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  1. I just started watching this show. I really, really want to hate this character… but I can't. On one hand he's just this obnoxious asshole but on the other I'm like "ugh, he's adorable."

  2. It's weird, the Skins characters that i end up getting attached to are the ones I used to get annoyed with so much in the beginning.

  3. Cookie in my opinion is the best skins character ever he can be an asshole but deep down he would do anything for his friends.
    I never didn't like him.

  4. At first, I thought he was just an unlikeable, shitty replacement for Chris. But in the end, I think his character development was the best and most realistic, much more than Tony's. They managed to do a redemption arc that was his entire story (as opposed to "gets hit by a bus, forgets how to do stuff and gets nice"). His episodes in season 7 were by far the best ones, although I do wish there had been some reference to Freddie. Also wtf Skins, get your shit together, we need a Cook spinoff!

  5. There's one thing I really admire about Cook's character is that he always called people out on their lies and bullshit. Even in front of everyone. He didn't allow anything shady to go on around him and that's what makes his character so unique.

  6. Where the hell is a the best of Sid 30 minutes video? has nearly all the characters except Sid apart from cook he's my favourite character. He was really funny. I bought a fucking gato. Lmfao

  7. "You couldn't make me feel alright if you stapled your tongue to my clit and stood on a cement mixer"

    Fucking ZING

  8. I think the reason I’m actually so in love with cook is because I mostly relate to his background n shit

  9. He’s the cutest boy ever. I love his attitude. He’s sexy and I love him

  10. The raw energy Cook emits when he screams “I’m cook” is the kind of power and self assurance I wish I had. Cook is the definition of Big Dick Energy

  11. Okay I'm ugly ASF and I know this is off topic but am I the only one who think effy is just average looking? She's the fem fatale of the show and someone even dies bc of her but the twins, Naomi and even Pandora is much prettier imo. Maybe I'm alone on this but if I had to choose I'd much rather look like Katie or Emily.

  12. I knew Cook was the best character when he attacked John Foster for killing Freddy. He’s a legend.

  13. I have only ever seen one episode of Skins and that is the one where it is Cook's birthday. I saw it when it was shown on telly and it made my blood boil that much I never watched another episode. I have watched that episode again tonight on I player because I was bored and couldn't find anything to watch. It made me cringe more than the first time I saw it. All the comments here are positive about him. Is it really possible to get to like that character by watching more episodes? I couldn't stomach another episode. I never want to see that annoying twat ever again as long as I live!

  14. 99 percent of you laugh at cook but the other 1 percent know this is a product of depression stress and hate

  15. Cook is such a deep character he’s a sensitive warm loving guy wrapped up in a brave persona who’s been hurt by everyone he thought loved him

  16. Cook was one my faves and my fave from gen 2. I didn’t really have a fave in gen 1 and gen 3 I liked Liv but generation two was definitely my fave out of all of them

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