a scab. You know I think we all did it as kids. So, for some reason, kinda satisfying. Smelling your own fart. Being very Punjabi. I guess so, you wanna know na what you ate and what came out. Or what probably didn’t, I guess. Removing a chunk of ear wax. Ticklish and kinda satisfying. Biting your nails. I don’t bite nails at all. Watching a bloody, gory movie. This is exhausting. Watching a gory movie? Very scary ya. I don’t know about satisfying. Okay, so it’s gross then? Very gross. Okay, scratching your a** in public. I think that’s awfully gross. Taking a massive dump. So satisfying. And chewing chapped and dry lips. I’ve never had chapped lips. So, don’t know actually. Okay, you’re done for now. Karishma, I must say, you make your men work very hard. Ready? Let’s go! Give up sex or working out? Oh, definitely give up working out because isn’t sex like already kind of a workout? Have diarrhoea or be constipated? Diarrhoea. Wear clothes that are one size big or one size small? One size big! Give up social media or watching your favourite TV show? Oh, definitely social media. Be handsome and stupid or intelligent and ugly? Intelligent and ugly. Live on a beach or live in the mountains? On a beach! Be fantastic at riding horses or driving dirt bikes? Dirt bikes. Date a girl who’s pretty but not funny, or a girl who’s funny but not that pretty? A girl who’s funny but not that pretty! Nahi ho payega. Just hang! Ya, a lot of people would wanna do that to me after this interview, but okay! Being the funniest person or the smartest person in the room? Funniest. Actually being smartest na smart people are funny as well. Good one! Being Batman or Iron man? Iron man! All the gadgets, man! Superb, well done! We’re so proud of you, Karan! You’ve lived up to your Instagram! How’re you feeling? Bhaisaab, dhuaan chhoot gaya hai! No, in the right sense of it, this was awfully tiring. But, honestly speaking, this was a lot of fun. Thank you for having me on your show! And thank you for giving me new challenges ya. This was a brand new kind of workout. Well, guys! I hope you enjoyed seeing me getting tortured by these horrible, horrible people at MissMalini. In fact, I look forward to the rest of the episodes of #SweatItOut to see, them torture other actors just like they tortured me. So, #SweatItOut guys. Don’t miss it!

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