The most awkward moment Ive ever seen.

The most awkward moment Ive ever seen.

Today I am sooo EXCITEEEEEEEEEEDDD!!! Because! We’re gonna watch, you and I, my favorite stream of all time. It is so goddamn painful to watch. But that’s how you know that shit is gooood! The thing about streams is that, once the content is up there It’s there forever, and that’s the beauty of it. I– I’m always extremely paranoid whenever I stream that I’m gonna say something or do something That people will judge me… Anyway, let’s laugh at some other people being awkward! (Laughs) All right, so this stream is for Summer Games Done Quick 2014. It’s a speedrun of Tomba 2 Look at that, incredible! Don’t get me wrong, I– I think speedruns can be really interesting. *THUD* Oh my god, my camera just fell.. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to trash speedruns I think it can be really interesting and really impressive what people do with their spare time cuz jesus fucking Christ. I’m kidding I’m kidding. Now let’s go back to the video I was 100% sure it said autistic there because I think it takes a special kind of mind to do this. Chibi: This… looks fun So we got Cavemen, the guy with a mustache, and what I *sexxyyy burp* And the guy next to him, Chibi, who invited himself on the couch for the speedrun. Now imagine Imagine playing the same game over and over and over and over and over and over and it’s your time It’s the only skill you have. It’s the only talent you really acquire Which is one talent more than I’ll ever have, so don’t get me wrong. But still, imagine doing all that It’s your time to shine, it’s your time to show it all off and then this motherfucker Chibi Invites himself to the couch next to you, to steal your spotlight Let’s watch. Caveman DCJ: Hello everyone, I am Caveman DCJ and this is Tomba 2 Oh, that’s a good start. Chibi: Well I mean it’s more plot than Bubsy has! So Chibi keeps trying to fill Fill in the blanks you know which I can respect Chibi for doing. First of all, Chibi is the only guy *hehehueuehe* Man, I love how Chibi is the only guy manspreading. He clearly went all alpha in on this couch, but Caveman He’s not having it Dude, I love bagels It’s so yummy. I believe you We barely getting started and Caveman seem a little bit fed up by Chibi We all met that one guy that thinks he knows everything and wants to comment about shit he doesn’t know what he’s talking about well that’s Chibi for you You know a little social, uh… a little social school from your boy, Pewdiepie Ultimate Socia– Socialist I mean, uh I mean ultimate social person: If you’re doing most of the talking and the person you’re speaking to gives most of the responses like “Okay.” “Uh-huh.” “Alright.” Then that probably means they are not interested in anything of what you’re saying And you should probably ask them a question instead. I know — I know! I’m very well versed in the art of social interaction Fem announcer: All right well we have $20 from Iniffy, “Here’s $20! You can have it. Maybe it’ll ‘come in useful.'” Oh my god… And we have $5 from… Caveman DCJ: …but we’re not going to, because I like the boomerang. *Exactly two people go “hmph” as a polite laugh.* God Chibi, you’re so awkward, and my man Chibi he has some excellent stand-up comedy on-the-fly skills. Just look at– look at this. (Laughs) That’s hilarious! My man Chibi! Yeahhhhh! Crabs is a good thing. Look how happy he is. Why is he smiling so much? Chibi: I’ve never seen crabs used that way *dead silence* Caveman: And you won’t ever again. And hopefully the end of you Chibi *roasted* I’m kidding. I’m KIDDING Chibi: *enthusiastic* Yes! Fast Pants! Caveman: They make you go fast. Chibi: I want one. Naow. *Chibi snorts at his own joke* Excuse me Chibi pants is actually plural Not a lot of people know about this that aren’t fucking morons! It even said pants! Caveman: Oh yeah, I would hate to actually, like, have to put the pants on Chibi: Ehehehehe hehe! *sharp inhale* Chibi: I mean…
Caveman: Alright R.I.P Ap- R.I.P. Safety Apple. I gotta go. Chibi: I mean, *wtf* Pewds: ooooOOOHHHHHHHH!!!! Chibi just GO. No one wants you here Chibayyyyy! Announcer: We have $20 from Eoin… He’s so happy! Any form of attention He just… lits up Chibi, god bless you. A lonely — a lonely child, you know? The only child in the family. That’s Chibi right there. You know it’s true. You know it’s true. ANCR: …TomBee squirrel suit hype! Donating another five dollars if the announcer can pronounce my name right! *nervous noises* uhhh hopefully I was close! Chibi, trying to do a deep, gravely voice and failing: Challenge Accepted! I like how he hesitated a little bit to do that meme Look at him. He’s like, “Should I do a cheeky? Should I do a cheeky Chibi?” Look at him. Look at him! He goes for it! Chibi: “Challenge Accepted!” CHUHLUNGE UK SUP TUD. So good. SO GOOD! Caveman: He doesn’t actually talk though. So he would never say that. In any situation. *Chibi laughs, not reading the room at all*
Pewds: Ohhh my god. Chibi: You could pretend he does! This is painful. Chibi, same voice:
“I have Fast Pants.” Caveman: You get Turbo Pants later. There’s a moment where you just need to be quiet Like they had a little nice conversation there like a little bit of back and forth Interaction but then he just has to keep going. Chibi: Now you’re just making me excited.
Caveman: Yeah I don’t think you’re ready for that. Chibi: I don’t think I am. Just stop there. Just stop there Chibi and say nothing moooOOORE! Think I need some time to “Prepare My Body.” You su — fan — f-fucking asshole. God damn it. Caveman: Alright. Pewds: (laughs) “Alright.” Chibi: Ohh! Someone else has a birthday today Caveman: What are the odds? Chibi: Pfft! Right!? Oh it’s Chibi’s birthday. I never realized that. Maybe that’s why Caveman is trying to be nice at some points, you know? It’s Chibi’ s birthday. Oh my god that makes this even better Yes! Oh my GOD. You know it’s a good joke when you don’t laugh and instead you just say, with a dead tone, “Good joke” That’s how you know something is *truly* hilarious. So at this point How long have they been playing? 18 minutes, It’s not even that long They’re supposed to go for an hour and 30 and Caveman, is not having it anymore. He… He… huehuehuehue The Cringe has gone too far. He needs to stop he needs to do something Chibi is not picking up on any of the social cues that uhh that caveman has been giving him to shut the fuck up But yes you are correct Ooooohhh… Chibiii! Chibiii!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA (gasp) AHAHAHA Noo… (laugh) Ohh my god, ooh Bless. It’s my favorite moment ever It’s so mean, but it’s so justified at the same time. Here’s the thing though, I’m not on either side, okay I’m a little bit towards Caveman’s side because if he invited himself to the couch, that’s fucking annoying But at the same time I feel bad for Chibi, and I also think they’re both You know sort of in the wrong, I guess in a way, okay, so literally Thirty minutes later a little less than thirty minutes later, I guess he’s been quiet for 30 minutes. It’s just been sitting there moping It’s his birthday. He’s not happy This is terrible. He’s sunken into the couch… Announcer: … cents from TwoStrains, “I want to hear more of the guy in the green sweatshirt on the couch, please let him talk more.” Yeah-heh-heh! I like how Caveman like gives him permission to speak Chibi: Hi. Oh my God. It’s so awkward. I can’t. Chibi: Nice mustache.
Caveman: Thank you. Chibi: So since you have all the pig bags does that mean you just fight all the bosses now, at once? Caveman: Yeah, boss rush mode. Why does this random girl just show up with a paper? Jesus. Announcer: $5 from DieSOayd, “Enjoying this run but I’ll donate another $10 if green hoodie guy does 10 jumping jacks.” Green hoodie guy!! Do those– jump! Oh he’s so happy I told you he’s so happy whenever he gets attention Caveman: So this is just pretty much the point of no return. Like, the first thing you see– Those are not jumping jacks! Ahahahaha! Oh, this is turning me on Oh my Lord…
Caveman: Great job, guy I don’t know. “Great job, guy I don’t know.” You spend an hour together next to each other on a couch, and you’ve really bonded. You truly bonded Chibi: Thanks guys you just gave me my exercise of the week “That Tomba 2 background music complimented the awkwardness so well.” Dudududu… Oh god I’m Chibi. “Thank you for the evil list of pigs in video games.” Caveman: … such as?
Chibi: Well, Diddy Kong Racing, Zelda Mother Caveman: Thank you for the list of evil pigs in videogames. Chibi: You’ re welcome.
I mean, you did ask. He did ask! He did ask! Okay? I’m just… I’m trying to process all of this. Which side are you on? Team Chibi, or team Caveman? This happened years ago, no one gives a shit anymore Here’s Caveman’s response:
Caveman: Did I get mad pussy after my Tomba 2 run? The short answer is no. The long answer is thank fucking God no. From what I understand his name was Chibi. He still plays Tomba? How can you still play Tomba?
Caveman: From what I understand his name was Chibi Which is an excellent name for a man. That is an excellent name for a man Caveman: I told him to be quiet because he was a fucker, and I didn’t ask for him to be on the couch And he just invited himself on and sat shoulder length to me so I couldn’t move my elbows and just would not shut– Yeah, ’cause God… God forbid your elbows touch. That would just be making it even more awkward. Caveman: — the fuck up. Did anyone see him actually doing those jumping jacks? Yes!
Caveman: Like Jesus Christ at least like… at least do good proper jumping jacks. That was Chibi’s main mistake. He did not do Proper jumping jacks. Oh, it makes me angry every time… I’m shaking every time no one does a proper jumping jack. Ugh! Now if you don’t have enough sympathy for Chibi yet, here’s a… Here’s a ten minute video of his mom interrupting his speedrun of Paper Mario Mom: Just take a walk. I don’t care! Okay? We talked about this shit, about you being at it all night long! Chibi: But I’m not being on it all night long. Mom: I don’t care if it’s a weekend or not, it doesn’t matter! Every day runs together for you! Chibi: No, actually, it doesn’t. What he really needs to tell his mom here is “Excuse me. I am playing video games slightly faster than your average person. Mom, you need to back out! Back off! I am living my life right now!” Let’s finish this just so you guys don’t think I’m shitting on all over these people. Actually I am, 100% This clip is my favorite speed run This is to me interesting speed runs, because you get hyped as fuck and just wash your shame So apparently he got 1:12 On this map Then the commentary so fucking legendary Because apparently that’s like technically the lowest you can get on this map And I hadn’t been done before or whatever. Okay where’s the–? I was just about to point that out. I see that clutchness YEAH!!!!! So good Fucking puts me in hype mode every time I watch it. But yeah, there you go. That’s– that’s some awkward and some awesome speedrunning for you guys. Let me know in the comments whose side are you on? Team Chibi or team Caveman? I think I’m leaning towards Caveman. But I think they’re both equally autistic. Also check out Crowbcat for finding this video and putting it together That’s all for me for now. Thank you guys so much for watching and as always, sister fister!

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  1. What is the song during the GoldenEye clip at the end please? It's extremely super familiar! Sounds like the climax of some epic adventure/survival movie.

  2. Originally: Teah Caveman
    After reading comments: Team Chibi
    After chibi got caught cheating in paper Mario: Team Caveman

  3. 2:53–2:55 ..He said "Asiago cheese bagel" not "I see ya'll got some cheese bagels".

    Which of you FRICKS put those subs in! Reee

  4. I never knew the context of this masterpiece. I didn't realize it was a speedrun and believed mustache guy was the villain. Boy was I wrong. Thank you pewdiepie.

  5. Something very similar happened to me recently. I was casually playing BotW and one of my annoying roommates, who lives to give advice, just wouldn’t stop talking. SO I basically said the same thing, “ I would really prefer for you to be quiet”.

  6. I’m definitely on Caveman’s side. Chibi, Gibi or whatever was so annoying my head would pop had I been there.

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  8. I think this perfectly summarises why I hate watching games as opposed to playing them; I just don't know what to do myself, and ill never become a chibi

  9. Pewds: "I'm extremely paranoid when I stream that I'm gonna say something or do something that people will judge me"

    Me: the war flashbacks come

  10. I'm on chibi's side cause i know he's not normal and doesn't know how to socialise he just wants attention caveman knew of this and he handled the situation wrong if you are socially secure and capable you won't have any problem dealing with people like chibi it's just caveman ws the wrong person for chibi to be with they are both at the end of the spectrum of social awareness chibi is to self absorbed to focus on the surroundings and caveman is too focused in his surroundings that he forgot to refect on how he will deal with this social problem. he's basically an introvert and doesn't know how to be friendly with people their both social outcast.

  11. Chibi seems like that weird kid we all knew in high school…The one who was overly aggressive and obnoxious to compensate for low self-esteem and lack of friends.

    Often times, people like that are so starved for attention that they try WAY TOO HARD to fit in when they get near a potential friend. It usually ends in something cringy like this, but they're trying their best. Caveman should have dealt with the situation with a little more grace…

    But both were probably Asperger's.

  12. Just imagine your most embarrassing moment, just imagine how humiliating it was and how much you regret it.
    Now imagine it was caught on camera.

    Now imagine 2 million people saw it
    Now imagine 2 million people making fun of you, no matter what you say or do.
    Now imagine four years later, the harassment calms down.
    Now imagine the biggest youtuber makes a video about.
    8 million more

    I love you pewds, you mean more to me than most people in my real life, but I just can't help but not like this video

  13. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dont ask why i just felt like it

  14. I like how Caveman started with at least an ounce of optimism and then quickly loses all of it as Chibi continues to blabber on.

    I can relate to Chibi, but I still think he should've taken the cue faster. I also think Chibi brought this on himself for inviting himself on The Couch(tm)

  15. Poor Chibi. He almost made a friend 😥 why does cave guy have to be so angry 😭 but also, who are these people and why did I enjoy this video so much? I would like it if Chibi made more awkward appearances on random peoples couches. Just sit right in the middle of some family's movie night or something. Whatever normal families do. Just interject himself into other people's business. More videos please. 🍻

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