Thank You and Goodbye

Thank You and Goodbye

rev up your engines pecan says I live in Michigan I make
truck parks for Detroit Diesel Scotty knows his stuff
well thanks I’ve been doing it for 52 years I like somebody who you know knows a little bit about the business agrees with me because hey people I’m here to
help everyone out with their car problems with no b.s I’m not being paid
by one company to say this is good great product when it really isn’t I see it I
have to fix them I’ll tell you the truth of the matter is the main reason I got
into telling people about cars I’ve never been working on for 52 years I
started because over the decades I get really peed off at the manufacturers
for making crappy designs poorly built cars now I can tell millions and
millions of people this morning I just got my nine hundred millions YouTube
view so I’m helping a lot of people out and I like doing it and now I’m gonna
stop me kudos there I’ll keep trying to do my
best Andrew Getty says Scotty my wife’s
mother plans to trade out her Honda Element later this year choices her
Mazda cx-5 2016 Hyundai Tucson 2016 Honda CRV 2016 a Toyota rav4 2015 what
do you think I mean really if I was her I’d keep the element those things could run
forever but she really wants to it’s kind of a toss-up between the Honda CRV
and rav4 they’re very similar vehicles Road them both see which one she likes
cuz they’re both well-made now of course she’s talking used so you want a
mechanic like me to check it out trust no one when you buy a used car it’s a
dirty business people lie cheat steal all kinds of stuff good cars out there
but you want to make sure I’m a mechanic check it out I can tell within an hour
if it’s been wrecked flooded stolen you can’t hide information from my giant
$5,000 can tool it’s all there and if I see something that’s off or say some
data that I’m supposed to get that the data is no longer there
meaning that someone has disconnected something then I just tell the customer
don’t even think about buying it it’s got some type of problem you don’t wanna
get involved in it you don’t own it yet don’t buy it but what those really the
Honda CRV and the Toyota rav4 they’re relatively similar vehicles whatever she
really likes, Anthony cronic says I got friend there’s a Kia SUV Sportage you
something I forgot it as GDI he sprays cleaners through the intake past the MAF
sensor every 2,000 miles this too much is he
crazy actually it’s not crazy because GDI gasoline direct injection the
gasoline is sprayed directly into the engine that’s what’s called GDI on a
regular fuel injected systems the fuel injectors on the intake manifold so when
they spray they spray over the intake valves and get sucked into the engine
gasoline is a very good cleaning solvent so that keeps crud from building up on
the intake valves GDI system nothing goes over the intake valves except air
and oil and crud from the PCV the positive crankcase ventilation system so
that will keep it from happening and he does it every 2,000 miles hey it’s gonna
keep problems from occurring this really as long as you use a good cleaner that’s
made for GDI cleaning there’s a ton of them out there I got a video on that
make your car run better with a little spray cleaner watch that and as long as you use a good clear perfectly fine doing it ender says my grandma drives a 94 Chevy
Cavalier it has the original engine and transmission how is it not dead yet she
has 180,000 miles on it okay you already answered your own question it’s your
grandma I’m assuming your grandma is a very conservative driver and if so even
an American car can hold up you change the oil regularly and just take normal
care of it the reason that especially something like the cavalier goes bad is
because the engines generally have more horsepower than the transmission can
take so the transmissions burn out and then once somebody’s got when it’s 10-12
years old and they find it’s gonna cause some three to six grands I have another
transmission put in they get rid of the car if she babied it you never know
I’ve even had grandma’s get that kind of mileage out of Chrysler products which
is almost unheard of but if she drives like a true classic grandma that’s why
the car lasted so long now that’s a definite car that you don’t want to buy
used I had a customer do that he bought a used grandpa car and then he went
around driving a thing over 100 miles an hour on highways here in Texas and it’s
six months it was falling apart both the engine and transmission suspension was
falling apart cuz he bought a 12 year old grandpa’s car and he didn’t drive like a grandpa, the une says I got an 89
Honda Accord starting here whining some from the rear back part of the car what
on earth could it be depends want it’s making a noise if it only makes it while
you’re driving the faster you go the faster why is the wheel bearings going
back there when the wheel bearings go bad as you go the faster you go let’s
say it makes the noise of you just sitting there with the engine running
that made your fuel pump starting to go out it is an 89 and the fuel pumps are
inside a gas tank you’ll hear noise from the back there I’ve been whining and it
means it sees the time you get a new fuel pump or the fuel filter is clogged
it’s building up too much pressure and making the pump one so you got to figure
out does it whine when it’s just sitting there running up so fuel pump if it’s
moving wheel bearings going out, Patrick roussel says I let my car sit for a
month and the tires are all low and even after refilling them they all leak
within two days first thing you want to do is look at the tires see if they got
a bunch of cracks on them and if you can’t remember how old they are because
as they age the rubber cracks ultraviolet rays the Sun get to it they
tear it right then they leak through the cracks through osmosis if they’re old
and cracked you need new tires they just flat worn out now if they’re not old
worn out crack what’s gonna happen is if they sit for a long time some air can
leak out and if it does then all the seams where the tire meets the rim they
might not be sealing right now so what you’re going to do then is and you want
to take it to a tire shop and they would unmount them and then lubricate the
inside of the rim with tire lube there is such a thing it’s raking the rubber
pop under the metal rims then filling back them up with air would be okay but
do check them for cracks and if they’re more than five six years old just
replace them because when they get that old then they don’t seal right anymore
Diaz Vestas says Scotty can I change my own oil and filter my new Kia Forte 5sx
without voiding any type of warranty well of course you can at least in the
United States there’s a thing called the Moss Magnuson warranty act and unless
they’re changing the oil and built they’re free at the dealer for you they
cannot say you have to have them do it and use their parts years ago they tried
doing that kind of crap I said that you didn’t use our filter or we didn’t do
the work well guess what it got taken to court law and the law is now you can
change it yourself just keep the receipts and a good premium oil filter
and you gotta give any problems at all with I advise doing it yourself cuz
nowadays who knows you go to an oil change place a lot of times they give
you a bulk oil comes out of a big drum how do you know what’s in there
you better to buy them one quart at a time of the quality stuff and know what
you’re getting, euro says Scotty I have a Suzuki Grand Vitara one hundred and
forty thousand miles is it a good reliable car one it’s not a car it’s a
small that’s you reach I think it has been if it’s got 140,000 miles yeah put
much money into it but here in the United States not a smart idea they
pulled out decades ago it’s very hard to get parts form generally if they have an
automatic transmission that’s gonna be shot once it gets 150,000 miles but if
it’s a standard transmission you’ve taken care of it keep changing the oil
and filter and baby you never know how it’s all this other parts of the world
they love them I was in the British Virgin Islands they all Drive and they
love them but here in the United States not so much Brandon sparks says Scotty
mice got in my garage how can I check if they’ve done anything to my car
well they haven’t stolen and driving around cuz they’re too small they can’t
reach the pedal the main thing that they do is they build nests and for some
really bizarre reason they like chewing on electrical wiring they they get a
little thrill the 12 volts isn’t strong enough to kill them and they get kind of
a thrill biting into the wires from what scientists telling me check all the
wiring and look to see if there’s a little nest anywhere I look around the
area especially under the hood to see if those thin little wires have bite marks
and stuff I know if they do but it’s still running okay here is a quick fix
that actually works quite well there is you can get bottles of the
stock it’s called liquid electrical tape and it seals any problems in wiring
let’s now you have a normal old car that just is wearing out and all the plastic
is breaking on the wires and you can see the metal underneath well you can just
go and coat them with this liquid tape it’s just black grease tar stuff comes
with a little brush and a can and you can paint it so if you see where they
chewed on the wire paint it all like that and from what
I’ve seen they don’t like chewing on that stuff cuz it tastes raunchy so I’ve
done that on cars and then they never bit those areas again so
the office there must not like the stuff and then maybe you got a cat or
something to chase the mice out of the garage techno fund says what is the best impact
wrench well if you want pure power you go with an air impact and an air tank
and a compressor now the electric impact wrenches are better than they used to be
like a Dewalt electric impact wrench is a decent impact wrench the thing is
they never put out the power that the air impact wrenches put out I got an air
impact wrench and it’s got 1,400 pounds foot-pounds of reverse torque that’s a
lot of power I’ve seen the electric ones to put out 550 600 but that’s not even
close to that and the problem with the electric ones are from the electric
wants being electric motors they’re bigger I got an electric one I use it a lot now cuz sometimes I’m too lazy when I’m taking off tires and I don’t feel like get my air hose out and hook everything up I
just plug in my electric impact wrench and all I need is a wire then that’s
no big deal I got extension wires all over the place and I take the wheels off
that way but the air impacts are much better and I personally like the aircat
ones because not it cost about a hundred and fifty two hundred bucks more than
the cheaper ones but they have a lot torque and they’re a lot quieter so they
don’t bother your ear so if you’re really looking for something good those air
count ones are excellent ones and they are better than the electric ones all
around cuz there’s so much smaller that if you’re doing a lot of work you can
get into tiny crevices with the big electric ones you can’t fit them in,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

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  2. Wiring in the 2010’s (especially in Europe) is made from bio oil. Rats are attracted to new cars over the older. Even Honda makes a rodent electrical tape.

  3. Sombody plz help so..what tool can I use to take a axle nut off if I dont have a big enough socket…..I tryed a adjustable wrench..but kept slipping so I'm stuck on what to do

  4. $3000 is not much to pay for a new transmission, another car would cost $3000, and no telling what's wrong with the 'new' car.

  5. A relative of mine had a 1979 Cadillac Coupe Deville with the 400ci engine. Over 400,000 miles on the clock. Stoplight to stoplight it would smoke most vehicles. The only reason it was junked was because of a gnarly oil leak.

  6. I have a 2014 Honda civic automatic transmission. Bought it used and not sure if the original owner changed the transmission oil or not. It's about 120 km and running fine. Do you think I have to change the oil? And what's the technique? Because I heard that I have to change it in two steps, half the oil then half.

  7. “I am the master of owning CHEAP cars” :)) words of wisdom from the car guru. Anyone think u will miss his voice?

  8. Good on yeah Scotty, you're well loved. I hope uve made ur peace with Jesus so I can meet u in Heaven one day. God bless u and your family.

  9. I hope Scotty is not shutting down the YouTube Channel at least not any longer than it takes him to make another video. 🙂 My dad was a mechanic before he passed so I feel quite at home listening to Scotty.

  10. Scottie when we electric weld anything on a vehicle we always disconnect the battery. Now with the new vehicle computer needing to be connected at all time to prevent memory loss can you just plug in a memory saver in the OBD port or is there no way around this problem

  11. Only thing is the Electric impact guns are expensive as hell. You can easily get a decent pneumatic impact gun for around half the price or even less and if you already have a compressor your good. Compressors can do more than run air tools too. Inflate tires without it taking you all day. Blow things off/out with a blow gun or run a sand blasting cabinet.

  12. Scotty, love your channel and thanks for sharing your automotive wisdom! Question…what are your thoughts on the Acura MDX / Honda Pilot electronic transmission shifter? Is it reliable? And what are your thoughts on the reliability on the Audi Q7? Thank you Scotty, God Bless!

  13. CRC products: Brilliant!! During my time doing extensive engine repairs, I used CRC products including honing oil, anti-seize, 5.56 spray lube, gasket remover, carburettor & throttle body cleaner, & lots of others.

  14. We got a 2002 Suzuki XL-7 V6 Automatic. It’s at about 240,000 miles. Still on the original spark plugs. All it ever needed was a water pump at 115,000 miles, and it had the transmission rebuilt at 200,000. Otherwise, just tires and oil changes.

    Sure the valve covers and rear main seal are leaking, sure it takes a min or two to get into reverse, and sure the transmission slips if you floor it too hard, but she’s still running!

  15. I been doing this awhile.. Is it bad or am i on to something.. I use that ethanol gas and mix it with regular gas..if i use more ethanol than gas then i feel the lost of power but no problems what so ever when i put $20 in rego and 10 to 15 ethanol

  16. I have read that the reason rodents chew on wires in automobiles is because new wiring has its insulation made of soy based plastic, which is tasty to them. Don't know about 12 volts giving them some kind of a thrill.

  17. A couple years ago my wife and I were looking to buy a truck. We test drove several trucks before we stopped at a dodge dealership and test drove a ram. The engine light and low tire pressure light was on, I pointed it out to the salesman, he said the check engine light was on because the tire pressure was low! I laughed, before I realized he was serious. We left without talking anymore lol. Scotty is right, those salesman are crooked.

  18. Hey scotty I have a 2013 CRV I changed my oil at 79500 miles and was gonna change it again at 87000 but at 85500 my oil life indicator is telling me I need to change it now and that I only have 15% life. Can I ignore the warning or should I change it early?????

  19. Scotty, are you really retiring? Gosh knows you deserve a great retirement, but thousands of us will miss your videos if you do, (and I think YOU will miss them too!) Can you maybe just cut back a bit but keep them coming? Best wishes to you whatever you decide.
    Rob in Saskatchewan

  20. If I had a dollar for every time Scotty was going to “stop” doing videos or “shut down” his garage, I could buy a 94’ celica.

  21. I'm looking in to getting a new or semi use mid size truck in the next year what do you recommend I like my more plan gan truck with out all the fancy stuff when I get a vehicle I hang on to it but not trying to brake the bank

  22. Thanks Scotty i watch alot of your videos I think your a clever man and I like watching your videos thanks again scotty and good luck to you and your family. AK

  23. I bought a grandmom car about 3 years ago from an older couple. The car is a 1994 Oldsmobile 98 that they bought brand new. It only had 42,000 miles on it, and I got it for $1000. It was practically a brand new old car 🤣 . My wife drives it and it's got a little over 60,000 miles on it now and still runs great. Only had to put tires, breaks, and a master cylinder on it. Other than that it was perfect. Not my kind of car but when I saw and drove it I snatched it up 🤣 love finding stuff like that. Saves alot of money finding an old car that isn't beat to death 👍🏻🤘🏻

  24. Got to admit Scotty your the best! Keep up the good work and make some advertising money on these videos since you got the views!

  25. Thank you buddy, you have saved me a lot of money ,there are so many crocks robbing people of their hard earned money.

  26. Scotty, soon I will be able to pay off my car loan and thinking about trading in. I would really like an F150 maybe 2015-2017 but my father says they have bad transmissions in general and suggested I go with Toyota. What are your thoughts on this? In your experience, what is the most reliable truck under normal driving conditions and with regular scheduled maintenance?

  27. Sorry Scotty, my Dad who’s 78(still working as a mechanic) has been a mechanic since 8 years old, giving him more experience than even the almighty Scotty! 🤣🤣🤣. PS: agrees with what Scotty says!

  28. My Milwaukee electric impact has 1,100 ft/lbs, and they make one with 1,800. It’s much more convenient and a lot less expensive than buying an air tank.

  29. Scotty stops his youtube channel on 20 02 2020 at 20.20.20pm if he hasn't 20.20milj vieuwer by than. The 20.20miljon $ he allready has. LOL

  30. SCOTTY I'm pretty sure that if the guys and ladies would give you 1% of the money you helped them save you would be filty rich this moment. Thanks to you once again we appreciate what you do for us.

  31. Scotty, I own a 2014 gmc 2014 double cab sierra truck with the 5.3 engine. Recently my gas mileage become very poor at 90,000 miles. I have always changed the oil on time. Nevertheless, After changing the plugs with AC delco's and wires (duralast) my mechanic stated to me one of my pistons is not working and that my engine needs to be rebuilt. My mechanic says it is not uncommon to see that happen. What do you think?

  32. Hey Scotty I Have a doge nitro 08 with the 3.7 in it has 247500 miles are these ok vehicles have had over a year only replaced the TIPM and oil changes

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