The Inventor of the Ta-Ta Towel Wants to Combat Boob Sweat | MONEY

The Inventor of the Ta-Ta Towel Wants to Combat Boob Sweat | MONEY

No one wants to wear a bra at home. It’s almost like your girls are in hammocks. It’s a halter style type bra that hooks underneath each breast. It is so comfortable. I call it my weekend bra. My air conditioning was broken and I just could not stop sweating. I ended up going on this date. All I kept thinking was, ‘How can I figure out a solution?’ I got home from the date and I was staring at my ceiling for
about two hours and I had that like Oprah ‘aha’ moment. And then I borrowed a friend’s sewing machine. I googled how to sew, and how to use the sewing machine. And then I borrowed fabric from my mom. I just felt like I was really
embarrassed to quit, and I was scared to try. I was about three days away from having to do that dreaded call home to the parents of like, ‘I failed.’ And then I went viral and I went from being excited to sell 25 towels in one day, to the company became a million dollar company within hours. At first I was nervous that it would
just be like, ‘OK it’s a thing.’ But the fact that it actually works and women are finding a lot of
comfort in it? It’s been the best feeling ever.

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