Tear gas, pepper spray continue to shroud Hong Kong during holiday season

it’s been more than six months since
pro-democracy protests began in Hong Kong and even on Christmas Day they
showed no signs of stopping in fact the city’s been forced to cancel some of its
major seasonal events Oh Sooyoung has more festivities on the streets of Hong
Kong have been shrouded and tear gas and pepper spray as the pro-democracy
movement continues to clash with police on Christmas Day hundreds of protesters
took to the streets some of them barricading rose and
vandalizing buildings police used tear gas and pepper spray and the rest of
several people in the shopping mall honk corners are trying to lower the economic
growth of the Christmas Day and we are here not to destroy anything but we are
trying to let everyone to know that we won’t celebrate the Christmas because we
want to protest even on this joyful day as a result of the protests malls and
subway stations closed early on Wednesday our Hong Kong churches there
were also fewer midnight masses because of safety concerns only 20 churches held
master’s year whereas 38 did last year since June Hong Kong has seen massive
rallies first against an extradition bill that would have allowed people to
be sent to mainland China for trial then turning into a wider movement for
democracy at clashes between police and protesters continued Hong Kong’s famed
New Year’s Eve fireworks show on Victoria Harbour was cancelled for the
first time in 10 years as authorities cited public safety concerns the
Disneyland new year’s countdown has also been scrapped as has the Chinese New
Year parade scheduled for January 25th the city’s cancellation of a signature
events has been accompanied by a sharp decline in the number of foreign
visitors official figures show Hong Kong International Airport at nearly 1
million fewer passengers in November for a total 5 million the steepest on-year
drop in a decade as well as the largest monthly decline since the protests began
Oh Sooyoung Arirang news

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