I sweat very easily it may be genetic or perhaps maybe my diet can be to blame but I tend to sweat a lot in situations where other people probably wouldn’t as much it’s not even really the smell I’m worried about I think I generally smell pretty okay even after I’ve sweat so I think I’m safe in that department it’s more so the discomfort of having whatever layer of clothing directly touching my body unfortunately be used as a towel I’m pretty envious with people who can wear like layers in warm weather and be perfectly okay like they have the freedom to wear really stylish and fashionable outfits in high twenty degree weather while I’m limited to like a tank top and shorts because I just can’t handle the heat it’s a choice between wearing enough to cover my skin and shading myself from the Sun and not having proper ventilation or I wear really ventilated clothes but I get barbecued by solar flares give me sunscreen but who knows maybe they are sweating to the window to the wall to the sweat drop down their bowels and they’re just sucking it up while their clothes basically sponge up all their fluids it’s the whole trendy equals torture beauty is pain kind of thing where people wear shorts outside in northern winter like how how do you do is your skin impenetrable like wah ha ha it has worked out to be rewarding in the past when I used to do Taekwondo my teacher always knew if you were slacking or half-assing the training exercises I forgot what we specifically had to do but this one time my teacher singled me out after finishing a set and was like look how hard Dom is going look how much she’s sweating why are all of you sweating that much and inside my head I’m like oh yes that is correct look how much harder I’m punching proven by the amount of fluids exiting my pores whatever like yeah I was putting an effort but it wasn’t full ham adrenaline Super Saiyan Captain Falcon mode I just sweat that freaking much when it comes to any level of physical exertion moving a few light objects sweating bullets eating something remotely spicy precipitation playing video games waterbending you know at the gym that place where you’re expected to sweat how do some of you managed to still look presentable after a workout like there are some people who get off the treadmill and look like they’re ready to go on a date meanwhile I hop off the elliptical but it looks like I just finished swimming sleeping is another endeavor I cannot sleep if my room is warm and I am NOT equipped with an electric fan I mean sure I can but not comfortably it just becomes a process of rotating like every minute just so the other unexposed half of my body can breathe and not stick to my bed due to my adhesive sweat I think that’s kind of why I don’t really play DDR in public as much as I used to because I can’t just casually do it anymore I can’t play the game and not try to go ham and cheese especially on the last song cuz you’re given three and even if I think I’ll fail it I have to go out with a bang but then after that bang it’s like wow I didn’t know it rained indoors no wait that’s me when did I become a cumulonimbus cloud which is why I just bought my own heart pad and play in the comfort of my home with unlimited playtime no waiting for my turn and without the other sweaty gross players which would include me also because I get pretty gross when I play like the pad gets all wet for my yeah it’s pretty bad but it’s some good cardio doubt anyway as gross as it feels I guess I should be thankful and flattered because sweating is a reaction that helps regulate body temperature so it’s just my body telling me I’m too hot you

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  1. I sweat for no reason I just do even if I'm walking I still sweat oh and when it's winter I still FUCKING SWEAT WHYYYYYYYYYYY

  2. "I sweat a lot"
    I can't handle the heat.

    Never have I ever connected so much with a single sentence.

  3. I have the same problem as you do but I don’t sweat at all unless I’ve been in like 90 degrees outside and I’ve been out there for like three hours

  4. Dom me to my friend always ask me why I sweat so much I just say I get it from my dad I know how it feels trust me

  5. Yeah, that happens to me too. I know what that’s like. People at school would always point out how red my face gets, and how much I’m sweating. They think I’m wimpy☹️

  6. My mom likes the heat, so I can't stay downstairs for too long, or else I ruin my clothes through sweat

  7. The reason why people can wear layers in hot weather and people can wear shorts in cold weather is because they grew up in those areas as making there body is used to heat and cold

  8. I sweat if my whole body isn’t making contact with constant air for more than 5 seconds. But I am pretty much immune to the cold, haven’t worn a winter coat in about 6 months

  9. Same very much same situation.. I can relate.. I sweat alot ..aaallloooottt😫.. Only 2 minutes of walking can fill an entire pond😐

  10. I have a super power it is to never be hot its a blessing and a curse summer blessing winter curse l will all ways be cold ToT——–__——-

  11. You probably have this thing called hyperhydrosis. It just means you have more sweat glands than the average body. I have it too and it’s really common. Listening to you describe everyday life really makes me think this your case.

  12. Bro same situation with me .
    I mean I use to go coaching with my friends on bycycles and after that I was like as u said came frim swimming whereas my friends are like Yes u know .

    And also 20 degrees in India Only happen in winters , so u are really lucky

  13. Finally! I found someone who is like me!😂 I'm sweating like all the time, inside, outside, summer, winter, when i'm doing sports, when i'm doing nothing (that's what i usually do) when i'm watching relaxing things on YouTube, when i realize i have ANOTHER phobia (that's terrifying), when i'm watching a nice calm movie, when i'm watching a nice action movie, when i'm watching a horror movie (btw i'm not afraid of jumpscares lol)
    I'm even sweating right now! Why, nature, WHY?

  14. Omg i have the same thing its like if the air around me is hot i cant stay there more then 3 secence without sweating😅😂

  15. Yes us northern people have literally impenetrable skin not even bullets can can effect us, what you wanna nuke a northern country? Well guess what, every person how is from a norther background will survive.

    Dont test this.


  17. You most likely have hyperhidrosis which I have as well. I use Certain Dri prescription strength and it works WONDERS. Give it a try!

  18. bro in bed I am the god of sweat (sometimes) I can were light pyjamas even light pyjama shorts not touch any teddies not touch the duvet or any blankets yet still be sweating like a hippo (I literally googled what animal sweats the most and it showed up as 2 human and hippo)

  19. 20º is like november weather. I could wear hoodies in that weather. Damn. Are you sure your not living inside a snowglobe?

  20. i honestly love to sweat so i can't relate but at the same time i don't have to deal with the wet sticky shirt situation since i go shirtless mostly

  21. I once got told off in secondary school for not wearing the school blazer in winter, even though I was genuinely HOT and slightly sweaty. My thermoregulation is truly fucked. Summers are nightmares for me

  22. “-20*C is cold”
    Canadians : trying as hard as they can not to laugh
    Me : looking down the comments realizing this may be plagiarism “screw it I’m commenting”

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