The Metaphor of Water

The Metaphor of Water

Hello. My name is Ilona Ciunaite and today I will speak to you about water. Ok. we have this water here and we can call it ocean or sea and those words are just different names for the form. Water can show up in different
forms. Like that water in the sky that we call a cloud. Or icy water we call ice, it’s
still water. Here we see waves and drops and splashes. And it’s all different forms of
the same water. Can you notice that names are useful for communication, but it’s a name
for the form that water takes? We can call this a wave, but the wave does not exist without water. The wave is the name of a shape and it can not become an ocean, it can not become water. It’s already water in the shape of a wave. So it has a name- a wave. See how powerful this energy is. It’s waving rhythmically endlessly. Ok. So let’s try this, let’s replace
the word water with the word being. Or if you prefer aliveness, life, you can use any word you prefer. The one that works for you: presence, here now, god, well these are all just the names, so we know what we are talking about. And notice this, everything that shows
up as experience is this isness, this being showing up in all these different forms. We have names for all these forms. But neverless it’s the same energy, same aliveness, same life showing up. We can zoom in and focus on one form and call it a name, for example, a human, a man, a woman, a child. We can call sensations, feelings, thoughts. We can call this beingness empty spacious formless nothing. And all we can do is just talk about names, talk about forms when in essence, this being is what shows up as all these forms. Now howto apply that to yourself? Ok. Feel that sense of aliveness, feel it. Zoom into it. Feel this energy, that which is underneath all thoughts and names. It’s the knowing, that I am. Knowing of existing. Being aware. You can focus on the right side of your chest and just feel into it. Don’t call it anything. Just feel
into it. What is here? Notice how words come up, how names show up. And they name that which is noticed. But there is something there underneath all those names. It’s alive presence. Can you see how words are useful to direct attention? Can you notice that the name of
a form cannot become a Whole, it’s already the whole showing up as a name as a form. So in the same way how a drop cannot become water you can not become the whole. So just for a minute focus on what
is behind the form, what is prior to the name. The sense of aliveness. Notice how every sensation,
every thought and emotion is a movement of one energy, one aliveness. So you can’t become the whole. Just notice what already is. Isness. Being. You can rest in that. Knowing that everything that is experienced is already whole. And everything can be welcomed and
allowed. That’s all about water. Till next time!

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  1. I'm presently reading Liberation Unleashed. Don't understand why I resonate with the words, but yet all I experience is anger, because I can't feel the peace….so frustrating!

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