hey guys good afternoon it’s afternoon
at this point you girls looking crazy don’t mind that you know this is not
even worried about how I look I look great but whatever this is realistic for
an actual girl it’s how we wake up contrary to what I’ve said on other
videos anyway ah yeah so today’s one of these videos where I am basically home
and I am not doing anything just don’t feel like doing shit I don’t know have
you ever had one of these days where you just don’t feel like doing shit that’s a
video that’s the day I’m having today but it’s really nice outside it’s bright
I’m editing my video it’s supposed to go up today guys we’re gonna get that real
soon um but yeah I’m home my house is super dark there’s like no lighting
whatsoever um check what this girl’s doing I wish I could be her right now
she’s just completely lounged out over here Missy my mama say hi to the camera are you
gonna say hi hello hello a yes a hide so yeah guys I am currently
trying to vlog with this camera to be honest not really the best camera
because I lost my stick which I technically would use until I pull this
up it’ll be a lot easier so it’s a little harder for me that’s someone better but yeah so I’m
home editing the video dream as you can see so so my because it’s something I
have no idea what exactly I want to cook for today so yeah that’s my focus focus but yeah I think you guys are really
really gonna like this video this is more of a vlog I’m gonna try to do this
for you guys as I mean when you guys don’t see this video that I’m editing
now because I’m adding in it editing it at this moment so obviously you guys
haven’t seen it but when you guys do finally see you kind of understand why
certain things in my blogging of stuff gonna look a little different I’m trying
to be a little more realistic and honest because you know
it’s just felt like it’s worth it trying to put on a show for you this is a real
life this is what I wake up like in the morning I don’t wake up looking all
pretty and everything I wish I did but I’m still beautiful regardless so
whatever so yeah so I’m trying to feel a lot more open a lot more honest and not
really worry about things that I used to worry about as much so yeah so I don’t
know what we’re gonna get into today I really want to watch handmaids
do you guys watch handmade slick slit but it’s crazy at the exact same time no
super weird but yeah I don’t know I have a few things I have to catch up on
don’t kill me but yes I have not seen Game of Thrones I literally only watched
one season like why are these those episodes are super super long like
realistically if I have to watch an entire season like how long is it really
going to take like I usually binge watch shows but I can’t binge that one I can’t
I can’t do it I can sometimes hard to get through the first video the first
episode and the funny thing about it is shows that you could watch and like do
something else while you’re doing it like okay I can cook and watch Game of
Thrones at the same time uh-huh like just five minutes I’m not watching
you’ve missed so much and it’s like you know it’s back in the day so you kind of
really have to pay attention to understand what the hell’s going on and
I kind of think I’m just going to give up on it altogether but yeah so I don’t
know hmm I probably will end up watching here means I like animes that’s pretty
cool I think yeah I’m not going anywhere today one of those days I know I’m not
the only one who had one of those days okay let me put on I’m gonna put my
camera on my tripod on my ring light Stan and I’ll be like see ya don’t mind
the craziness this is it to be honest this is exactly
how I look most of the time when I’m home and I am not kidding to go outside
to do anything just gonna be inside chillaxing but um
yeah it’s gonna probably be a really boring they actually know it’s not gonna
be a boring day because I actually have so I don’t know if this is only me or if
you’re anything like me but I have I live in a studio as I’m sure you guys
can see in the little clip like so I really don’t have a lot of space to keep
a lot of things and trust me me and hubby have a lot of
things so normally what I do when summer comes or my winter stuff goes to storage
and vice versa so right now we’re at this point where I’m trying to take out
all the unnecessary winter stuff that I don’t want to keep in the house and
puttin in a bin which now has summer stuff that I have to take out so really
there are things for me to do but do I really want to do them no but I’m gonna
have to do it eventually so today might as well be the day so that’s most likely
what I am I what I might end up doing and for the past hour I’ve like
literally lived in that direction like multiple times where the bin is and I
just keep finding something else for me to do oh let me check on the video so
yeah so basically yeah so I’m gonna do that I’m gonna cook I already put out
like some drumsticks and whatnot don’t know what I’m gonna do I finally
got to try the body of seasoning fire but actually I didn’t realize there were
two types there’s tropical and there is a different one so I actually got the
tropical cuz you know I’m a little tropical myself so I decided to try that
one but that seasoning is awesome like it’s
literally 75 calories 75 grams of salt of sodium which is pretty good
considering some of the other stuff that I have to use and I’m making like
Spanish food because it for those of you guys who don’t know how be in Spanish so
everything for Spanish for his Spanish for like he literally like I’m gonna
tell you guys something so funny he can literally tell when I don’t use the same
seasoning just by the way the food tastes like literally he told me that
recently I was like are you fucking kidding me like you can literally taste
that he can taste the difference so I take I literally
always have to make his food with sass on and adobo which I’m sure a lot of
people know yeah it has to have those two things if it doesn’t have these two
things something’s missing of course sofrito but sometimes if I
don’t have sofrito I use the Goya it’s like it has the sofrito and it has it’s
like a red one and a green one in the bottles I will use those but he
literally could taste a difference but the body of seasoning is for me because
I’m more my healthy a healthy you know journey thingy so that’s more
for me to put in my food I gotta make my chicken breasts and everything so I
finally got it but yeah so I’m most likely gonna cook I’m gonna keep doing
laundry videos editing right now currently you were at 20 something
percent it’s gonna take a little little while Freight to get together kids are
sleeping as you can see I showed you guys Missy lounging on spikes doing the
exact same thing so everybody’s super relaxed today but I wanted to start
vlogging a lot more show you guys the real me this is the real me behind the
scenes like I love this thing I bought it from Walgreens yeah because usually I
would buy things like this and at nighttime as much as I don’t sleep not a
heavy sleeper I practically happy thing when I sleep but there will be instances
where I wake up and this would be off and I hated it so this one was very like
you know it has like destructive material but it stays put because the
band is super long so I liked this one a lot it probably looks hella dirty right
now and this eye is just like going at it
today it’s like I just want it it’s just so bad I just want to rip it on my
socket if only I could okay but yeah so I wanted to block a
little bit more with you guys so as you guys can see I don’t really do shit when
I’m home so hence the reason why I don’t really vlog all the time but you know
what I felt like putting in the camera so I don’t know who knows maybe you guys
will see this video maybe you guys will not I don’t know you have to decide I
really see but yeah so this is exactly the same location so when you guys do
finally see the video that I’m editing today I mentioned wanting to do some new
video ideas that I came up with and one of them was pillow talk and I feel like
this would be an actual perfect place to do pillow talk like literally sitting at
the edge of my bed maybe we can get like a really nice fluffy pillow or something
like that that I hold on to and we can have like the conversation I feel like
that would be really cool um from what I’m seeing right now the lighting looks
really good I’m hoping it is but I I think this
would be an awesome spot to do you know not my makeup but just to do like to
vlog or like to do our little chit chats and stuff like that so I’m just really
trying this out to see but yeah so this is what I’m doing guys yep I really have
a lot of things that I should be working on to be honest but there’s really
nothing to do and it’s like super loud it’s always loud because I literally
live right next to the street and you know cars are passing all the time so
for those for those of you guys who’s always asking what was all that noise in
the background in our videos all the time and I don’t know if you guys
noticed but I think that there’s always an ambulance passing when I’m filming
always and you know I have no problem my ambulances because listen
all about saving lives and all that but for just some weird reason it’s always
when I’m filming a video I just don’t understand I don’t get it maybe today
will be the first thing when that doesn’t happen let’s see let’s see that
yeah so I just wanted to have a quick chat with you guys I literally woke up
made the bed swept the floor had some naked smoothie I’m the mango smoothie
drank some of that literally got right on my laptop I spent a lot of time on my
laptop and started editing finished editing my video because last night I
was editing the video and how he decided that he was hungry and he wanted to go
to bed after so we went to Red Lobster last night so I literally was right in
the middle of editing it otherwise it would have been done already but yeah so
I had to put that to the side when we went to Red Lobster and we had dinner
and we came back home and not for nothing I knocked out I was out when I
came back there like literally out so yeah so I have to do that right now
hopefully the background doesn’t look so bad this little heart thing in the
background this is actually something that I made I was bored one day I don’t
know I think I made that like a year ago and I literally I had like all right
actually no don’t wanna lie let me tell you the real story one of my friends got
married like a couple of maybe six years ago I was part of the wedding and
through getting the wedding just as you know if you’re in a wedding party you
have to buy your own dress so I did that and I ended up getting
like this little booklet in there like you know I guess something free or
whatever it was fish on the fly and didn’t really know what Shutterfly was
but I guess it’s a place where you could print photos like to a bunch of
different things and I got like this coupon said to you know so you
Shutterfly so I said okay I’m not gonna let it go to waste I’m gonna use it so I
ended up doing that and went on there that’s like so many pictures of me and
babe that I liked so much that I was like you know what let me just make like
this big originally it was a squid it was a
squared sheet printer with all that I you know my favorite photos in the
middle and then when I finally saw it and not for nothing when I finally got
it I kept it for a couple of years and then finally I was going into cars and I
was like oh my god this shit has been in here all this time that me friends I’m
gonna do it and I was super bored and happy had like all these like like vinyl
sheets but not really vinyl sheets to like the wall ones so I was like okay
there’s colors enemy like res My Chemical let me just try to do something
so I literally cut the square into a heart and then I pasted I cut strips out
of the red wallpaper and I pasted it around the heart just so giving more
more like defined look and I planted it right there on the wall and it’s been
there ever since so that’s really what you got the same
that thought those are my finger picture than me and hobby since we’ve been
together I always wanted something on that wall and it was just lurking me
that the wall was so blend and not for nothing I actually want to paint you
know I want to paint this room particularly like
color is like paint color since we’ve moved in here and I wanted to paint but
I hate painting it’s so much work I see people who decorate their house all the
time I don’t know how they do it I couldn’t decorate and I do my curtains
and stuff but to actually paint the walls and do like all that fancy stuff
and do borders and everything no I don’t have time for that so I want to paint
but it’s like originally I had got this like there was like this originally I
wanted like it was like a Bluegreen color because my this particular room is
very dark as you guys can see as I was going through which I probably won’t
even put that part of the video because it was so dark but super dark and not a
nice with the windows open over here um so I always wanted like to do a color on
the walls that would kind of like bring more light in and I don’t know why I
wanted to go with that blue green color but then when I got to Home Depot I
found like this grayish color and I was out okay and let me try the trailer and
I tested it on the walls it looked super dark and I don’t know comment let me
know let me guys comment down below let me go let me know
like what’s the best ways if you guys have any tips on the best ways to bring
more light into a really dark space or a dark room but I really want to paint the
walls I just don’t know what color I want to do as yet but um yeah so
hopefully a wall doesn’t look crazy or anything
yeah but um yeah check out the video guys I’m really just relaxing so I’m
gonna try my best to put this vlog up for you guys because I don’t know I just
I feel like vlogging vlogging counter when you’re not doing anything either
right it’s not just like when you do you have to be outside like maybe I should
really look at the definition swagging let’s look at the definition of the word
vlogging right now I was looking at some fashion overstuffed they got some cute
stuff cuz I want to do a fashion segment for you guys so if you’re really into
this whole fashion segment thing comment Domino comment down what the fuck I
can’t talk today comment down below and let me know what all nights online site
you guys want me to try like there’s a couple of them but you know I bought a
few things from fashion over and then I was kind of smelling weird but anyway oh
it’s that it’s my um oils from body shop so yeah um yeah I don’t know I would
prefer to go a fashion over because I’ve actually bought stuff from them but you
know I’m up for anything if you guys have ideas let’s Google the word vlog
this is how you know I’m freaking bored definition of blog a personal first of
all oh okay flag the verb because it’s an action vlogging add new material to
or regularly update a vlog that’s it post one or more short videos of or
about something does it have to be about something I don’t know actually not look I found a
good one what is the purpose of a vlog and making a vlog the producer is giving
producer example given their audience a visual insight into the producers
experiences and oceans opinions and interests in this way blogging is a
sharing tool used to expand on topics and experiences I guess this is mine this is my form of
vlogging to be honest I mean I go outside but this you know I’m a little
I’m a little disappointed because when I originally got this camera I did so much
research about it and I was like in all the video that I was seeing it was it
was said that it’s a great blogging camera and like a recording camera and I
felt like okay if I was able to get the if I was able to get both of those in
one hello then you know that’s perfect that’s kind of what I was going for but
not saying this is not a good blogging camera it is as long as you understand
which my right at this point my you know my portable stand it broke but it’s
pretty heavy for a camera like it’s not like the g7x which at this point I’m
contemplating getting possibly don’t know but I really since I’ve gotten this
with this camera I really haven’t vlogged that much with
it so I don’t want to invest into another camera unless I really give it a
solid try and I don’t really feel like I’ve really given it a try so I have to
reorder a new tripod holder and then you know go with that um so yeah videos
almost there it’s getting there but I am assuming by the time you guys see this
video that video would have been up so yeah oh and then of course like if you
haven’t subscribed hello subscribe once you want to see my crazy face on this
camera all the time talking shit doing absolutely nothing yeah
like this is real life for me yeah and I am in a t-shirt because I love sleeping
and hug these t-shirts but does it make sense I don’t want everything on my
channel to be just about makeup all the time I want you to see the real me like
this is the real me I don’t know if you guys can see but whose last not to get
across to anything but this last menschell I had was by far my worst it
broke me out so badly like my skin was like super clear and it’s going away but
it’s taking a little a little longer but yeah it really like don’t look at my
double chin but I really like broke me out and I
really like stopped Mike urology because not for nothing you do if you guys
haven’t seen Mike urology video when you get a chance I check it out and see how
long ago I did that video I still have that exact same bottle not the trial the
other bottle I still have it that’s how long the formula lasts and just imagine
if I wouldn’t have like pause my subscription I would have probably had
like three or four bottles since then so I paused it but I it’s starting to look
now like now at this point like this bottle is about to finish so I really
need to put my subscription back on yes I think I’m gonna do that
because I really need to clear this up so I need to like be on my routine like
every night cuz as of right now I’m really not using it every night it’s
just like occasionally but um yeah I was watching some videos this morning
I’m on my phone just in case you’re wondering what I’m doing but I was
watching some videos I was watching Jackie’s old videos this morning it’s
crazy because like it to me is the same Jackie I she looks the same to me you
know um I feel like she just she just got a lot more comfortable in her own
skin like just being herself which is exactly what I’m trying to do I’m really
trying to just be myself as much as I could be like just be myself and not
really trying to sugarcoat everything I make everything look like its glitz and
glam you know because it’s really not life it’s shit sometimes so yeah I’m
just binge watching some of her old videos because I just kind of wanted to
get an idea of what she was you know what her videos were like back in the
day because of course you get better and better as the years go by and right now
like sometimes I look at my videos and I’m like oh my god what can I change
what can I make better but I’ve only been doing this for two years and the
first year I wasn’t even consistent so at all I um
so it’s like I put so much pressure on myself but I feel like when I go back
and look at big youtubers who you know started out the same way I started out
and see like where they started from it gives me it gives me courage and it
allows me to really like not be so hard on myself
and know that you know eventually that’s you I’m gonna grow I my makeup routines
gonna grow I’m gonna grow as a person and everything so there’s really no need
to like but yes I should put pressure on myself to put out good content but at
the same time like and there’s something that’s not great in one of my videos and
I can always just work to make it better and you know not really like go so crazy
on myself but I cannot scroll through I cannot scroll through YouTube without
seeing a video about Jacqueline and I love Jacqueline you guys know I
love Jacqueline and but I don’t know what’s been going on like well obviously
I bought her palette ever since then I haven’t really bought anything else but
I know I obviously I think there was nothing else to buy because she just
started her own makeup line and I don’t know it’s like I’m seeing all this stuff
about the lipsticks you guys know I’m not a lipstick person but like it’s like
low-key making me want to buy them now just so I can see if I get the same
experience that everybody else is getting and I’ve been seeing some bomb salads on
here that I want to try as you guys can see I don’t have any
full snails on you guys see cuz this thing is crazy
yeah so I’ve been growing my nails like for those of you guys who don’t know I
bit my nails as a kid for a very very very very very long time they really
stop until like I was like 15 probably um yeah so to have them that length is
like that’s an accomplishment for me because you normally they don’t look
they would never look like that um so I just took a break from acrylic cuz I
don’t know I fight acrylic was just like just jacking up my nails like they will
grow but it’s like once it was time to take off the acrylic they will break and
I’m like what’s the point like why am I going them for them to break doesn’t
make any sense I don’t know do you guys like pink am I the only girl who doesn’t
like pink like I don’t know I’ve never really liked pink and I want to do a new intro I think that would be fun what do you
guys think you guys think any guy should have a separate the Caribbean island of
Puerto Rico deserves a top spot on your travel bucket list
hello destination pressing that but do you guys think I should have a separate
intro for my regular for like a separate intro for what I’m doing like beauty and
stuff like that and an intro just been an intro just for vlogging I don’t know
I feel like that’s a lot of work I’m gonna probably try to do it today
you see I literally go to YouTube for everything like literally everything let
me see if I can find it for my software I’m gonna go check that up I’ll talk to
you guys later peace

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