Tattoos Make You Sweat Less: Truth Or Mare?

Tattoos Make You Sweat Less: Truth Or Mare?

Let me just lick you…
SHE SLURPS You actually don’t taste very salty. One in three young people
have tattoos. Let me just tell you about
this recent study that’s been done by scientists. I mean, I don’t know really
what to say about that because I’ve only got one tattoo,
round my ankle, and I sweat like a BLEEP bastard. So, here I am with Tattooed Jamie, Not Tattooed Shawn. We’re going to exercise them
for a good 20 minutes and we’re going to see
who sweats the most. Get going. We’re jogging on the spot. Oh, look at this!
Now they’re going really fast. Oh, ‘eck, we’re on t’floor. Few press-ups. Be careful,
you’ll do yourself a bloody injury. It’s making me sweat watching you. The last time I went to t’gym,
Shawn, were in 1996 –
were you born then? Hey, watch me face! Hello! Old lady on t’floor! LAUGHTER Go on, off you trot. Nowt wrong with that, is there? It’s like doing a full shop,
that, supermarket. Three, two, one. What I’m going to do now
is do a bit of a scientific test – not really, it’s a blotting paper – and put it all over Jamie’s tattoos and see how much sweat
I can get off. Jamie, do you mind if I touch you
and blot you? Go right ahead. Is that all right, sweetheart? Let me just lick you… SHE SLURPS You actually don’t taste very salty. This is Jamie’s blotting paper,
as you can see. So you have no tattoos at all,
do you? SHE SLURPS Oh! You do taste salty. That feel a bit better? Oh… BLEEP a duck. I mean, I’m no scientist,
but looking at these, I’d say Not Tattooed Shawn
sweats a damn sight more that what Tattooed Jamie did
because his has disintegrated. One explanation may be,
when they tattoo your skin, it actually goes into the same depth
as where your sweat glands are. So having tattoos
make you sweat less. The paper towels said “truth”. We’re not in scientific conditions,
here. We’re just having a bit of a laugh and I just wanted to lick
two naked men.

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About the Author: John Markowski


  1. Tf is peoples problem, it's obviously not meant to be a "scientific" experiment. It was meant to make u laugh. So when people say shit like "but people sweat differently" or "it's disgusting that she licked them" ye they're both true, but to be honest. Who actually gives a shit, it made me laugh and many others.

  2. Tattooed Jamie reminds me a little of my husband with that damn face tattoo. I hated when my husband got it and I hate it on tattooed jamie. He could do without. ๐Ÿ‘

  3. i like how the first thing we see is her licking someone. also you're more likely to sweat if you're overweight, which i only know because i am overweight, lol

  4. Shocking how most of the comments are about her weight & calling her ugly. The only ugly people are the ones making these comments
    I thought she was funny๐Ÿ˜

  5. want more episodes, cant wait – so addictive to watch this short show, so much fun, absolutely enjoy antonella doing all sorts of experiments.

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