Sweat Proof Your Makeup | Oily Skin Makeup Tips | Summer Makeup Look

Sweat Proof Your Makeup | Oily Skin Makeup Tips | Summer Makeup Look

Are running makeup, smeared eyes and sticky lips a constant battle you’re dealing with? It’s every girl’s dream to have clear and flawless makeup and it may seem difficult to retain it especially if you tend to sweat a lot or if you have oily skin. Hi, I’m Rosalyn and today, I’m going to share some of my best tips to sweat-proof your makeup which will help you look fresh and put together all day long. Primers should be a part of your daily makeup routine if you find it difficult to hold your makeup in place. Dab the product all over your face and you’ll find that your skin has a cool matte texture instantly. If you have open pores, then i suggest you use a pore-minimising primer on the troubled areas and you’ll find that the primer will instantly minimise the appearance of pores and absorb excess oils. Always pat in the product and not rub it into your skin. By doing this, you’ll ensure that you avoid makeup smudges, and all the sweat! First, prep your eyelids with foundation to cancel out the discolouration and to give your eyeshadow a base to hold on to. Using a paddle brush, pat in the pigment on the lids. Since, the colour is highly pigmented, blend it out at the crease line to give it a nice and soft effect. Now, glide the kohl on your waterline to define and add shape to your eyes. If you have oily skin, you may experience that many eye products tend to smudge out. So in order to avoid this mess, switch to water resistant formulas. After applying a thick band of this blue eye pencil gently blend it with the kohl. Sweep a generous amount of loose powder all over your face before applying foundation. By doing this, you’ll see that your skin has an even finish, acting as a flawless base for foundation. Now, apply a thin sheer layer of foundation to instantly brighten your complexion and give you a natural finish. To keep the look fresh, lightly brush the loose powder again to set the foundation. This will mattify the shine and give you an even look. There’s nothing more horrifying than experiencing mascara blunders. To avoid this situation, invest in a good waterproof mascara to boost your lashes. Use a cheek tint on the apple of your cheeks to add some flush. Cheek tints are water based and lightweight, so they blend into the skin and leave a natural finish on your cheeks. Blend it with a matte powder blush in the similar shade to hold it in place. Keep your lips nude as you do not want to take the attention away from your expressive eyes. Lighten your look with a version of a nude shade that’s close to your skin tone. I’m using a liquid matte lipstick for sheer coverage. Melt-proof your makeup routine by using a setting spray before your step out. You don’t need to fret about melting makeup anymore. These tips and tricks suggested will keep your makeup in place and take care of all your oily skin makeup woes. I hope you found this video helpful. Until next time, stay tuned and stay Glamrs!

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