“The Best Butt Class In Los Angeles” – Sweat Inc., Season 1

“The Best Butt Class In Los Angeles” – Sweat Inc., Season 1

They say I have the best
butt class in Los Angeles. – Yeah.
– Oh! Randy:
There’s some decent butts
in Los Angeles. The Cuerpaso class
is a 60-minute workout. It’s divided into three parts,
based around the way a soccer game is set up.
We have the warm-up, then we go
into soccer movements. The next part
is the group training. We’ll work together
with a partner to elicit better results
and feel like a team. I played soccer
professionally in Brazil, and I’ve trained
around the planet, so I’ve had a great time
using the soccer ball in the Cuerpaso technique
to get people in shape. Tell us how you envision
Cuerpaso rolling out. The great thing
from a business perspective
is that all you need is a bag of soccer balls.
So, we have our Cuerpaso trademark balls.
I think that every gym
in the world would want to be teaching
this program, and it wouldn’t take any money
to get it started. I want to know where you think
the money is going to come from. So, one revenue stream
is the certifications, people paying the $100
or $200 for the licensing. Secondly, we have
the Cuerpaso jerseys. As we speak,
we’ve sold over 1,000 jerseys. Okay, clothing
and certifications. Show us the workout,
my man! And let’s get started with
our toe taps, side to side. If I start with a quick warm-up,
even if you all are pros, I gotta warm you all up.
Ten more seconds. Twist. Bop, bop, bop. And let’s do our European
step overs, nice and low, stepping around the ball. Jill: Great warm-up, dude.
That’s what a warm-up should be! Not only do soccer warm-ups
increase blood flow, but they also increase
coordination and agility. We’re gonna go
right to our drills. ( speaking Portuguese ) I love the whole language
that goes with this, man. I like to incorporate Portuguese
into the workout. I love that!
That’s important, like CrossFit
has their lingo, the WOD. Yoga utilizes Sanskrit. CrossFit utilizes PR
or WOD of the day.What this guy
is doing with Portuguese
is brilliant. Our favorite word in Brazil
isgolasso. That means “amazing goal.”
I’m going to pass you the ball. Each of you all’s going
to take a shot on the goal.Golasso,you can celebrate
with a hip swish, and that’s it. Here you’re working
the inner thighs and your explosiveness
on lateral movements.Golasso! Belleza!( speaking Portuguese ) ( cheering )Golasso!Tadeo, I’m looking
at my watch right now. I burned 100 calories
in 11 minutes, which is basically
the equivalence
of running a mile. I love the workout.
I think it’s a great workout. Thank you. You know your sport.
You understand the elements of fitness within your sport
and how to maximize them, and I really respect that. I will say
that if it’s too technical.
Nobody can teach it, but if this thing goes
and works, you will have a lot of people come around with bags
of soccer balls and trying to run us through that.
It just means you’re going to have to make choices that
support rapid speed to market. Gotcha. I’ve always done good things
with Cuerpaso. I’m just hoping
that they sensed it and felt it,
and their booties are a little sore,
so they can’t sit
down right now, but they’re standing,
deliberating and just like, “Let’s push
this dude through and make this
the next big workout.”

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  1. I am excited to finally see my episode tonight on Spike T.V. Meeting Paul and being trained by him personally was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.

  2. As a Portuguese native speaker I must say, this guy should've learned how not to mix Spanish with Portuguese. We do not write CUERPO, the correct way is CORPO. Also, we don't write PASO, it's actually PASSO in Portuguese. I think that if you're trying to sell a product using a foreign language, you should at least research the correct words. His accent didn't bug me as much as the wring spelling did.

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