Teach Your Body to Burn Fat as Fuel With This Fitness Program

Teach Your Body to Burn Fat as Fuel With This Fitness Program

What you have to do is convince your body don’t need fat. That’s the key. What we have with PACE Express is a system of exerting yourself that tells your body that fat is of no utility. We have a system of eating that tells your body that tells your body that you do not need fat. Why would you waste the energy storing fat if your body is convinced that you are going to eat well again tomorrow. Fat is a starvation survival. You put on fat when you body thinks that you are under the rest. What we got in the western world is we mimick starvation with the nutrient content of our food. The macro nutrients specially your protein, carbohydrate and fat ratio. So you’ll be hearing a little bit about fat at the end. It’s not complicated. It’s very simple. You’ll get very specific instructions on what to eat. How to make your body believe it does not need to store fat. Mainly what we are focusing on today is the activity level. The exertion that you are going to do to convince your body that fat is of no utility. So, that’s new to you, right! You have not heard about an exertion program that tells your body that fat is no good! What you are trying to do is you are trying to train your body, teach your body, coach your body in the right direction. I want you to get rid of all those negative thoughts about forcing your body into doing anything. All that negative thought process about dieting. Which is all a process of denial. You don’t need to do any of that! You need to do the opposite. You need to convince your body that times are good. That has the wonderful advantage that it feels good. You are not gonna have to go through hard times. You will only exert yourself for very, very brief of time. And that actually is enjoyable. That’s what we were built to do naturally. Your native instincts will come back. That whole thing about long duration cardio to lose fat it’s again not cutting calories You are chasing your own tail. Let me explain what I mean by that. If what you do is you do a moderate level of exertion the way that we’ve been thought to do. Cardio. Cardio vascular endurance training. What happens is that you can only go though that with fat. If you exert yourself for a prolonged period of time fat is the only fuel you have that can sustain that level of exertion You all understand that? You got fast high energy output systems like glycogen, creatine, ATP. Those things are stored in the muscle. They got nothing to do with fat. They produce a very high energy output. It’s your high octane fuel for your body. The problem it’s a very limited duration. You can’t sustain activity for more than a few minutes with that. So when you do a prolonged activity by jogging for 45 minutes you have to burn fat. We’ve been told calories a good thing. That is a huge mistake. When you train your body to burn fat. Think about it. that’s what do you know and also really get that all the time to
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