The Beauty Trend ‘Glass Skin’ and How to Get It

The Beauty Trend ‘Glass Skin’ and How to Get It

– Everyone out there, put
away the contour sticks, because the latest beauty trend
is all about natural skin. A beauty blogger’s photo of
her perfect skin is taking over the internet, and set
a new standard in beauty as commenters are calling it glass skin. One of the most important
steps in achieving glass skin is washing your face before
bed, but the days of soap and water, some say are long gone. So today, we’re going to tell
you which cleansing trends are worth the buzz, and which
ones are a complete bust. – So first up is powder cleanser. So powders have been around. They’ve been in makeup
regimens for a very long time. But this is kind of new twist,
where sometimes, like taken from some Japanese skincare regimens. They have rice enzymes
to brighten your skin. But the idea is you take
the powder, and you actually will very gradually mix
drops of water into it, and you use it as an exfoliant. And you can kind of
tailor it to how foaming or how thick you want to
the degree of exfoliation, and they’re also getting a
lot more pickup and interest because they don’t often have
preservatives, or alcohol, or other ingredients
that people don’t want. – So this would be on my face
theoretically, and you use a little spritzer. – Exactly. So you can make it as diluted
or as course as you want. So it’s just a natural
cleanser and exfoliant. So this one is definitely
getting much more buzz. (audience clapping) – Buzz! Bruski, what d’ya got going on? – Micellar water. Do you know what micellar
water is, young man? – Well, I know what micelles
are, but I do not know what micellar water is. – Okay, micelles, that’s right. It’s micelles. It’s balls of oil molecules
that are suspended in soft water. How did this concept start? Well, back in the day
when plumbing wasn’t quite as good as it is now, the
water came out very harsh. It was not good on your face. They discovered this in
France, then they came up with this idea, micellar water. It’s popular here now, but we
don’t really have the issue of harsh water like we did years ago, so is this really necessary? – I’m not gonna drink that water. I’ll tell you that. – It is the bust! (audience groaning) – Make sense. You can save some money if
you’re gonna spend more money. – [Dr. Stork] It sounds
really fancy, though. – It sounds fancy. Like, oil suspended in water. That’s kind of an interesting idea. – It is going to moisturize
your skin at the same time, and I guess they get the pH
right, and it is soft water. – So it’s not gonna hurt ya. – No, no. It just may not be worth the cost. – [Dr. Ordon] If she’s taking that home, I’m taking this home. – So last, but not least, is
something called face polish. And so one thing,
especially if you’re going for this poreless, really
clear look is exfoliation and dermatologists are sort
of obsessed with this idea that you’re trying to slough
those dry, dead skins. You’re trying to clean out the pores. The only difference between
a polish is that it’s just much finer grains than
the old scrubs that tend to be a little bit harsher. – Some of them can feel
almost abrasive when you’re putting them on.
– [Dr. Batra] Exactly. – So that would eliminate that. – So this would be a much more gentle way. Maybe two or three times
a week, just to really kind of help turn over the skin. Another route if you don’t want
something physical like this would be a chemical exfoliant. Those are things like alpha
hydroxy acids, like glycolic, lactic. Beta hydroxies or salicylic acid. Those are all the chemical
exfoliants that help turn over your skin. But we’re finding that if you
do that a couple times a week, that really help expedite
your cell turnover, gives you a little bit more glow. This one is definitely a buzz as well. (buzzing)

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About the Author: John Markowski


  1. This is all BULLSHIT. Iuts genetics and diet. I wash my face with soap, and my only skin moisturiser is VASELINE. I've been doing this since I was a child. I'm over 50 and my skin is subtle and non wrinkled.

  2. I’m very blessed to have been born with natural “glass” glowing skin. Everyone one always asks me. What do you use on your skin? I just reply with soap and water. They are always so shocked. I love my skin. I got baby skin. 🥰🥰🥰 thank you god. But having nice skin isn’t what it’s all about. It’s how u feel on the inside. Who cares how u look on the outside. That’s the problem today with this world. People with acne are just has beautiful. Just be happy with yourself. Your gods child.

  3. Skinactive may not work for u!!! I tried it and my skin dried up and turned red. Please sample cleaning products before u buy it. I have mixed skin and acne. Also my skin is sensitive so it may not work

  4. Eat healthy. no dairy (IF you can try to go vegan you dont need to but it helps. Trust me ik). Dairy does the most damage to skin n body. N HYDRATION HYDRATION HYDRATION is always the most important h2o is your bestfriend. These products may work but your natural glow starts with being healthy!

  5. Aah good hints but i rather use apple cider vinigar for my acne and korean face masks and it does the job also very good

  6. I got my glass skin by going to the dermatologist monthly, only using prescription products on my face and having laser!

  7. Lol I'm mad that they put micellar water in the bust category. It's the only makeup remover that has actually worked on me!

  8. Misleading! Instead of talking about how one gets glass skin, they advertised products that have nothing to do with it. I guess the dermatologist is trying to sway people from the use of simple household products the Asians suggest. She won't make money if folks decide to rub cold tomatoes on their faces.😀

  9. Nothing perfect exits and you guys promoting some products for money game by making people feel bad about their natural skin type thats abhorrent & creepy tactics every one knows that these so called instagram models aren't flawless but they are here for some fam by showing off their completely un realistic beauty which is the result of multiple plastic and cosmetic surgeries don't make people fool after some thing fake don't promote un realistic beauty standards society by labelling them as natural what they are not (NOT At ALL )
    Stop making filthy money by people's insecurities Stop making public fool
    You dofcunts Stop these obnoxious marketing tactics get over it |

  10. My skin is exactly like this. Not a single scar/spot. Totally one tone and glass white. Just normal soap and water at night and for acne – SUDOCREM at night. That cream is miracle in a pot

  11. Oh, wow. This meathead says what the new trend is. I'd better rush out and do what he says! Where's the eye roll emoticon?

  12. What she mean about brighting up skin will it make my skin like 10x the shade brighter and like change my skin cause I’m brown skin aka black

  13. I was born with good skin…however, to maintain now that I’m an adult. I use micellar water & Shea butter as a moisturizer and viola “beautiful skin!”

  14. Aquaphor healing ointment is 5 dollars. Mixing it with neurogenia hydro boost which is 16 dollars, so the best face moisturizer

  15. I give up. No matter what I do, acne seems to be obsessed with my face so I stopped fighting it and changed my focus on working out and losing weight, becoming fit, and building muscle. Sick of failing at having nice skin

  16. Miceller water is great. I use it before washing my face. Also, idk why they said it's moisturizing. It's not. It's very drying for me.

  17. I mean a lot of this is WAYYYYY too much. I do the “glass skin” thing but also no one calls it that it’s just called glowing or dewy skin. Also a lot of the products shown here are NOT how your going to get it 😂 a lot of it just hydration and sunscreen and a good cushion foundation.

  18. he completely missed the utility of micellar water, it takes off make up better then water with less rubbing and tugging and unlike makeup wipes its better for the environment and creates less waste.

  19. Ummm… I use the Biore Baking Soda Micellar Water and its actually really helpful with cleaning my skin and controlling a lot of my acne. Saying its a bust isn’t really true because all these products work differently on different people’s skin.

  20. I knew this video was going to be a "bust." While some of this info is nice, like the origins of Micellar water, it doesn't help that these so-called experts are speaking in superlative and being so dismissive as opposed to be being genuinely interested in informing the public. 🙁

  21. Not a big fan of miscellar water, my skin doesn’t like it, but I do love my face polishes and scrubs, improved my skin drastically 👍

  22. Eat healthy foods, good skin care next. No matter what you put on that face while eating toxic food you will never achieve that kind of skin. Nowadays people jump to surgery, buying and applying expensive products just to have that kind of skin, will the truth is that products you wants to buy can be found in your kitchen.

  23. When Amercia is just getting in to the game. Koreans and Japanese have been taking care of their skin their whole lives

  24. I tried an all natural powder exfoliating face wash like what they are talking about and it blew my mind! It is the best thing I've ever tried on my skin! So soft not gritty at all the smallest amount removed all of my makeup!!!! It's from NXN Beauty and it's called powder to foam exfoliator. Try it you won't regret it. ❤️

  25. I'm going to make a Video review of me using Beauty products to help even Skin Tone and get rid of hyper pigmentation

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