The Neighbourhood – What’s In My Bag?

The Neighbourhood – What’s In My Bag?

Yo, what’s up, this is Jesse from The Neighbourhood. Hey I’m Brian. This is Mikey from The Neighbourhood. This is Jeremy and Zach from The Neighbourhood. And this is called ‘What’s In My Bag?’ The first thing I got, if I actually am gonna go in order, is this Pantera ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ t-shirt. That’s cool. I’ll start with this one I guess, ‘Saved by the Bell,’ I got season one and two. It’s probably… in my opinion, it’s the best show of all time. Probably gonna be watching this in the car, pass time on tour. Season 2 is where Slater has Artie, right? Yeah. Pretty sure. Good episode. That was a great episode. I got this Tupac documentary, called ‘Thug Angel.’ I think it’s the one that I saw on Netflix. I sampled that for a song. And I’m pretty sure this is the one. The title looks really familiar. But if not, I’m sure it’ll be just as good, because any Tupac documentary is dope. Every other record that came out that Tupac did, I did high and drunk in the studio while they was makin’ the beat, layin’ the beat down, you know. And that’s why I be sounding hella sloppy, you know what I’m sayin’ But that’s all, it’d be like, fuck it, I feel as though you know n****s drunk and high when they listening to it. The first thing that I have to talk about is a series that I’ve been recommended by everybody in the band but I’ve yet to see it, and it’s just ‘Breaking Bad,’ the first three seasons. Damn, man, look at that, loo k. That’s messed up. Ok Heisenberg. Next week. This record, Mötley Crüe, ‘Girls, Girls, Girls.’ This was actually my first concert, to see Mötley Crüe. Really I was huge on the whole glam rock 80s thing when I was young. All of us were for awhile. Really inspired me to pick up an instrument and start playing. I don’t know much about this album. I got Sade, ‘Soldiers of Love.’ I’m going to listen to it and hopefully really like it. And if not I still like the other songs I’ve heard anyway. Phil Collins, just because I’ve been listening a lot of 80s music lately. ‘No Jacket Required.’ With just a picture of his face in orange. Sweating. So good. I got this, it’s some new band called The Neighbourhood. I guess there’s a song called ‘Sweater Weather’ on there. Probably only gonna be ‘Sweater Weather’ anyway. Pretty much, that’s probably gonna be the only… My next purchase is ‘Kid A’ by this band called Radiohead. I really am familiar with ‘In Rainbows’ and ‘Ok Computer’ and I’ve heard that this is like such a trip and whatever. So I decided to get it. I got this, ‘The Ultimate Beatles Encyclopedia’ because I know my dad doesn’t have it. And he’s the biggest Beatles fan, so I obviously became a Beatles fan growing up. He used to play me stuff, and he has, like, everything by the Beatles. Like toys, collectibles, stuff like that, and he doesn’t have this. Interpol, ‘Turn on the Bright Lights.’ I like a lot of the singles off of it. But I need to give it a full listen, so why not have it on vinyl. This probably has to be in my top three favorite records of all time. Probably collectively, the whole band. Yeah, it’s like an A+ album. It just got me thinking about music and guitar and, like, guitar pedals and sounds really differently. Which, that’s what I think helped me shape The Neighbourhood sound. Or, yeah. Everything he said for that record I could 100% agree with for this record. This is my favorite band of all time, favorite album of all time from that band And yeah, they shaped me as… I wouldn’t say as far as textures and tones, like Radiohead did for me but definitely songwriting and pushing the envelope as far as where you can take songs and flip them on on their heads and yeah. I got this Otis Redding CD that I don’t have, that is apparently… they just made it even though it looks really old. They made it look distressed like that. Really? Yeah, and it’s just like slow jams, I’m pretty sure. My next purchase, maybe besides ‘Saved by the Bell,’ is my best purchase. And then this one, I would say. It’s Metallica. It’s not ‘Kill ’em All’ an entire album, but there’s four songs from ‘Kill ’em All’ on it. Studio side and live side of some great songs ‘Whiplash’ is on here, ‘Jump In The Fire,’ ‘Seek and Destroy,’ and ‘Phantom Lord.’ My last one is this album by this band called The Neighborhood. I have a really good feeling about it so I bought it twice. Be a bummer if you don’t like it. I know, it’ll really suck, I know. Maybe I’ll give one to my mom. Maybe she’ll think they’re cool.

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  1. How are they douchebags though? Because they have a different sense of style than what everyone expects them to have? Fuck off they're young men tryna live their dream. I respect the fact that everyone has different opinions but don't bring them down cuss you can't get your shit straight. With all the trash music that's coming out nowadays they're a breath of fresh air.

  2. I thought the self-promotion was funny. Why do people judge them if they don't know them? I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but some people are harsh.

  3. everyone who really thinks that they were going to buy their own album twice or who doesn't like them because of how they look is really fucked up

  4. That guy has really never heard all of Kid A or Turn On The Bright Lights? Wow, those are some of my all time favorites

  5. wow. people are so harsh, but honest, hahaha. times are changing and so does everything else, geez. okay, from the get, i could see the animosity between the lead singer with the drummer, with that comment he made… i don't see them going too far, i may be wrong, but whatever goes up super fast, it falls super hard. i enjoy their previous work and their latest album, but i won't be seeking into their music anymore. then when i knew the drummer dipped, i was not only pissed to know that i won't see him this May at rumseyfield with the band but also that i paid for them before the news broke out on his departure. anyway this is just my opinion. 

  6. I love this band so much y r people even watching this if they hate this band so much? If u dislike this so much then just go listen to what u do like and quit waisting ur time on posting an unfriendly comment.

  7. Lol Jesse were you having trouble finding something? If not, I understand why you would only want that album. Lately I've been refusing to listen to any music on my iPod except for yours. Please continue. 🙂

  8. It just goes to show the more successful you start becoming, the more hate you begin to encounter. Ironic isn't it?

  9. HAHA The lead singer said that's a basket when the guy pulled out the pantera shirt its supposed to be what's in my bag.

  10. They're bad. A sub-par "indie" boy band, nothing more. Pretty crap taste too, also does anyone honestly else think they are too young to be into the glam metal/rock thing when they were young. They'd be like 2-3 listening to Motley Crue. Don't think so. Also, tongue in cheek move or not, NEVER buy your own record, that's like wearing your own band shirt to your own concert. At the very least it's a lame joke and bad self promotion.

  11. STFU Haters. Us Hoodlums will freakin tear you up. The Neighbourhood is a freakin amazing band for Cali and there are getting bigger everyday. Leave them alone.

  12. No one seems to notice that Jesse was just kidding when he bought twice he's album. And you can see it when you see the reaction of he's freinds.

  13. Neighbourhood is o.k, but these selections were very predictable. They were good records but idk I mean o.k computer? I'd say 99% of musicians would already have that.

  14. In my opinion these guys are a joke, all of their tastes in music suck (Except for Radiohead and Motley Crue), and just overall their album sucks

  15. I don't think these haters understands, this band doesn't give a fuck? especially Jesse, hoodlums are too chill. We're not going to bother you.

  16. are you actually going to complain about their music tastes? wasn't it our own choice? now you are criticising another people's music preferences, why? there's always someone who wants to fuck everybody else for shit. just chill out m8

  17. Oh jesse you bought your record twice you cutiee. They talk about records which shape their music life and their actual life and for me the nbhd is shape my life ???

  18. wow…. I love this band's music so much, I thought it would of been much different except that Beatles influence…. man the Beatles have influenced so many artists, it's mind boggling. And the old blues…. made rock and roll


  20. 90% radiohead fanboys gettin triggered for simple introducing the band, fanboys who thinks everybody knows their band just because is their favorite band (shock of reality, radiohead it's not famous anymore especially to teenagers)
    5% complaining about the self-promation, when it's the most normal thing (they did it in a funny way btw)
    2% ppl who just can't accept that someone can like mainstream
    2% ppl saiyng "i loved it"
    1% "LOL it's a boibend dudy, I'M SO SPECIAL CUZ I DONT LIKE IT"

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