Sweat It Out with Richa Chadha | MissMalini

Sweat It Out with Richa Chadha | MissMalini

Yeah! Give up cheese or oral sex? Cheese, oral sex. I’m vegan! What are you guys? Some sadists? Hey, Richa! Hi! I’m Karishma from MissMalini. Actually, we have raided your workout right now, and we were waiting for you to get done, so we can get started. You’re sadistic, aren’t you? Are you prepared? Come on, come on, let’s get started! Let’s do it! I should get paid for this. Let’s go. Abhay Deol. Marry. Okay, Kalki. Hook up. Randeep Hooda. Kill. Ali Fazal. I think Ali and I will hook up, marry and kill. Okay, now, let’s see if you can do this on one leg. Can you? You guys just have no shame. Ghar pe maa behen nahi hai kya? How about Shahrukh Khan? Marry. Ranveer Singh. Hook up. Anurag Kashyap. Kill. Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Kill. What are you guys? Some sadists? I’m actually gonna put this in my armpit. I swear. Go for it. Yeah! Should we start? Ya. Squeezing out a blackhead. Satisfying. Examining a blackhead on a nose strip. Gross. Popping a zit. Gross. Pulling out an ingrown hair. Gross. Digging out a booger. Satisfying. Peeling off dry skin. Satisfying. Picking an almost healed scab. Gross. And, popping a blister. Gross! We’re done! Okay, thanks so much. You think this is your last exercise? Ya. Well, it’s not. We have one more to go. Can I abuse on camera? No, right? So, then. Bye. Giv up cheese or oral sex? Cheese, oral sex? I’m vegan! Wear a snowsuit in the Sahara or swim suit in Antartica? Swim suit in the Sahara. Be burried alive or stranded at sea? Be burried alive. Have horrible short-term memory or long-term memory? Horrible short-term memory. Live without internet or live without AC? Oh, live without AC. That’s easy. Eat salty food forever or food without enough salt? Salty food forever. Chips! Unlimited flight tickets or free food at any restaurant? Unlimited flight tickets. Forced to dance every time you hear music, or sing every song out loud. Sing every song out loud. Never get stuck in traffic again or never get a cold? Never get stuck in traffic again. Done. Done? Ya. Okay, bye guys. Do you want to start another exercise? Bhaag jao saale h**** z*****. Get out! Hi guys! If you enjoyed watching me get tortured by these amazing people at MissMalini, please subscribe and watch them do this to other people. Okay?

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  1. First thing women do when they check out another woman, is comment about her looks, evidence of plastic surgery, age and dress sense….in that order

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