Sweaty heat to continue with passing showers in store_081319

Sweaty heat to continue with passing showers in store_081319

good morning thus easily heat doesn’t
want to let up just yet heat wave alerts haven’t upgraded to warnings and more
inland regions and that includes here in solar but while he alerts remain in
place for other areas as well so drink plenty of water and take good care of
your health it rained pretty heavily last night in
Seoul and more showers of 5 to 40 millimeters are expected in Central West
Coast including Incheon also the regions marked in green could see some passing
showers in the afternoon so have an umbrella handy in case of sudden showers
it was another sweaty night with overnight lows above 25 degrees Celsius
in many regions yet again and when it does not rain we will be under mostly
sunny skies with very high humidity uncomfortable afternoon is in store with
highs ranging between a 32 and a 36 degrees Celsius this afternoon that’s
Korea for you and here’s the International weather for viewers around
the world

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