The Bottled Water Taste Test

The Bottled Water Taste Test

– What the fuck are we doing today? You’re having me drink water? (peppy music) – Smells like hydrogen and oxygen. – The consistency looks like water. – It’s like a metal-y,
bottle-y kind of taste to it. – Tastes like water. – Since it just makes me thirstier, I’m gonna say it’s expensive. – And I think it’s cheap. – Will I drink this? Yes, because it is the life source that runs the planet. – And this was Dasani. – They charge you so much, it is such a rip-off. It’s made by the biggest
soda company in the world. There’s something evil about that, right? Like I’m not crazy? – The way it splashes
really reminds me of water. – I like this water. – This just, it tastes like water, which is what I want from my water. – Expensive? Like spa water? – I bet this one’s expensive, now that I’m talking all
this good stuff about it. This is Fiji. – I love Arrowhead! – This is what I’m talking about, this is just the normal stuff. Arrowhead, it’s water, dummy. Just drink it. – What? Is that water? – I don’t have any problems with it. – This is like your
older brother’s holding your head underwater in a pool, and you take just one little
gasp of air, desperately, but all you get is chlorine. – Oh, I don’t like this one. It’s super filmy. – Dumb expensive water that they throw some PH shit in. – Delish! “Iceland pure spring water “with a PH of 8.88.” – Added PH! – Guys, my water palate
is pretty on point, right? – So I know it’s not cheap because there’s no metal aftertaste. – Top of the taste, refreshing. End of the taste, a little tap water-y. – Fiji maybe? – I don’t know, something about it tastes like it’s seen some pipes. – Cheap. – You would still drink it, but you’d have more fun
spraying it on your lawn. – I would say like 1.50 a bottle? – Ha, suck it Fiji! – This is Fiji water? – That’s upsetting,
because it looks so pretty. – Oh, this one looks fancy! This one is fancy water! – Oh my God, I just know from the smell, I don’t even need to taste this thing. – That’s tap water. – This is pool water, a.k.a. Los Angeles tap water. – Because everyone knows
L.A. water is disgusting. – If somebody sells this,
they should be ashamed. – I now want to go back and revise all my other answers, because I was like, “There’s not a difference in water.” No, there’s a difference. This is not good water. – [Voiceover] Yeah, it’s tap water. – (laughs) – No, you should not pay more for water. If you’re paying for this
designer brand bottle, just know what you’re paying for is that fancy, cool looking design. No one has any right to
be snobbish about water, it’s one of the most
essential things in the world, we are lucky to have it, just drink it.

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  1. There really is a difference in waters because I’ve always gotten Evian but I recently got Aquafina and it has this raspy drying taste and Evian is so smooth and pure but Idk

  2. Water with electrolites is the best water and im glad im not the only person to think some waters taste different (i hate arrow head water sorry😂

  3. I live in New Castle County, Delaware. I love our tap water. It’s all I will drink when it comes to water, unless I’m out and buy a bottle

  4. Grew up in the country where we couldnt drink the tap water so we lived on delivered jugs of water and bottles and I can totally taste a difference. Calgary's water is gross, where I live.

  5. I got evian water at the store today, very dissapointed. It smells like nothing GOOD. Well, it tasted like tap water tbh xD

  6. Ya'll are tripping if you say that Fiji water tastes the same as any other bottled water. Not being snobby, just saying.

  7. It's the mineral added in water that makes it taste good. In my area (Vegas), Nestle 5 gallon Water is always out at the end of the week at Albertson but no one touches Arrowhead 5 gallon.

  8. My favorite water is straight from the stream in nature. The closest thing is spring water. Why do we add minerals "for taste"

  9. I can only handle, ice mountain, fiji, and smart water. I hate when water has a taste. I can not stand dasani or aquafina. I gag.

  10. 1:49 researched to make a upcoming “what tree looks better” video 😂

    Randomly clicked on this video

  11. Lol you should try Florida's water. Disney Resorts don't count. I mean stay at a regular hotel out of Disney, or if you live in Florida, then you'll understand

  12. I did my own personal taste test, and Fiji genuinely tastes better to me. I'm not snobbish about it, in fact I barely drink water… But I really do think Fiji is better than other brands

  13. I cannot tell a difference in how water tastes whatsoever. I only drink tap water, spend $0 on it and as a bonus don't pollute the world with plastic and chemicals. Most people in this world are so privileged and lucky that they even have access to clean water, i dont see why you have to waste money/materials on bottled water for no reason.

  14. I hate the plastic after taste of water so that's why I usually like tap water but where I am currently living the tap water is like pure plastic it comes out white and it's fizzy

  15. Lmao she got stuck on that face saying I love Arrowhead biii shut up that stuff literally taste like dirt water idk wtf moutian they get it from

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  17. Las Vegas tap water is kinda gross like LA’s water lmao, it smells funny 😂 it smells like sulfur (smelly eggs basically)

  18. Glasses with the purple shirt is a total DB that will ruin your party. Don't invite him to your party.

  19. i am from Fiji we mostly drink tap water and get sick from drinking it, because tap water in Fiji May not be very clean sometimes.

    so we waste our money buying Fiji water bottles in the nearby shops. 😔

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