Sweater Weather Tag!

Sweater Weather Tag!

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel so
today to continue my videos I’m going to be doing this weather
weather thank you so I have other questions on my iPod so I’m gonna start
right now so first question is favorite candle I like the biggest everything like fun
kids doors in the mini kind of smells so I
would say that 4493 only a maybe tho person they can
question is BTR hot choco this is gonna be between he and I was they do you
switch your makeup routine for the season I would think I change more my skin care
routine during that time of the year because the cold temperature is coming
back favorite things you include the 52 week of the punch like we think of this
season and we grill them and I think that this is very good with a needle bit
of salt so I don’t know if it’s going to be there is it as a thing being followed
but at this time of the year this is my food that I like the next question is
are skirt I will have to go with cards most towards whether it will show you so
my moves towards winter in fall would be so this is what it looks like just like
a big oversized sweater can see but there’s basically keeps me
warm during all of falling and there’s like this nice detail in the back and so this is
my most warns weather during fall that ok so the next question is must have
nail polish because I like more dark colors on my nails I would just like a
regular color I love it a lot during fall time the color is licorice I need I love this color although I kid deal with any like dark dark colors like
dark burgundy color is dark colored that’s a little bit like this so this is
my favorite nail polish or fall I think so next question is football games or
jumping in the prelude need because I am Canadian I will play hockey game in 18
games I will they both both are all my gosh that’s it the one but I mean like
that’s weird because they are so going to do everything i will like everything
what is your number one thing about phone I will they my favorite thing
about paula is when did you start changing colors I
think it’s beautiful and it’s the create another move through the air I don’t
know maybe it’s just me but I feel like you know Wednesday season changes it’s
like nothing but they needed and there are things and fall that you couldn’t do
in this summer’s so I love the fact that the new environmental to live in kinda I don’t really have a cave walls I
just go with the flow and I just basically this into what I want to this
and that’s what is the weather like where you did my gosh we’re so do with
where I this is where the end changing all the county be warned it can be in
the morning I never really know how to dress but usually I would like more cold
not freezing but like cold though that was in the ice for these winter weather
I hope you guys like my video if you want to see more make sure to subscribe to my channel and as always my Instagram Twitter and
Facebook are in the Description box so you can follow me there if you want
though as though we thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my
next video

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