The Rap Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4

Jon Snow, you’ve been out of the cold
For so long Why the fuck you ain’t pack
No summer clothes? That fur lined, fully body armor
Is making me hot Like Daeny when she heard how good
Grey Worm can beat box Luckily, that little talk was interrupted
Jon showing off the dragonglass he discovered Deeper in the mine, he showed her hieroglyphics
Of how their ancestors used to kick it And work with one another
He insisted That they do the same
But I’m a little bit suspicious So Jon, how long was you in that cave? And why them last carvings look like they
were just made? It doesn’t matter
She agreed to his pleas But first, best believe
You’ll be weak in the knees As before, Jon won’t betray
The trust of his brothers It’s a stalemate, they stuck
Eye fucking each other Interrupted again,
This time by her hand Things at Casterly Rock
Ain’t go exactly as planned She flamed Tyrion
For going soft on his fam While they standing on the beach
Like some awkward ass band I think Khaleesi
Is tired of playing nice She was gone
By the time Theon had arrived But his and Jon’s
Wouldn’t be the last reunion Hey yo, traffic at Winterfell
Is Booming! Bran is still the hardest kid
To get along with Meera’s fed up, she had enough
Said “So long prick!” Then Little finger swung by
With a bomb gift Remember this blade,
Used to slice your mom’s palms with? Then Bran said something like
“Chaos is a ladder” Petyr is like “Shut up kid
And just take this fucking dagger” But he don’t need it
So he gave it to his sister, Arya, who right now
Is basically a ninja She infiltrated her home
And schooled Brienne With a sword half the size
Of the Oathkeeper’s handle Sansa watching
But I feel she looking weird at her I don’t know if it’s jealousy
Or a fear of her But I do know
Somebody who should be afraid Hey Jaime! And look, it’s Bronn getting paid
What could possibly go wrong On such a sunny day
Something got Bronn tripping Telling Jaime “RUNAWAY!” 100,000 Dothraki
Now that’s some scary shit! Especially, when your army
Ain’t prepared for it They looked defeated before
Seeing Drogon, he Burst out the sky
And set flame to their whole army Better get that weapon
Built by Qyburn Bronn looking like
“Uhhhhh, it ain’t my turn” Bronn, C’mon
Jaime can’t shoot a crossbow How he swing a sword
While riding a horse tho? I don’t get the laws
Of the world that they live in And I don’t give a shit
Don’t forget that it’s fiction Bronn launched a bolt
At the dragon but missed him Reloaded another
Shot again and he clipped him It forced Daenerys
And her dragon to land Where Jamie though he could stab
The Targaryen But the dragon was swift
And he would’ve been burnt to a crisp If Bronn ain’t knock him to
the abyss A Lannister always pays his depths

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