Sweaty Palms Treatment Testimonial, Thoracic Sympathectomy Los Angeles

Sweaty Palms Treatment Testimonial, Thoracic Sympathectomy Los Angeles

I’m Travis; I was a patient of Dr. Mahtabifard; I’m from Los Angeles.
Personally, I’ve gone my whole life, you know, when I was playing video games, my controllers
would just be soaked with sweat. Whenever I picked up a towel, they would just be soaked.
Also, I work in retail and in retail, you’re shaking people’s hands a lot showing them
products and it was just one of those times I was just so embarrassed to shake people’s
hands because my hands were just so sweaty, and I’d always want to dry them off before
shaking someone’s hand. I discussed Botox with my mon because she
worked at Kaiser and she saw a lot of people at Kaiser getting that; but she also saw them
keep returning and that was one of the things My doctor did tell me about, that it’s not
something permanent — and insurance won’t pay for it.
So my doctor suggested this surgery and that it was something permanent. He said the downsides
were very minimal and I said, “I’ve tried everything else; I’ve tried powder. I’ve tried
using different types of cream; nothing’s worked so if it’s gonna fix it, let’s go for
it.” The surgery was awesome. It took like, 30
minutes. Got here at 6 o’clock in the morning; it took me about a day, two days to recover
and I was back on y feet and working again. And scars are pretty much non-existent.
La Peer was awesome; they checked in on me every 10 minutes before the surgery and after
the surgery. They made sure I made it into the car okay, they made sure I had a driver,
everything was smooth. I would come here again for another surgery.
The result’s been life-changing. I mean, I can go day to day shaking people’s hands and
not having to worry about drying my hands off before I shake their hands. I can have
friends over and play video games with them and not pass them the controller and have
them wipe it off on a towel before they take over.
Dr. Mahtabifard was awesome, whether he was contacted through cell phone or email, he
would respond within a day. Even after it was over, he would check in on me. You know,
most doctors would be like, “Okay, cool; surgery went fine — that’s it.” He even came into
the store when I was working and checked to see how my hands were. He wanted to shake
my hand personally to see if I was sweating. And you know, I was happy to go up to him
and like, “Sure, you can check my hand whenever you want. I’m not sweating anymore.” It was
just amazing — his service was amazing. If someone else is having the same problems
I was having, I would pretty much tell them to go talk to a doctor and see if they can
get the surgery like I did because it’s changed everything about my everyday life.

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