Sweaty Hands + Low Back Pain The Academy of Acupuncture Balance Method – Instant Results

Sweaty Hands + Low Back Pain The Academy of Acupuncture Balance Method – Instant Results

How can I help you today? recently I have sweaty hands and Sweaty hands left side Low back soreness Low back still little sorness how much is the little bit low back soreness? from 1 to 10 how much Pain? about 3 out of 10 can you feel it (the back pain) now? the condition of the sweaty hands, you may have many locations can treat the hands, I will intro the new way use Scalp acupuncture to treat the hands Hands are located at the temple area in front of the ear than she also mentioned her back soreness than I will try which side is more pain? this side (pointed to the left side) ok I will needle you alreight! please hold the needles for me in case i need them in a few mintues can you feel the difference of your hands when they stop sweating? yes I can feel if is less Ok! so can you feel the hands? is sweaty? yes still sweaty! this is the scalp acupuncture where the hands are located. how will you know if the sweat stop in your hands? do you need to touch your hands? will be a little dryer when? right the way? please check your hands.. if any changes? not yet How come your hands are so cold? I don’t know! please feel your hands again! still little bit sweaty! can feel a little change not much change yet the volume of the sweat is reduceing it is improveing! the hands are stop sweating now ok continue… pain no pain? this one more pain I will insert two needles Alright ! move a little (her low back) no pain now and your hands ? also much dryer really much better Agreed! Thank you !

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  1. The two points? You refer to the needles that I inserted at the elbow area? If it is what you asking, yes only two needles there for the back pain.

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