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  1. I would love to see the whole session of the last blond lady, who has been called a "whore". please dont hold back with uploads, please give us the sessions that have been recorded 🙂 seeing people doing the work helped me so much understanding the details of how to do it. thanks.

  2. I want to add: please give them only, if the company byron katie isnt in financial problems and you dont need to make money with selling these recordings. thanks.

  3. Considering the topic is a source of suffering for the participant — this is like watching bloopers … but instead one hears zingers or checkmate or ON POINT or "that's it" or YA GOT ME! or DUH!! Wonderful compilation — just wonderful!

  4. I loved this one. Anybody knows if there is the full video on the emergency unit doctor and her patients. I neeed that!!!!!! ? ?

  5. When Katie added ”..and I really want to marry him” got me to turn to my JYN- worksheet on my father, to what kind of person I dont seem to be able to stop myself from helping to the extent that I loose all my energy. I read no 5 from my worksheet: My father is ego-centric, selfish, not attentive to my feelings, unempathic. I coulnt finish reading, a laughter started pouring out of me, keept pouring, pouring, pouring loadly and tears ran down my face and for the first time I could see how hilarious this was. The laughter burned through a very very old religion of mine. Thank you Katie and all participants of this video – you sooooo made my day! Grateful and hilariously happy 🙂

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