SYTYCD’s Travis Wall Joins Step Up: High Water!

SYTYCD’s Travis Wall Joins Step Up: High Water!

(hip hop music) – Hey guys, Travis Wall here. I’m on the set of
Step Up: High Water. Everyone is so damn talented and these dance
numbers are explosive. (hip hop music) When they called me
in for Season Two, I had no idea what
I was getting into. I thought I was coming in
to do this contemporary, like you know, do my own thing, I get here and the
music’s all hip hop. And I was like, okay. (hip hop music) – The dance number
put on by Travis was the most challenging. It’s that contemporary
physicality that you have to embody. – Definitely a stretch for me, but it really has been
such a great process to work with the dancers and we’re just like
vibing off of each other, kind of figuring out where
I fit inside this music. ♪ Racing in my head ♪ ♪ Music on my mind ♪ ♪ That boy is clever ♪ ♪ That boy is smart ♪ – It was mind blowing
to see him work, create, and execute in
his story telling. It was beautiful. – Can we breathe for a second? One catch two,
push to the catch, through to the grabs,
slide five six seven, pick ’em up to the down. – It was amazing to
see how he works, not just seeing the final
product of his dance number, but to see how he
creates his pieces. – I definitely think
my process is hands on when it comes to creating. I never really do pre work because something I might
create on somebody else, I come into the room and
it does not work on them. And these dancers are a
completely different vibe, so instead of just applying
something onto them, I want to mold the
sculpture in front of me. I think that dance should
help move a story forward. It should tell something
that words possibly can’t. – He has this very special
way of creating dots that makes you understand
the feeling of the piece. – There’s a lot of things
that have happened throughout the series that I’m
actually reenacting in a way and told through movement
inside the performance. – As someone who really
loves the acting side of things, being able to
watch people tell stories is a really great thing. (hip hop music) – Travis Wall is great. It was my first time meeting him and literally like,
click like that. – [Travis] It’s been incredible
working with the cast, just to get to know
them as friends. We’re laughing, we’re
singing, we’re dancing. I love that energy like I
feed off of that energy. – I watched So You Think
You Can Dance growing up, and so having him there
being able to work with him was kind of living a dream. – It’s just really been a party, professional party
I’d say. (laughs) (hip hop music) ( crowd cheers) (hip hop music) – Subscribe to this
channel to see more content from the new season of
Step Up: High Water. – It’s going to be crazy.

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  2. Why is this on my feed. Not watching this video just thought I'd say, Bunch of fruit cakes. Jeezus cripes 😬 Go chop some wood or something useful.

  3. I am so proud of you Travis. I was born, raised and still live in Norfolk, VA. I was there day one. I am so excited to see your growth! I thoroughly enjoy your journey♡

  4. travis wall is brilliant, quite frankly. i got to see his performance with his co., shaping sound, and it was beautiful. i expect nothing but incredible dance from travis. this looks awesome. i may have to check it out!

  5. Yaaas luv Travis since day one when he was on So you think you can dance… he's a very bad man!!❤🖤💪🙌🙌

  6. The Travis’s are what choreographers were when these genres were being created by the Gods of aesthetics. No disrespect to the Tarzanization or colonialism of the black African aesthetic but it is what it is. Started from clogging, river & square dancing now we’re here. From the “not impressed society” of standard keepers. 🙏🏾🤫

  7. Welcome to my chanell. My music got not less level than rest of new beatmaker. Hope you will enjoy it…!!!

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  9. You ain’t dancers your actors don’t get it twisted a dancer dances for hour maybe more but acting you cut the shot every 1min

  10. Fake lmao bet little kids love this film it’s good acting again ACTING you can’t act a dance a dance is a dance

  11. I forgot at music festival they stop the music every couple of seconds to teach how to dance lmao fake bullshit film first one was good second one was bad and now this one they collect the money and never hear or see step up again

  12. HI TRAVIS❗️
    ❤️UR WORK❤️

  13. I met him at Vdf Australia. He teaches my dance studio a dance and It was my birthday and he gave me a hug. I was really happy

  14. And now that I know he's choreographing, I'm gonna start watching this. Seriously his choreo is so good and just always my fave choreo

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  16. Man what happened to men being men and playing contact sports or combat sports? So glad I’m a rugby player

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