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  1. actually there are symptoms. it is in the beginning stages of the disease is more of flu like symptoms. followed by chills and then the dreaded sweating. usually ending in your death within a few hours of onset of symptoms. there have been a very few cases but they usually die before medical intervention. so no doctor actually know the reason for this disease and since there isn't any survivors of this, they can't get a pen point to what is the onset or bio factors to even find a cure not alone a treatment. very quick killing disease. scientist believe that is could be due to infection but it's still not really proven. of course. hope they find a cure sooner or later, it's a sad disease 😓😓😓😥😥😥 as it is scary.😱😨😧

  2. Hey, Cynthia Yulesin’s website has a very reasonable alternative that takes about 48 hrs to work, and yes it recommends something very similar, maybe a bit more aggressive but quicker. It just explains why it works so you're not wasting your time.

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