Hi everyone. My name is Lana and welcome to a new video. Today, I have a very very special video This is something that I have wanted to unbox on my channel for a very long time, and I can’t believe I’m finally going to do it This is probably the coolest Harry Potter subscription box that you can get I first heard about it on my friend Cherry’s channel And I’m going to link her channel down below because for sure she’s also going to do this unboxing and I just think it’s fair To be able to like link her since it was through her that I found out about this subscription box But anyways, okay, so the subscription box it’s called litjoycrate magical edition So this subscription box is not a monthly kind of deal I think they released one per year if I’m not mistaken and each of the boxes revolves around one of the books this one that I have here is book six so the half-blood Prince I’m very very late to the game as you can tell but that’s okay because book six is my favorite middle book You know, like I love book one and I love book seven, but between like the middle books book six was definitely my favorite I don’t know if that made any sense or if you even cared to know but there you go. I pre-ordered this box back in April so I’m so excited that it’s finally here. So let’s get to unboxing but before we do I’m just gonna talk a little bit about this awesome box because I think that this is the first year that they actually Decorate the outside So it has a really cool illustration here so you can see the Pensieve and I believe that these two people are Voldemort’s parents in the Pensieve, but I may be mistaken But um, but yeah, so we have that and then right here We have all of the vials From the memories that we get to explore in book 6 and then here we have a little bit more of things that happen in The story like the vanishing cabinet the cursed necklace and then right over here We have a Dumbledore and Harry as they’re going to look for the Horcrux and then we have Hogwarts and the dark mark and underneath Underneath we have in theory, but I’m not going to show it because it has my address. So let’s just open it up Where is the front? Oh, here it is. Okay I got to my lovely little scissors, and I’m gonna open it and I’m so excited. As always I will let you guys have the first peek into the box Although I’m sure it’s just gonna be tissue paper, but that’s okay. So three two one Okay, I can already things! Okay, I almost spoiled this box for myself So when you open the box, you will get this and I believe that in here all of the items listed in this box So be sure to toss that aside. All right, next up we have this First item is this little reusable bag and it has the Weasley twins and it says Weasleys Wizard wheezes and on the back. It just has some of the items that they sell at their shop. That’s so cute And I like this material. It’s like a very sturdy material. So that’s very cool I’m really excited to see what else is next though. Okay next up I’ve already seen something really really cute. So actually you know, what? No, I don’t know I don’t know if I should save that for last No, okay. Okay. I’ll let you guys see the cute things that I’ve already seen how Adorable is this okay. You guys can’t really see what it is, but it is a pygmy puff in a little cage That is so cute. I’m really sad because in the movie they don’t really show it that much, the pygmy pups I think there’s like one really quick scene that you can see a pygmy puff on Ginny’s shoulder But I wish that they showed more because I think that it’s such a cute little creature But yeah, so it just looks like this. Let me flip her. Oh my god. That is so cute Oh my god, and the box itself is really cool. It has instructions on how to care for your pygmy Puff. Number one name your pygmy puff. Number two feed it, Number three prepare shelter for it and number four play with it That’s so cute I Absolutely Love this next up we have these oh Very cute, very cute So there is a little amortentia. Ooh, it smells really good too. What is it Oh, it’s a candle! That is so cute It’s gonna look so good displayed over there. Next up is a little box and Sounds like there would be jewelry in here, which is pretty cool. So let’s open it up Okay So right on top there is a little note and it says to the Dark Lord I know I will be dead long before you read this But I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret I had stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can I Face death in the hope that when you meet your match you will be mortal once more signed Rab So as you can imagine What is in here is these Slytherin locket? And it looks very different to the actual Slytherin locket that they use in the movies But I actually really really like this because it looks more like a piece of jewelry Love it! Okay. Next, next up is a pin. And what is this? Oh, it’s a pensieve So cool What a cool idea and I think that it spins it does So on the side you can actually see the Elder Wand and in the center. There’s like a little swirly Circle thing that you can spin that is so cool There’s something that seems to be sticking out Hmm. Okay. I don’t know what that is. So I’m gonna put that back but let’s see Oh What this is so cool. Okay, that is amazing So they included a little phone ring, but it is the gaunt ring as well How awesome leave my only problem with this is that I’m never gonna want to actually use it because it’s too cool But it just looks like that that is seriously so clever so Now we have a little box and what could be inside of this box Is it a music box It is it looks like it has a Phoenix carved into it And then on the inside it says the ones that love us never really leave us put a beautiful quote. Let’s see That’s so beautiful and actually I played this at my wedding when the officiant announced us husband and wife they played the song so that is so special and I honestly loved the fact that they didn’t Use Hedwig’s theme because I do really love that song but I feel like it’s so overplayed and so overused So that’s really special that they used this song and that part of the song, okay next So there is another box Set this down so I can be able to open it better and this box says this book is the property of the half-blood Prince It’s like a little miniature version of the book and on the inside That is so adorable like it’s a very simple idea but the fact that they included this inside of this little replica book is Just awesome, even the box that it comes in is really adorable One last thing in here, right? Oh, no there isn’t there are more things but Stop spoiling us. Okay. Anyways, let’s see what this is Oh Cute So yes, I was right it is a book sleeve But you can totally use it for like an iPad or an e-reader and it is the Room of Requirement here You can see the vanishing cabinet and you can see it Dobby and you can see That Hagrid why is that great in there? Oh and little Draco That’s really cute. And then the last few items are just really tiny things. So there is this which I believe are bookmarks. Oh Is that supposed to be lavender Brown? Wow, I totally thought that was Hermione Granger, but it says I love one one So definitely, it’s lavender right and then there are some We have Snape Wow Snape actually looks quite foxy in that Wow Tom Riddle Ginny dang Ginny you’ve been looking out Hmm Draco, Draco looks very very different and also very sexy. What is going on Professor Slughorn? And that’s it I don’t know if these are trading cards or if these are just regular playing cards that you collect But they’re really cool and I wish I had more I wish I had a complete set then there is this little package Mark what is a bookmark and it has Bellatrix Lestrange? And on the back there is the unbreakable vowel between her and Snape will not hurt Snape her sister and Snape Narcisa and then there is a Beautiful print of one of my favorite characters ever Albus Dumbledore and it’s printed on the really nice and soft material I don’t know what this is, but it’s pretty amazing and – the very last thing lies within this envelope So on the seal it says Professor Slughorn So, let’s see what that is. Oh I almost dropped it. Oh my god It is an invite to Slughorn’s Christmas party It says you are cordially invited to a Christmas party hosted by Professor HGF Slughorn December the 20th at 8 p.m. The party will take place in professor Slughorn’s office at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry That is so awesome. Oh my god. I would have never thought of making this kind of March I can’t get over how creative this box is Seriously, absolutely amazing. Okay Now we just say for us to take a look at this little pamphlet that has all of the items listed in here And what’s really cool is you can actually see some of the designers behind each of these items So if you wanted to check them out, maybe follow on Instagram. Everything here is listed However, I would say that most of these things in the box are lit joy, exclusives regardless I’m going to leave all of these Instagram handles down in the description box so you can be able to follow these Amazing talented people and I will also be including as more information about the box how you can buy it Because you can only preorder each of these subscription box at a certain time So I believe that for the next one you will be able to preorder. I think it’s in September So keep a lookout you can be able to join the waiting list so they can let you know when the book nope Not the book when the subscription box is available for pre-order, which is what I did because I bought the book Why don’t you saying book the subscription box? Back in April and then I only got it now. We are in July almost August. So yeah Anyways, I just want to take a moment to think back on all these amazing items that we received. I Let’s see. Let’s see if I can actually choose a favorites because it’s gonna be very hard I would say that one of my favorites was probably uh This I just thought I thought was so clever I’ve never seen that done anywhere and I don’t know why they have never done Merch like this because I just think that it’s so cool I mean you can buy pygmy pups at the parks But you cannot buy them in this really cool packaging with this little tiny cage Which I think makes the experience of having to pick a new pup so much more fun So I just I love that super creative and of course I would have to say my other favorites is the advance potion making book with the Felix Felicis in the side I mean just so so cool. Oh, of course Also, I probably should have mentioned that after you take this out if you wanted to use this for display Then you can use this box for something else, but then I don’t know I don’t know if I will display it like this or if all displayed in here Maybe have it like cracked open a little bit so you can be able to see what’s inside Anyway, I just I love all these items so much. I’m seriously so happy this felt like Christmas Anyway do let me know in the comments what your favorite item from this box was if you can choose just one feel free to Choose to like me I promise I won’t judge you because if I did judge you then I would have to judge myself and I don’t want to do That but anyway, I’m going to end my video here. So thank you guys so so so much for watching I really hope that you enjoyed today’s video and I will see you in the next one

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  1. It really is the best subscription box ever. I actually cried while opening it because it is my favorite book/movie and they picked amazing items to represent the story. Absolutely worth the money and the wait! The company does such a great job keeping you informed while you wait and once its ships, it gets to you so fast!

  2. Lana se nota que disfrutaste enserio esta caja. Nunca pierdas esa energía positiva que nos inspira a todos. Sos hermosa por dentro y por fuera!

  3. Ok i just realized that bellatrix is the aunt of draco and in the new book bellatrix and voldemort suppose to have a daughter so that means that voldemort is the uncle of drako and their child is his cousin OMG i just shook myself

  4. I just unboxed mine too! You didn't show all the items.. That or they didn't send them in your box.. That would stink if you didnt get all the items.
    I think my favorite item was the advanced potion making book and potion.. Oh and that gold thing you said you didnt know what it was is to display the potion. ? i love this box!

  5. Did you not get the Aragog shot glass? Maybe you missed it in the packaging – ‘cause I can imagine you’d love that one

  6. I feel like the locket isn’t supposed to look exactly like Slytherin’s because it was put there by Regulus. The book mentions that it was much smaller than the real horcrux.

  7. Lit Joy Crate does do boxes every month but the Harry Potter ones are special edition ones that they do once a year

  8. This may sound weird but this was a very cozy video!! The editing style, the Weasley sweater, the colors of the vid, the unboxing. It felt comforting and Christmas-y to me! ♥️?

  9. I just found your channel and oh my gosh I absolutely love your energy! It’s so welcoming and really makes me smile ?

  10. I had a heart attack when you tossed out the booklet, since it's the one the Ministry mails out to everyone to warn against Voldermort , inferi and tips to be safe. >_>

  11. Your excitement is contagious, I haven't been so into harry potter for a little while but this video just reignited the love I had for the franchise!!

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    Link to the cutest & coziest Weasley sweater →

  13. You are so right, I have never had a subscription box they just never appealed to me…but I must have this one, WOW

  14. I love this! It’s so fun to see you get that excited. I got so excited too and the box isn’t mine ❤️

  15. Fellow Harry Potter fan here ?? I've just started youtube (thanks to you!) and I'm so grateful I have someone so like minded to look up to! Thanks Lana! You inspire me so much!

  16. where are the artist handles??? you said in the video you'd put them in the description box but i don't see them there, i'd really like to follow and check them out

  17. As a huge Harry Potter fan, watching your enthusiasm with every item made me SO HAPPY! Seriously, it would be exactly how I would react and no one understands this more than you! Haha

  18. My autistic brother is going through a harry potter phase and loves watching ur videos, I swear he talks about ur HP vids and at first I had no idea what he was talking about but then I gave him my phone and my recommendations are full of u and other hp fans. Thank you for the video from my brother

  19. Is it just me or is harry potter sticking around for waaay too long? Dont get me wrong, I love the books and films, but they ended almost 10 years ago and people are still doing hauls and unboxing of the merch. That being said I dont have anything against peopla having fun, just wanted to share this observation…

  20. Hi just found your channel and just wanted to say, your gorgeous!!! And your a HP fan!! Yessss ❤️❤️❤️New subscriber!!!

    Edit: what house are you in? I’m guessing Gryffindor❤️ also, you kinda look like Emma Watson!!!

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    Thank you.

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