The new ‘Hogs’ of the Washington Redskins bond over sweat, steaks

The new ‘Hogs’ of the Washington Redskins bond over sweat, steaks

Drive, drive, drive, drive! Use your hands. Good. Run by him, man, go catch him. That’s one of the best ones. Use your arms, explode out of there when it’s
time. Get up field, ready, get up, get up, get up,
get up. Go to championships, Super Bowls, it costs
what it costs. Some of y’all just came out here to say y’all
out here. I’m a team player. This hill going to hit back. C’mon. That’s it, baby, c’mon. Give me that individuality though right now. Be selfish. Three seconds, two seconds, ready, go, explode. Get back, get back. That’s how the hogs get up. Hogs 2.0. For the second year. Hog camp. One of the staples in Redskins history was
the famous o-line group, the Hogs. They were a group that stayed together, played
together, hung out together, everyday. We want to pay homage to them and let them
know, that’s what we’re chasing, we’re chasing their greatness. And we acknowledge they were great. And we acknowledge that we want to be just
like them. Playing offensive line it’s one of those things
where you don’t get a lot of notoriety. You’re not scoring touchdowns, you don’t have
a lot of attention on you until you mess up. Nobody really knows what you look like until
they got the camera in your face because of a holding penalty or you know you just got
the quarterback sacked. So it’s one of those things you’ve got to
be selfless. You can’t have a real big ego. You’ve got to play together. Five guys and they’ve all got to move as one. Right there, good. Hogs 2.0 is a workout more than a camp, a
minicamp. A mindset, spirituality and comradery. It’s Trent kind of giving to his players,
to his teammates what he does in the offseason. What makes him so good? What makes him supposedly this freakish athlete? Think of the hardest period of your life where
you did the most and hardest training. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon. And that’s what this is here. Good, good, finish, finish, best set of the
day. Best set of the day, brother. Just a little conditioning, that’s all. A little conditioning, a little conditioning,
just a little bit. Punch and sit, good, good, we’re working today,
we’re working today, we’re working, we’re working. Well, I brought them in on my dollar. Paid for everything. Flights, hotels, obviously dinner. I think the dinner is probably the most pivotal
part. Because we’re able to sit back and reflect
on what happened earlier that day, yesterday. Laugh, have a good time, have a good bite
to eat. You know, just being a little quality time
with each other. I think it’s vital in our relationship. Ready, go. Arms, use your arms. Patrick, don’t bounce. Stay smooth, you don’t have to jump so high
to run. Go! Stay relaxed, stay relaxed. I’m in the private sector. Coaches, y’all got to fit in that box, you’ve
got to do it within those rules. Here, I work for your body. I don’t work for you, I work for your body. There’s a difference. Body takes priority over you. Go! Y’all remind me of eighth graders that made
C-pluses in PE. If we walk slow, we get more rest. Either you’re working for January or you’re
just working for tomorrow. C’mon man. Lay back on your back. One, up, two, up, five, up. It kind of really feels good to just be able
to look around and see, you know, the guys you’re going to be spending the next few months
with. Just out here dying like you are. But pushing it. Drive in and crunch, crunch all that, all
that pig grease. Switch! C’mon hogs. Keep lunging! Don’t look so sloppy. C’mon Trent. Keep lunging guys. Right now y’all doing football lunges. And you wonder why your a—- can’t get in
shape. Y’all pride yourselves in Instagram BS stuff
and Hogs Smash! and lifting all this weight but you can’t even lift your bodyweight lunging. Geez. Man.

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  1. The Skins are going to have a great O-line for years. Most of these guys are in their mid 20s and the oldest is Trent at 29

  2. Until you give up 10 or less sacks, dont call yourselves "Hogs." The only one in my opinion who deserves to be called a Hog is Trent Williams.

  3. Can they plz get some attn. instead of those fuckin' cowboys….real fans know, not the fair-weather, front-runnin' "fan" or just cowbitch fans…

  4. Even with all these trash years the skins have always got trench warfare on both sides down to a science. Damn shame the rest of the team ruin the big guys hard work year after year….

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