Tan France Gives Pete Davidson a John Mulaney Makeover | Dressing Funny | Netflix is a Joke

Tan France Gives Pete Davidson a John Mulaney Makeover | Dressing Funny | Netflix is a Joke

– Hello, I’m Tan France and this is Dressing Funny. Each episode, I’m dressing some of the
funniest people on the planet. – I do.
– I don’t. No! Today’s guest is Pete Davidson. – Hi, handsome. – Hi, how are ya? – I’m great, I just got my results back. I ain’t got shit and there
were some sketchy ones. – Well, that’s why I’m glad
that we didn’t use protection. – Yeah, yeah, I feel
like it’s disrespectful. It is, if I was a girl, I’d be like, “What, do
you think I’m dirty?” (laughing) I never wear a condom, I’m a gentleman. – Pete Davidson, everyone. (upbeat music) – I feel like I should be taking a Plan B. – Oh, tell me more about that. – I don’t know, it’s
just the vibe that I get. This is very like,
where’s my birth control? (laughing) – The last time we did
this was a little bit ago. – Yeah.
– A lot’s changed. Your skin looks great. – It’s water.
– Is that a lie? – Apparently drinking Mountain Dew all day is not good for you.
– That can really fuck you up. How is your mum? – She’s great. – You’re living with her.
– Yeah, we live together. – You live together. – Yeah, we’re roommates.
– Is that what you’re calling it?
– We’re roommates! – She’s a really cool mom. – She’s cool. You know how your mom
could be cool to everybody but it’s like your mom.
– Yeah. – So you love her, but you’re like, “Chill out, dude.” – B.D.E. – Oh god. – It doesn’t give you a point of pride? – No, it’s embarassing. – Oh my god, I’d be bragging to everyone. I’m that guy. – Well, I guess it’s better that it’s not the other way around. – Yeah.
– I mean, I’m complaining about awesome things. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Good problems, Tan. – Yeah, it’s a really good problem–
– Good fucking problems! – So here’s my concern. I’ve got one thing that
I want to put you in that might highlight that. – Yeah, you’re gonna bring
out my nice butthole eyes? – Did somebody say that? – People say I have butthole eyes ’cause I don’t sleep very
much and I have Crohn’s. So my eyes turn different colors. But I like it, I like my eyes. – I love your eyes! – I like looking like a raccoon. (laughing) No, seriously. Everybody else’s eyes,
they’re regular as fuck. And I look sick and scary. (camera shutter clicking) – [Tan] I kinda wanna see you in a different version of a sweatpant. You wear sweatpants all the time. – Those are awesome. – These are awesome. Thank you so much.
– Those are great. – I’ve seen you in
something like this before. It’s a simple, long sleeved shirt. So that’s just gonna cover. And then I wanna see you in pink. – [Pete] Yeah. – This is meant to be my version of Pete. Do you ever wear brogues or oxfords? – I thought oxford was a school. – It is also.
– Oh. (laughing) – Yeah.
– You try those on, Pete. You try those on.
– Yeah, cool. There’s not a lot of mirrors. There’s nothing worse than a
bathroom with a lot of mirrors. You catch yourself jerking in it. (laughing) What do you guys think? – You know, I’m not hating it. It feels like if I were
to see you out and about, I wouldn’t think, oh, he
looks really crazy different. It just– – This is like a nice lunch outfit. – What lunch spot would
you be going to for this? – I don’t know. I don’t know, Houlihan’s? – Oh, very nice. Do you often get dressed
up for lunch, Pete? – I do. (laughing) It looks great, very,
very fuckable outfit. (camera shutter clicking) – Now can we give you a John Mulaney? – Yeah, Mulaney time.
– Mulaney time. – All right.
– Okay. So I’m gonna put you in a suit. – [Pete] Okay. – You’re gonna be in it for
a very little amount of time. – Okay. – When you said that you
don’t wear turtlenecks because they make you look like– – Eeyore?
– Eeyore. – I just don’t, I don’t
really hold my head up. I’m learning how to do that, though. I bought the, Apple made this thing that you can put on your back or whatever. – Yeah, that changes your posture. – Yeah, but I’m waiting, I’m trying to use it on
one of my friends first to see if it’s funky or not. – Who’s the friend? – It’s like the lesser tier friend. – Oh my, no! – It’s a friend we’re
not afraid to get rid of. (laughing) – So he said he was a really good person, he’s just balanced it out. But he’s gonna swing it back around. – Actually, I’ll try the turtleneck.
– Okay. Will you give this a shot and then, you know you could do the boot with it. That’s not gonna piss me off. If you wanna try it, you’ll see.
– I’ll try the boots. – Okay. It’s Cimmaron. – Yeah, sure. – It looks so good. – I look exactly like Coulson. – That’s a good thing. Like the guy looks hot.
– Yeah. (camera shutter clicking) – I love that I put you in a suit and you’re just going
right into the burger. Does your mom date? – I’m trying to get her to. – How do you feel when your Mom dates? – I’m okay. Somebody should slam her. (gasping) Seriously. She’s been not with
anybody since my dad died. Somebody needs to get up in there and get that lady off my back. (laughing) – She might see this, Pete. – I don’t care. – Do you talk to her like this? – I mean at this point, I might fuck her. – Oh! If she would bring somebody home and you thought he was a dick, would you say something to her? – Yeah, I’d be like,
“Hey, that guys not cool. “But get it in.” You know what I mean? Nobody’s allowed. – Let me get you a napkin. – I’m fine.
– Here. – I’ll just use this jacket.
– Here’s a tissue. No no no. You don’t need to use the suit. That’s all right. There you go. This is Mulaney’s look. Mulaney does stand-up.
– Yeah. – I know you’ve done stand-up on the tour that you
were doing all spring. – Mhmm. – Is this gonna turn into a full on tour? Would you do actual stand-up on your own? Have you done stand-up on your own? – I do stand-up on my own but I don’t, it’s not fun. The road is very sad and depressing. As I’m sure you could imagine now. – No, I love being on my own in a hotel room.
– Even when you’re with your homies, it’s still sad you’re not home.
– Yeah, yeah. – I’m not touring unless it’s with Mulaney or any of my friends. – Do you enjoy doing it? – It’s the best. – The actual performing. – Yes. The actual, everything else sucks but being onstage is great. I think that’s true with everything. Everything sucks but the actual work. – You said that it’s depressing. – Yeah. – You are very open about the fact that you suffer
from mental health issues. – Yeah. Lots wrong up there. – What’s going on? – It’s not the coolest thing to have but go to a doctor and
get yourself checked out. – Do you talk to your friends about it? – Yeah. I mean we all talk about it, we all, I’ll be like, “Hey, I’m
gonna be weird today.” And they’re like, “All right.”
– All right. – That’s the wonderful thing about everybody knowing I’m nuts now, is now they don’t think I’m a dick. They’re like, “Oh, yeah. “He’s just having a rough one today.” – Yeah. Uh-huh.
– Yeah, yeah. – But it’s common with comedians. – Yeah. Luckily there’s this thing called Klonopin and now it’s pretty much always great. – Oh, I don’t know what that is. – It’s great. I have a Pez dispenser filled with it. (electronic music) – Final look.
– Awesome. – So we’re gonna go out to dinner. I wanna make sure that
you’re dressed appropriately. We’re going somewhere fancy. – Okay. – So I’m not gonna give you a Pete look. I’m gonna give you Tan’s
version of new Pete. – [Pete] Okay. – Pete are you done?
– Yeah. – Can I come in?
– Of course. – [Tan] Oh, you’ve been done. – Yeah, I was just chilling here. You took a while. I was hoping you’d come back. – [Tan] The jacket’s killer. – Yeah, I’m like Danny Zuko in today. (camera shutter clicking) – Can I tell you why I put you in this? – [Pete] Why? – It is a kind of a Tan, Antony look. – Your shoes, Antony’s
jacket, Bobby’s jeans. Bobby wears loose fitted jeans. – Does he?
– Somebody gotta tell that motherfucker
where the jean store is. – One thing that I haven’t
asked you about at all, what’s going on with SNL? – We just finished, I finished my 5th season. – Uh-huh?
– And we have hiatus. It’s pretty much like school. Where you just have summer vacation. We all just get to do
other projects and stuff. – We’re still lovin’ it? – I do.
– Good! – It’s a job but–
– It’s a job. – But there are still
moments where you’re like, “Yo, that’s fucking Adam Sandler.” I got to see him have fun and to know that you could still have fun 30 years in.
– Yeah yeah yeah. – Just like, during Opera Man. He stopped once and he went. (laughing) – Yeah, I notice. – That’s fucking, oh man, that’s so awesome. – Is he your favorite of all of ’em? – Yeah, he’s it. I mean, it’s Sandler, Eddie
Murphy, Burr, Chappelle, and Mulaney are my top five. – You’re ready to go out for dinner? – Yeah, I’m ready to go. – Sushi? After you. – [Pete] Hope you’re hungry. – All right, here we go. Okay. If you enjoyed that. If you liked all those outfits
like I did, comment below, and why aren’t you subscribed
to this channel already? If you haven’t subscribed, subscribe now. Like, do all those things. I wanna know who you wanna see. – Are you doing that like
and subscribe bullshit? Let’s go, Tan. Come on. – Tell me who you wanna
have on the show next. (screaming) (upbeat music)

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  1. okay so ariana stans shit on pete and it’s sad but i think he’s hilarious (and attractive) but still y’all gotta chill

  2. I don't understand how people can actually think Pete is ugly, hes so goddamn hot and i love his personality, he is purely weird and i would love to get lost in his beautiful eyes like yeeees

  3. “Are you doing that like and subscribe bullshit? LETS GO! COME ON!” You’d think no one has ever fed that child vs him having been eating this whole video.

  4. Could someone please tell me who makes this jacket Pete is wearing at 6:10? Marc Jacobs made something kiiind of similar about a decade ago and I wanted it so bad but it was the one that got away. This is the closest I've seen to it and now I have to have it. Please help! 🙂

  5. These stylists really need to go to Rochester Big & Tall in Beverly Hills and get him clothes that are actually long enough for his arms and torso. He is like a basketball player. You need to go to a tall store. As someone with a long torso, I cant stand when people try to make me wear cropped jackets, sleeves to short on suits etc. He is a star because he is grateful and humble and kind even when the stylist does a terrible job finding clothes that fit him…

  6. @5:10 = "oh yeah…lots wrong up there!" omg BRILLIANT line, so self-deprecating, so candid, so hysterical….ya just gotta laugh :p

  7. GOD I love pete. Honestly all of these looked fly, Tan. Can I have a life size print of those glamour shots pls thanksssss

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  12. Personally.. not a big fan of the pink jacket.. BUT DAMN NOBODY TELL HIM TO GO FUCK HIS MOM OR ELSE "OKAY"

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