The Great Love of Jesus pouring down all His Water and Blood to the last drop…

The Great Love of Jesus pouring down all His Water and Blood to the last drop…

Let us meditate on the Message of Love
from Jesus on Good Friday, April 19, 2019. The pains that I have
suffered over the last Lenten season
have further intensified year after year, but during this Lent, my redemptive
suffering has reached the highest level
where I have expected death every day. On Holy Thursday, April 18th, when Mass
ended on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain,
I ardently asked Jesus and the Blessed Mother, ‘O Jesus, a Teacher
Who lays down all of Himself! On this
day which is the Holy day for priests, please grant them the sublimest love that
You showed to the disciples at the Last Supper so that this world which
deserves punishment can be saved.’ At that very moment, Fragrant Oil and Thick Mother’s
Milk came down in large quantities. Several priests came in and witnessed the
Signs. While they were giving thanks to the Lord, the large amount of the Fragrant Oil and
the Thick Mother’s Milk gradually disappeared
before the eyes of all those who were present. In fact, Our Lady fed Her Milk to us as
nourishment out of Her purest and sublimest love,
so that all of us may grow spiritually and physically. At 3 p.m. on Good Friday, foreign priests and pilgrims
from 14 countries, who did not
mind the long distance to come to Naju, began doing the Stations of the
Cross together with the domestic pilgrims. When I was praying
under the crucifix at Mt. Calvary, my ears started hurting as if they fell off
from me under an exceptionally strong wind, I felt
so extremely cold until my whole body shivered. Suddenly, a sharp whip struck
my whole body consecutively and then, I felt as if countless big nails
have been piercing my whole head. I offered up the suffering, kneeling
and lying face down on the rock under the
crucifix, burying my head in my hands. I prayed; ‘Jesus! I am now offering up any pain
joyfully, but let this suffering of mine be invisible.’ At that moment, I came to see a vision:
Jesus was wearing the Crown of thorns When a Roman soldier struck the crown
with a club here and there mercilessly, the
thorns were being driven deep into His Head. After that, the soldier took off the crown
whose thorns already had been stuck on His head. And then he pressed it down
again on His head and struck it
with a club here and there many times. Whenever the soldier repeated
this torture, Jesus was shedding blood
in the middle of His terrifying pain. While I was participating in the pain
of the Crown of thorns of Jesus, the
blood continued to flow down from my head, but the visible blood shed was
much less than my actual bleeding. At the moment,
Jesus sent down His Precious Blood and the Blessed Mother sent down
Her Fragrant Oil and Thick Mother’s Milk. While I was shivering under the terrible cold
caused by the scourging on my whole body, the wind blew in through the
holes of the wounds made by the crown of thorns. It was an unbearable
suffering accompanied with my
oxygen saturation sinking low. At this moment, one volunteer, the one
who was well aware that I had suddenly died and gone to Heaven on Good Friday of
2016 due to hypothermia and respiratory arrest, was so startled that she tried to heat up
my body by covering me with a mantle, a
blanket, an outer garment, hot water and so on. However, my whole body
was still shivering due to the cold and I had to wear the oxygen cannula because
my oxygen saturation still continued decreasing. I offered up graciously all these sufferings
for the Lord and the Blessed Mother and also
for the pilgrims who were gathered at this place. When Jesus was nailed and died on the Cross,
the Roman soldier pierced His Side with a spear. Then, Water and Blood
poured out from His Side like a waterfall, which descended as rain of the Precious Blood
over the priests and the pilgrims who were gathered
and praying on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain and it was actually absorbed into them. I cried out when looking at the scene. Julia: “Oh, my beloved Jesus,
how much pain You must have felt! I only give thanks to You for
pouring down all Your Water and Blood
to the last drop even at this time 2,000 years afterwards,
for us all who are unworthy. Why do You love sinful
children in the world this much? As You transfused Your
Precious Blood into Your children
who came to the Blessed Mother’s Mountain, please also send down Your Precious
Blood to their family members and the children
who wished to be here but were unable to as well as the opponents
so that the Kingdom of the
Lord may come to this world.” Then Jesus spoke with a kind voice. Jesus: “Oh, My beloved little soul! Of course, I will grant your wish. But if they close the doors
of their hearts, iron-cladded with pride
and self-centered stubbornness, and continue to ignore and
reject My Love, I can’t force it.” Julia: “Oh, Lord, even I feel intense pain in my
heart then how much more pain would You feel, when You, who want all the children in the world
to be saved, see that the shepherds whom You per-
sonally appointed are singing Alleluia with their lips, but are also distracted by so many
useless, tangled thoughts (胡思亂想), and are thus frustrating
and depressing You(觸目傷心) with all their preposterous
rumors and accusations(附言浪說)? Even though I’m a very
unworthy, weak, and trivial sinner, please make use of this pain
of mine and my blood without
missing any drop of it for Your glory.” Jesus: “Of course, I will. I am going to transfuse My
Precious Blood with My Love into them together so that even a single drop of the blood
that you shed while participating in My
excruciating suffering may not be in vain. Because you, a victim soul,
responded with Amen and are dedicated
as a pure sacrificial offering at every moment, God the Father said that even when you
are only breathing, you are already playing
a significant role in saving countless souls. It is because you graciously offer up
your excruciating and dreadful sufferings by
sublimating them into the Five Spiritualities so that even the most wicked sinners
who deserve hell may repent and be saved. All the clergy and children
in the world who rushed to this place
responding to My call with Amen! This world, which has gravely offended God,
makes the chastisement by God unavoidable. Many disasters that are taking place
all over the world are warnings that indicate
the time of Great Tribulation is close at hand. God the Father is delaying
the time of chastisement because of the entreaty of My Mother Mary
and your earnest prayers that are offered in unity with My little soul
when you gather in this holy place, Naju Shrine
which I prepared with My Mother. Therefore, do not forget
that you are chosen as good grains. Go help many souls get
aboard the Mary’s Ark of Salvation so that everyone may be saved
and that the cup of blessing may be
sent down instead of chastisement. I, Who am the beginning and the
end and have the keys to death, hell and
Heaven, will come to each one of you together with my Mother Who is the
Queen of Heaven in the not-too-distant future, bringing reward and fire
to repay each one according to their works. Therefore, hurriedly be awake and arm yourselves
with the Five Spiritualities, thus enjoy Heaven.” Amen. (Amen!)

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