Sweating Up The Set | FBE Studios Vlog

Sweating Up The Set | FBE Studios Vlog

– (Eric) Guys, what’s going on?
– I have to fart! – (Eric) What’s going on
besides that? – The collabs just went live.
– (Eric) Ooh, heck yeah. How they doing?
– They’re doing really well. It’s really great to see
how good I am at Fortnite comparatively to Tori.
– That’s wrong. – Oh, hello.
Who’s this? Talk to you soon. – (Eric) On the plus side,
at least we finally figured out in my video
that the Nightmare Before Christmas is
a Christmas movie. – (Tori) No.
– And a Halloween movie. – It’s only Halloween.
– (Tori) It’d be a Halloween movie. – (Tom) We’ve already showed it
in the break room, Eric. – (Eric) No, I don’t think so.
– I’m pretty sure. – (Eric) No, I don’t–
– We have and we’re not showing it again
at the holiday party. – No, we should,
’cause it’s both a Christmas and a Halloween movie.
– It’s only a Halloween movie! – Can we just all agree
though that Coraline’s the best animated Halloween movie
to watch? – (Eric) Jay!
– Yes. – (Eric) Nightmare Before Christmas,
Christmas or Halloween movie? – Oh man, I say Christmas
because it’s in the name. But “nightmare…”
That’s every day, so yeah. It’s a Christmas movie. – (Eric) Hello.
– Hello, Eric. – (Eric) Nice to meet you.
I’m Niomi, the new gaming producer.
– I’m Eric. Nice to meet you.
– (Eric) Oh, love it. Hey, what’s up, Jordan?
– Hi, vlog. Hi, Eric.
– (Eric) I don’t have a name. I’m just a vlog.
Why are we standing? – Well, we’ll find out.
– (Eric) Ooh. – See, I thought this may be
a Just Dance, but I’m here alone,
unless I’m filming with Eric. Am I filming with you?
– (Eric) You’re filming with the vlog.
Am I in this video? I just kinda walk into studios.
– You are in this video. – (Eric) Oh sweet,
I’m actually filming. Whoo!
– We might do Just Dance. – (Eric) Oh, I’m sorry in advance. – Okay, guys.
– (Jordan) Okay. – (Eric) I’ll stop filming.
Sorry. All right.
– We have to find the balance between making it work
and competing. – We need to find the balance
between her being in the center of the frame
and then me being off camera just commentating.
Aren’t you a dancer now? Or are you taking classes?
– Yeah. I’m not a real dancer though.
I’m just like a– I do contemporary,
so it’s some weird stuff. – Oh, so not Just Dance.
– This is definitely high energy, so I gotta pump it up
a little bit. – Yeah, no, I’m nervous.
This song is super groovy, and I’m not a groovy person.
I’m a smoothie person. Yeah, they’re already
way too cool. Look at how they hype
up each other. I can’t do that.
I don’t have the hype. Okay, I’m aware there’s
a beat somewhere. I can’t find it.
Dude, I’ve been saying, Just Dance is a great workout.
It doesn’t get enough credit. Michelle Obama would love this.
– No, she probably does it. – (singing along) ♪ Fall
in love with me ♪ Come on, Eric.
– I’m releasing my inner tigress. – Do you see sweat?
That’s a workout. – (Eric) Oh no,
you’re glistening. – I’m glistening, thank you.
– (Eric) How do you think your dancing was?
– In my head, I killed it, but I’m really worried to see
the footage, because I’m probably gonna
look very tall, lanky, and awkward,
but fingers crossed that I’ll be confident in it. – (Eric) Austin.
– Huh? – (Eric) Nightmare Before Christmas.
Halloween or Christmas movie? – Halloween?
– (Eric) What, why? – I don’t know.
I don’t know, just stop. – (Eric) What’s up?
– We’re actually doing Fallout: 76 Beta,
so this was kinda a last minute scramble,
but everything looks absolutely incredible.
Sorry, I actually just got contacts during
my lunch break. – (Brandon) He’s not
wearing glasses. – (Eric) Wait, really?
– Yeah. – Wait, actually you just
got them? You’ve never had them before?
– (Alex) No, I’ve had them. I had them a year ago,
so I hadn’t gotten them after a year,
I was just all glasses, so now I’m going back
to 50/50. – (Eric) My question is why’d
you apologize for it? You were like, “Oh, sorry.
By the way, I have contacts.” – I’m just wondering if people
are asking, ’cause you had it right up
in my face like, “Are you blind, Alex?”
– I’m not gonna lie, I was really thrown off.
– (Alex) Yeah. – (Eric) Everything’s changing.
– I’m wearing a scarf now. I saw a scarf
and I was like, “I choose to be Omar.
Gotta wear the scarf.” – (Eric) Omar, somebody
stole your scarf. – What are you talking about?
I’m not Omar, I’m Jack. – Omar is our residential
Fallout genius and so we’re bringing him
on here to test out the Fallout: 76 beta.
It’s exciting, not just because it’s something
we haven’t played before, but also it’s a beta
that we’re going on at the same time as
probably thousands of other people,
so we don’t know. Something could go wrong
or something could go awesomely right.
Omar brought some pretty cool Fallout swag.
– I got my Pip-Boy. – (Eric) Ooh, would you say
you’re a fan? – This is a real Pip-Boy.
This actually came out with Fallout 4.
– (Eric) So, as obviously a giant fan of the Fallout
franchise, do you think this one’s gonna hold up?
– You know what? I don’t know.
It’s live! – Go, go, go.
– What? – It’s up.
The thing– the menu.
– (Alex) We should just jump in. – The menu’s there.
– Play, play, play. – Yeah, yeah.
I’m going to settings. – (Eric) You got into the beta?
– Yes. – (Omar) It’s up.
Let’s jump in. – I actually had a heart attack.
I thought you meant the screen. – Dude, it’s been like that
for a little bit. I just thought that was the–
– Why is no one freaking out? – We’re live.
We’re on the main menu. You’re gonna make fun of me,
’cause you’re a young’un. You’re a whippersnapper.
– Right, right. – I played inverted.
Why? Goldeneye.
– I thought it was gonna be ’cause you’re a pilot.
First of all… – Hurry up!
Get in the controls! – (Omar) Wait, wait.
Where’s inversion? – (Brandon) There isn’t.
Let’s go. – Where’s inversion?
– Is it it? – I’m so excited.
I can’t– oh my God.
I’m geeking out so hard. – (Alex) So I guess we’ll
be waiting to get in. – Oh [bleep], oh [bleep]!
– Let’s walk. Let’s just go.
Oh my God, oh my God. – Holy [bleep].
– Once we start the stream, I think they should go back to—
maybe even go– should they go back
to the title screen? – I don’t know, I don’t know.
I think we should just pause wherever we are.
– (Brandon) We don’t wanna get kicked out of the server.
– Yeah. – Pip-Boy activate.
That’s not how it works. I’m so excited, bro.
Oh my God. I shouldn’t be this excited
about a God damn game, but I’ve been playing this
for so long. – Go ahead and set up.
Sorry, this man plays with inverted. – (Eric) Rebecca.
– What’s up? – (Eric) Nightmare Before Christmas.
Halloween or Christmas movie? – Both.
– (Eric) Why? – It’s both spooky
and also very festive. [inaudible] – ♪ (electronic interlude) ♪ – Hey.
No, it’s not coming apart! – Technical difficulties. – It happens sometimes.
– When you film too long and the light gets hot
and it melts everything. – In case we don’t have…
– What landed Lana Del Rey up there?
Every time we put Lana Del Rey up there,
it always falls down. – (Eric) Ethan!
– Yes. – (Eric) Nightmare Before Christmas.
Halloween or Christmas movie? – Best of both?
– (Eric) You have to pick a side. – Halloween.
– (Eric) Why? – Because that’s the main character.
That’s the thematic of the thing. He is taking Halloween
and bringing a Christmas element to it.
You know what? There’s various themes
throughout the entire thing. All I know is that it’s
one of the best levels of Kingdom Hearts. – ♪ (chill interlude) ♪ – So, we only have one more
person. We have Shayla,
who’s gonna be coming in around 3:45-ish or so.
– (Tori) So we get to take lunch? – Yes, of course.
We need to take a lunch and then you can just
remember to change back into your other outfit.
We’ll do her and then we will do the ending for that
and we’re done for the day and that’ll be my last
Sharing Buds. – (Tori) Aw.
[inaudible] – It’ll be exciting to see
how you guys progress the show. I know we had a lot of ideas
that we were talking about and I know that you
are imbued with them. My P.A. right here.
He always sets me up with the good shots
and today, we started not super early.
Usually when we shoot these, they’re super, super early.
We’re here at 7:45 and he’s always here early
helping me out. We’re usually sipping on
Red Bulls. It’s gonna be bittersweet,
but I’m excited. This is a great show.
You guys are gonna carry it on. – (Tori) We’ll see you
in the comments, right? – Yeah, I’ll be in the comments.
I’ll be there lurking around. It’ll be like, “Not_Alex.”
That’s gonna be my username. – Hey Eric.
How are you, buddy? – (Eric) We can rebuild.
– Oh, we can? – (Eric) We can rebuild.
Wait, what happened to the can I put there last time?
– It’s there somewhere. – (Eric) You’re recycling
my rebuilding? Perfect. – This is great content, though. – (Eric) Benny!
– Yes. – (Eric) Resident Disney head.
Nightmare Before Christmas. Christmas or Halloween movie?
– Halloween movie. – (Eric) Why?
– I go Halloween movie because he lives in Halloweentown
and when Disneyland makes over the Haunted Mansion,
it starts during Halloween and stays through Christmas.
It doesn’t start at Christmas. – (Eric) But he’s dressed
as Santa Claus. – Later in the movie.
– (Eric) But in the ride, Haunted Mansion, he’s Santa Claus.
– Yes, but in the movie, he’s from Halloweentown.
It’s a Halloween movie. They also air it during Halloween.
They never put it back in theaters during Christmas.
It’s definitely a Halloween movie. You’re not gonna convince me
just because the name “Christmas” is in the title. – Well, thank you so much
for tuning in to another episode of vlog
and this has truly been my nightmare before Christmas.
We’ll see you guys later. – Oh no!
– Kitty on the loose. Here, kitty.
It’s okay. Oh no. – When anyone tries to tell you
that working with kids is harder than working with animals,
they’re lying.

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  1. Nightmare before christmas is mainly a Halloween movie because on the dvd case it is classified as a Halloween movie. Also there are more songs that are more Halloween type songs. The only song that is 100% more christmas song is what's this. Kidnap the santa clause could be either Halloween or Christmas song but I think it's a bit more of a Halloween song. People can't judge you too much for watching it during december. It is a Halloween movie for sure. It was released on October 13 and if it was a Christmas movie it would have been released in December. The only answers I will accept are either a Halloween movie or it's both Halloween and Christmas. The director of the movie says it is a Halloween movie and I think the director has the full say in what holiday movie it is and he is the one who knows for sure. Idk if it is labelled as a halloween movie on the case but I am pretty sure I heard someone say that and they showed a clip of someone's video showing that

  2. Nightmare Before Christmas. It can be Halloween, it can be Christmas. But lets all agree that the true nightmare is bewteen them with Thanksgiving….

  3. I would say nightmare before Christmas is a halloween movie because the "nightmare" in the title is talking about halloween. What is the nightmare BEFORE Christmas, well that would be halloween

  4. Like I said in erics tag out video ( plug, go watch it) The director of Nightmare before Christmas says and confirms that its a halloween movie. Also get wait for more just dance


  6. Anyone who says The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas movie is wrong the Director said it's a Halloween movie ✌😎

  7. i agree that night before christmas is a halloween and christmas movie but then i realized it only comes on tv during halloween

  8. "He is taking Halloween and bringing a Christmas element to it."

    I mean it's literally the exact opposite, but ok. 😛

  9. If Alex is gone whose gonna host Challenge Chalice and take the punishment?
    BTW FBE needs to find out who's the tallest reactor in the building.

  10. Benny: "He's from Halloween Town"
    Eric: "But he's dressed like Santa Clause"
    Benny: "That was his Halloween COSTUME"!!!!

    If he said that, Eric would have lost!!!!!!

  11. technically, NBC starts on halloween, like day of, so the entirety of the film takes place on the days leading to Christmas. Excluding the first few scenes. So it's actually a Christmas movie. It's like if halloween town celebrated christmas. It would be a christmas movie, just it has creepy halloween characters. It depends on what time period it takes place in.

  12. Think about everything big that happened this year. React hit 10 million, FBE hit 18 million, FBE2 will most likely hit 1 million, many graduated from Kids React and some from Teens React, etc.

  13. Just to note, if something starts at Halloween and runs through Christmas… that's a Christmas thing, not a Halloween thing.

  14. the nightmare before Christmas is a Christmas movie because he delivers presents on Christmas eve and the next day the kids open the nightmare educing presents because jack was tired of doing the same halloween thing over and over again

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