The Best Warm-Up For Your Sweaty…Run ;-)

The Best Warm-Up For Your Sweaty…Run ;-)

hey there Nikki here so in this video
I’m gonna give you kind of a quick fun little primal movement mobility warm-up to
get you a hot and sweaty and ready for your I know mind in the gutter, no your
run that bad joke I know alright let’s get into it so you’re gonna come onto your back now we’re just gonna start a little hip
warm-up here so you’re gonna hug one knee in slide the other leg out pull take it in stretch
breathe in breathe out and switch yeah hold and stretch good one more time each
way slide in that’s it last one like that pull it in all right now we’re gonna add on four three you’re gonna bring it in pull in the leg hug that knee in tight
drive through your heel and then lift and lower
good job lift and lower two more activating the back of that hip
and glute lower switch sides yeah pull it in slide your leg and flex the foot
hug your knee tight let’s bring the hips up and lower that’s it fabulous work two
more last one like that good one more round of these switch pull it in lift it
up and lower good job up and down one more time good final round you know what’s coming switch pull that leg in drive up and
down two more keeping that leg hug them tight
good work all right from here flip on over come on to your hands and knees
tuck your toes a little hip Rock sit back and up just getting the hips moving
that’s it all right come up pause now I’m gonna
start you with the basic one you’re gonna lift one hand opposite leg hold
good job bring it down and switch so that’s option a stay with that as long
as you need if you feel good hover your knees and again you’re going to lift and
hold bring it down switch bring it down
switch one more time all right we’re gonna take this into a little bit of a
crawl I want you to step forward pause take it back
that’s it forward trying to hold your hips still gaze can be a little up now
if you need a choice its knees down good couple more now if you’re wondering why
is she making me do this incredibly silly thing it’s because this sets us up
for a more powerful and stronger run we learn do this when we’re babies it’s actually
really helpful last time good from here sit back come on up reach arms up and
you’re gonna twist and bring it in again you actually get a lot of power and
efficient movement when your spine moves well let’s go a little quicker
pull back bring it in back bring it in now I’m pushing through my feet driving
my hips a little forward so I get a little more glute and core activation
if you want a little quicker still lift and switch nice job
now I don’t really care what your arms do but it shouldn’t feel kind of good
then move your ribs and move your head that’s it four more three two and one
now bring yourself to standing however you like final thing we’re new here just
a little ankle warm-up hands by your sides on hips you’re going to
lift one heel and bring it down now again this is the basic if you need it
if you want a little more challenge you’re gonna lift one heel stretch drop
one heel and the other switch sides here up up down down you got it a few more that’s the way last two excellent work
final time sweet and you’re done thanks so much for
watching I hope you enjoyed this video if you liked it please subscribe to my
channel I put out new videos every single week and yeah check out all the
other ones that are on here take care bye

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