The Neighbourhood at SXSW

Hey what’s up? It’s DJ Jimmy Chunga at the
ASOS Red Touch Media Music Lounge. I’m here with The Neighbourhood out of Los Angeles,
California. Thank you so much, you guys just came off the stage how was it? It was a good
time man, it was real hot out there but it was cool. Is this your first South by Southwest?
Yeah it actually is, yeah it’s the first time we’ve been here. What was the vibe like? Was
it what you were expecting it to be? Erm, yeah I guess, I don’t know, I didn’t really
expect anybody to know our music that well, so. Well you guys were recieved very very
well, I don’t know if you guys could tell, you had a huge crowd over here on the balcony.
Yeah, people were vibing out, it was cool, we had a good time. You guys have, what, one
EP out so far right? An EP and like a 7 inch with two others, we have 7 songs out in total.
And the album? You guys are dropping an album pretty soon, correct? Yeah in April, April
23rd. April 23rd, what’s the album called? I Love You. And how long did it take for you
guys to put this together? Eh, well it was pretty quick process, we’ve been a band for
like about a year and a half and we were writing tons of songs from the get go so. I don’t
know, a few months, then the wholes process of the album. We just got the final album
like a couple days ago or something. It takes a long time to get things mixed and mastered
and all that stuff. You guys have only been a band for a year and a half? Yeah. Very cool
you guys. Thank you very much to The Neighbourhood. Best of luck to you guys and thank you. Stick
around don’t go anywhere. More fun coming from the ASOS Red Touch Media Music Lounge
at South by Southwest.

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